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~The bouquet~(Ishq mein Marjawan 2)

It has been a week since Vansh left for a buisness trip. Riddhima was feeling lonely these days.
It was another day for her without Vansh.

She was reading a book, when she received a video call from Vansh. After keeping the book mark hurriedly on the page she had been reading, she attended the call.

“There’s a surprise waiting for you, sweetheart” he said as soon she picked the call.

“S-surprise! Are you coming today!?” She said trying to control her happiness.

As those words came out of her mouth, the door bell rang.

She went to open the door wearing just one slipper in hurry!
A-aaram se!” Vansh shouted seeing her antics.

Her face’s expression faded as she saw, there was a young boy, holding a bouquet standing at the door.
She took the bouquet in her hand and closed the door.

“I thought you are coming today” she said sitting infront of the screen, holding the bouquet.

“I’ll be coming soon sweetheart, but first you check the bouquet” he replied with a wink.

What’s there to check in it” she said moving her hands through the roses in the bouquet.

She found a letter. It read-
My love for you will last, until the day, the last flower in this bouquet dies.

“Vansh, flowers have to die, one day. What you want to say, your love for me is temporary?” She said with a pout.

Then, she realised, there was one artificial flower in it.

She blushed holding that flower.

“For this smile cum blush only, I can do anything” he said admiring her smile cum blush.

Humnava mere tu hai to meri saasein chale

Bata de kaise main jiyunga tere bina
———————–The end-———————–

Author’s note:
This story isn’t mine completely. A short story again! Do tell me, how was it! Thanks for reading.

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