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The Monster in my Bed #Riansh ff Chapter — 2

(Hello guys!! First of all sorry for making you guys wait for this chapter. Actually I am very busy with my projects and I am not well also. You may find this chapter boring or short in length, please bear it for today and pardon me.)

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The episode starts with a girl entering in the mansion, with wounds on her body and torn out clothes. Blood is oozing out from her lips. She comes near the main door, even she is not able to walk properly as her one leg is swollen.

She some how manage to come near the door step and sits over there only calling out ” Dad ” in a low voice. Her figure is like a stick, it seems she didn’t eat anything for few days. Her face is very pale. Her eyes are having dark circles and many unknown stories.

Seeing the girl Siya and Ajay runs immediately to her. While Ishani gives an irritating look. Anupriya getting no other reason to avoid the situation, goes near the girl.

Ajay takes the girl near his heart and hugs her saying, ” What happened my child? Who have done this with you? “.

” We very well know who have done this with her and what had happened. Instead of beating around the bush we can treat di’s wound. ” says by Siya in a disgusting manner.

Though she loves her father a lot and respects him also but sometimes she gets angry and it has a very proper reason behind it.

With the help of Ajay and Siya the girl gets up. With semi – conscious state she comes inside the mansion. They makes her lie down on the sofa. With half close eyes she asked for water.

Anupriya says showing some fake love : ” Yes Riddhima beta, I am giving you water “. 

Avoiding Ishani’s questioning look she goes to the kitchen. While Siya goes for bringing the first aid box.

Riddhima holds his father’s hand and says wincing in pain ” Dad, please pardon me. I don’t want to go there. They will kill me, I don’t want to die. Please don’t send me over there “. Tears are rolling down from her dry cheeks. Even Ajay’s eyes are moist. His heart pierces into millions of pieces but what society will say?

Ajay : ” My child….

Siya says in middle : ” Let me do the first aid “.

Ajay moves from there and Siya sits beside her. With utmost love and care she applies ointments on her wounds. Riddhima is just seeing towards her. When Siya catch her seeing her, she asked, ” What happen di? Why are you seeing me in such a way? “.

” Even mom have never treated me with so much love which you have shown to me. ” says Riddhima.

Siya ” For loving someone we need a heart. And she don’t have it, let her do whatever she wants “.

Ishani being irritated says, ” Can’t you say anything without bad mouthing our mom? What is your problem with her? And I don’t know from where this sister loves come for this step sister. Stop your drama ok? “.

Siya says in a protesting way ” For your kind information, as I said before for loving someone we need ‘ Heart ‘., which you people don’t have. And about step or real sister, loves don’t see all this. Relation is not made seeing this. Moreover Riddhima di has more power on all this property instead of us because she is first daughter of this family and also daughter of first wife of our father. ”

” That means you want to say you talk with her sweetly in purpose of property? To get lion share of the property you are showing this love? “, says by Ishani.

Siya : Ishani!! ( shouting ).

Anupriya : You two just stop it! All the time quarreling between themselves. Can’t you see Riddhima’s condition. For god’s sake shut up seeing her face atleast!!

Ishani leaves from there immediately, while Siya murmurs ” Again started with her drama “. 

Anupriya says ” My child, you are looking so low. God knows what they have done with you. Have you ate something? “.

Riddhima just moves her head to say no.

Anupriya ” Don’t worry I am making lunch for all of us. We will eat together “.

Siya ” What she will eat now? “.

Anupriya says in a care free manner, ” As she can stay eating for 2 -3 days, I think she can even wait for 2 – 3 hours “.

” It is fine, I am not hungry at all “,says Riddhima to cover up the situation. Though her stomach is totally empty and it is making sounds. Siya very well understand that she needs food at any cost and Anupriya will not give her so without doing any argument she brings some fruits from the kitchen.

She cuts the fruits and feeds Riddhima. Even Riddhima also didn’t forbade because she know Siya is not her younger sister but her elder sister in point of scolding. Anupriya leaves to the kitchen, while Ajay goes to check his work. 


