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My husband is a millionaire- Riansh story (Chapter 1)

The Date

” Log kehte hai jis jhooth
Se kisi ka ghar base vo jhooth ,                       Jhooth nahi hota.
Meri mano toh joh ghar jhooth
se base vo ghar,ghar Ni hota”

This is the last time I m telling you to shut up sejal.. shouted a very much frustrated riddhima on top of her lungs
I m not interested in any blind date anymore
Sejal – but what’s wrong with a blind date
Riddhima- seriously sejal … what’s wrong? In case you have forgotten my all experiences let me remind you a few
Remember the very first date you set for me. …. that a*sh*le didn’t even show up there and the other one at charity ball was already married and asked me will I marry him if he divorce his wife.
Sejal- ( cutting her) okay I agree those guys were terrible but what about your date with jay …you guys become good friends naa
Riddhima- but still…you very well known blind dates are not my kind of a thing
Sejal- theek h then tujhe Jo krna h kar …m hu hi kaun Teri haa Jana h toh Jaa Teri marji…man lungi tha Tera ishq farzy ( do whatever you want,who I m to u haa …if you wanna leave then leave will believe that your love for me was not real)

Being living with sejal in same house from past 3 years riddhima very well knew her tricks…but still she can’t ressist those eyes which only care for her it was just a date okay not only a date ….a blind date but riddhima can give her life for sejal then date is nothing in front of sejal’s happiness

Riddhima- okay fine…but this is last time am going on a blind date…do remember
Sejal- haa iske baad tujhe zaroorat bhi Ni paregi(okay moreover you won’t need going on dates anymore)
Riddhima- Zaroorat nahi paregi Matlab(no need anymore means)

Sejal- woh I mean ki…Kya PTA issi date p tujhe Tera shahrukh Khan mil Jaye( I mean may u get your shahrukh Khan on this date only)
Riddhima- you Know what…you are crazy

Riddhima was a girl who was
extremely self conscious.she thought that she didn’t have any extra qualities neither she was extremely pretty or beautiful so she need to be perfect in at least what she did ,in all other aspects like her behavior
That was the reason she was 15 minutes early at the decided place
..it was a very fancy yet simple Italian restaurant whose every corner speak richness and etiquette taste… the person must be someone with a unique and not so ordinary taste thought riddhima sitting on the table assigned to her
It was exact 8 when he arrived so he must be very punctual and was pretty serious about this date as the way he was carrying himself in a 3 piece formal suit ,a bow tie and black flashing shoes unlike those other fellows she met wearing a cool t- shirt and cool pants(note the sarcasm)

The way he introduced himself was also way too ordinary
“Hello m vihaan singhania, your date
Hope I didn’t make you wait too long”
But something was definitely not ordinary , his voice it was too calm..and magnetic, highly attractive

The date went well with riddhima speaking here and there and vihaan only replying in a word or two ,a thing she noticed was the restaurant was unusually empty is it possible that the man sitting in front of her booked the whole restaurant but she brushed the thought as fast as it came thinking that this restaurant looks highly expensive and posh so may be it provide personal space for all couples.
Riddhima  very well knows from her personal experiences that judging someone is wrong but noticing vihaan’s behavior she can’t help herself concluding that the person sitting in front of her is very much quiet and must be a extremely cold .
Since riddhima was never interested in the date she was willing to leave as soon as possible but she was waiting for the right moment to ask her leave as the person sitting in front of her made her feel comfortable, normal and hating to admit abnormally good

That’s the reason she refused the dessert and ask for her leave making excuse of having a important presentation the very next day ….
That’s when only vihaan spoke by himself after his introduction
” How about we exchanged the no.s”
His this sentence caught me off guard but thinking it pretty normal we exchanged the no.s
And after exchanging our no.s we bid good byes to each other until he spoke
“It was nice meeting you miss mehra, hope will see u soon”
Guess what riddhima’s goodbye turns out to be a bye
Did it mean he was willing to see her again thought riddhima sitting in her cab and leaving…..

Sneak peak – going again…. what can you repeat plz? ….I mean are u sure… finally I am wife to the man I meet 2 days ago


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