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Riansh (the saga of truth unfolds) #episode 67

Hello peeps agyi me..

I am so happy u all just commented amazing yr..42 comments uff ..after so many epi..

So u may find the epi boring because i didn’t focus on raisinghanias much..

The track is gonna with so many peoples.. let’s see how will i manage..

If u need any improvement let me know.. i am trying my best to hook up you guys with twist n turns..

@Sumisha i translated in English

for u dear)

Let’s start…

Scene 1


A beautiful and big palace is seen..with so many arab mens and womens in burqa

A black mercideies stops at the entrance of palace and a man with a woman step out from it..

Walking like a king the man stops at the front of palace welcoming by another handsome man..

He revealed to be…

Vikram : Welcome to Dubai Mr. vansh raisinghania..

Vansh (shaking hand) – Its a pleasure to be here welcoming by you..

Vikram (pointing towards the girl) – Who is she..

Vansh – Oh she!! She is my new PA Tarini Rastogi..

Vikram hand shakes with tarini..

Vikram – As fas as i know..angre was your PA right..

Vansh (chuckling) – He is emotional fool..behen ke pyar me andha ho gya hai ( he became blind in her sister’s love)

Moreover I can’t take risk..

Vikram – Smart move..Mr. raisinghania..

He takes them inside..

So many arbs girl are dancing in middle of the hall and mens are enjoying..

Vikram takes vansh and tarini to a special room for discussing about deal..

Vansh – Where is your wife.. isn’t she here..

Vikram – she will be here soon..

Scene 2

Basement of palace

The whole room is dark and scary..

A small girl is crying holding her knees

Girl ( crying) – Mumma!! Papa!! Vansh papa!! Siyu aunty..i am missing you all..plz mujje yaha se le jao..(take me from here plz)

A lady is looking at her sadly

Shwetlana (sadly) – Baby!! Plz don’t cry..have your food ..

Anaisha (shouting)- Noo!! You are bad!! You are not letting me go to my mumma!!

She cries loudly shouting i want my mumma!!

Shwetlana goes to her and takes her in her lap weeping her tears

Shwetlana – See…good girl don’t cry..if you will be a good girl.. your mumma will come soon..

Anaisha (happy) – My mumma will come!! Scchi..meri mumma ayegi..(really my mumma will come)

Shwetlana (sad) – Yes she will come now eat your food..

Anaisha (pouting)- i dont know how to eat properly.. either mumma or papa used to feed me

Shwetlana (smiling)- i will feed you..

She makes her eat food with love and care

Anaisha ( kissing shwetlana’s cheeks) -Thnk you aunty you are like my mumma only..

Shwetlana cries seeing anaisha loving her..

She kisses her all over the face and make her sleep by singing Lullaby..

Scene 3

Tarini is standing at bar with wine in her hands..

Vikram comes near her and stand in front of her..

Vikram (smiling) – Miss pretty face is having drink alone here..not fair..

Beautiful girls are not meant to be alone..right (winking)

Tarini (smirking) – Umm!! What should the beautiful girls do when all the hot and handsome man like you are married..

Vikram (flirting) – Who knows that married handsome and hot man need some pretty face girl like you..

Tarini – and what about your wife..Mr..hot and handsome..

Vikram (laughing) – Forget her..she is like typical wives only..simple and boring..

But girls like you bold and Fierce are rare..and i like rare..

Tarini – My boss won’t like this unprofessional behaviour from me..

Vikram (smirk) – Trust me Miss pretty face.. nobody will get to know..that miss pretty face and Mr hot and handsome are together..

Tarini walks away from him but not before turning to him saying..see you at midnight Mr.hot and handsome..(winking)

Scene 4

Tarini’s room

She is sitting on chair keeping her one leg on another ..like a queen..

Suddenly her phone rings ..

Tarini ( on a call) – Yes!!

Man – How is the work going..

Tarini (smirks) – As per the plan!!

Man – Good job! see u soon

She hangs the call and smirk !

Her pov

Ek teer se do shikar..
Ek dushman or ek pyar…

( Two targets from one arrow
One is enemy and another is love)

Scene 5

Vansh and Tarini is sitting with vikram in hall of the palace

So many arabic girls are dancing in front of them ..

Vansh ( smiling) – Kaafi rangin maahol hai..yaha ka.. ( the atmosphere is very colourful here)

Vikram (looking at tarini winking) – wakai Mahol toh kaafi rangin hai.. (indeed the atmosphere is very colourful)

Vansh – Well our deal is gonna happen in 2 days…

Both smirks..

Scene 6

Anaisha is crying hugging shwetlana..

Vikram comes and shout on her holding her tightly..

Vikram (shouting) – You!! The daughter of b*t*h!! Stop crying..none is gonna save you..

Shwetlana ( pleading) – Vikram ji!! Don’t shout on her she is kid..look how much is she crying..

Vikram ( holding shwetlana from hairs) – Keep this sympathy and love to you! I don’t need this

Shwetlana (crying) – How can you be so cruel to a baby!! Did you forget that..our..b..

Vikram ( leaving her ) – Dare you to utter anything..

He stormed out of the room.. angrily..

Anaisha (weeping shwetlana’s tears) – Don’t cry aunty!! You are so nice …

Shwetlana hugs her tightly and cry..

Scene 7

Vikram is pacing in corridor angrily

Tarini comes from behind and tap on his shoulder

Tarini ( seductively) – Seems like Mr hot and handsome is angry on someone..

Vikram ( 😡) – That good for nothing wife of mine..i am done with her now .

Tarini ( coming close to him) – Then leave her..chhod do use..

Vikram (pulling her from waist) – Use chhod kar tumhe pakad lu..chlega..( should i hold you leaving her)

Tarini – And what if she sees us like this..

Vikram pulls her to a room and locks the door

Vikram (pinning her to the wall) – She is naive!! I hate such type of people..

Tarini (seductively) -Then what type of people you like .

Vikram ( sniffing his nose on her neck ) – Just like you!! Bold and s*xy..

Tarini (pulling him from hairs) – I want to ************

Vikarm( detaching himself from her)- No!! I can’t..do this..

Done done dana done ✅..

Precap : Setting a web

Comments tapka dena bs.

Hope so u liked the epi

Lob u all


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