Meanwhile at VR Masion Aryan and Angre comes back. Uma has gone to office for some important business meeting and Aanchal is preparing the lunch. While Vansh is in his room.

Aryan and Angre moves to Vansh’s room. There they see he is thinking something. To make him understood that they have came, Aryan says ” I think bro is thinking about our future bhabhi “.

Angre, ” Look he is not even responding anything. Now I am sure dude!! “. 

Aryan snapped his fingers in front of him but still no response. Both Angre and Aryan winks seeing each other as mischief idea comes in their mind.

Angre comes near Vansh. Both brings their mouth near Vansh’s ear and their hands on his waist.

One, Two, Three….. Go!!!

Aryan & Angre : Vaaaaaanshhhhhhh!!

Both of them shouts on his ears and starts to tickle him. Vansh has come back to his sense now and is laughing a lot as they are tickling him but in between that he is venting out his anger also for shouting in his ears and doing such a lame prank with him.

Vansh ” What the hell is this? Hahahha!! You two stop, (laughing). I will not spare you two, I say leave me. ”

Even Angre and Aryan is also tired so they stopped and lie down on the bed with their eyes on the ceiling.

Angre questions Vansh, ” What you were thinking so deeply? “.

Vansh trying to hide his anxiety ” Nothing “.

Aryan ” Don’t hide anything from us, we can say seeing your face what is going on your mind, now say what happened? ”

Angre see towards Vansh with questioning look and Aryan sits with full attention because they know very well Vansh will say something important or serious.


Anupriya is done with her cooking, she serves the food on the table and calls out everyone to had it. Ajay and Ishani came, while Riddhima comes with the support of Siya. All of them settles on their respective seats.

Anupriya serves rice to all them and the other sabjis with dal. Everyone is having their lunch even Anupriya also sits to have it.

Among them Riddhima is having to eat as her hands have wounds. She is not able to hold the spoon only. Ishani noticed it.

Ishani says in a teasing way ” Now queen needs someone to feed her. I don’t know do act like this or you are really hurted “.

Riddhima being not able to control herself anymore speaks, ” Time comes for everyone, today I am having bad luck that doesn’t mean good time will not come and moreover remember you are still not married like me. God knows how will be your husband “.

And truth is always bitter, for a person like Ishani, it hurts to her ego. She throws the plate to vent out her anger.

Ishani ” You daughter of a bi*tch!! Even don’t know how speak or write, giving me advices? How dare you to say on my words? Who gave you the right? “.

Riddhima’s blood boils up listening words against her mother, she opens her mouth to say but her dad signals her to stay quiet. So she lowers her head.

Ishani keeps on saying ” Done? All your fierceness finished? What happened now say na?….. ”

Shouting for few minutes she gets up to leave. But Anupriya holds her hand.

Anupriya pleads ” Eat something beta “.

Ishani says, ” Not with that third class girl “.

Saying she leaves, while Anupriya gives death glares to her.

Anupriya shouts ” Now eat as much you want. You wanted to make my daughter hungry right? You got peace? As soon as she kept her feet on this house, fighting started. For your unlucky fate only your in laws treat like that with you ” .

Anupriya also turns to leave. She tooks Ajay with her also. After everyone leaves she starts to cry. Siya comes to console her.

Siya ” Don’t cry di, you know na how cruel they are. Leave them ” .

Riddhima : But what happened to our Dad? Why he is also behaving like them? (crying).

Siya : I don’t know, you just eat it.

Riddhima : I don’t want to eat anymore.

Siya : No you have to.

By saying this she starts to feed her with motherly affection.


After their lunch Siya takes Riddhima to her room. After making her sits on the bed, she also sits beside her.

Siya questions, ” Now say me what exactly happened with jiju again? ”

Riddhima trying hard to suppress her feelings says, ” Same like everyday.” 


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