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#Mohabbat Part 2 (IMMJ2 One Shot)

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A/N: So this os is the second part of Mohabbat as you all were saying Riddhima should get to know the truth of Vansh!
This one is totally my imagination.

Those who have not read the first Part, here it is-


Let’s start:

It has been one month since Vansh’s demise, but was not looking like. Kabir was all happy and seemed so satisfied, as if he is happy for some reason.
Kabir’s father is same as Kabir.
But the most devastated was Riddhima! She was still in trauma! She didn’t knew what’s going on in her surroundings. The only thing she remember was that as soon as she listened that Vansh is dead, she fainted!! And then, she got to know that the funeral is done.
She didn’t showed Kabir, as he might doubt her, but she only knew how hard it was to handle herself! She wanted to cry, to take out her pain, but couldn’t as she was afraid of Kabir!
One day, she went to her mom-dad house and thought to spent a week there.
One week passed, Riddhima was little better as she was living in the surroundings in which she lived till 25 years!
It was the time for her departure. Her mother asked to bring something from her father’s cupboard. She did what was asked and opened the almirah.
She took out the needed. She was just going when a paper slipped on ground. She picked it and was about to put it, but something caught her attention.
It was Vansh’s picture. She thought what’s Vansh’s pic is doing with his father!?
She then opened the paper and read it. And what she read , made her eyes bulge out of socket!
It was a contract between a person and his father to kill someone, and after that Her father will give 2.5 Lakhs to that man!
She was dumbstruck. Her father is a murderer? He killed someone?? But most importantly, she wondered why was Vansh pic there?
Does that mean that Her father murdered….?
She immediately kept that paper in her purse and moved to the main gate where her parents were waiting. She gave what was asked by her mother and gave a painful glance to her father. He felt that due to leaving she is doing like this so he hugged her. But she was feeling disgusted upon it!

Hugging me so calmly after murdering someone as if nothing has happened! How can he do this!!

Later she left, but her mind was occupied by that paper. She again took it out and found the man’s number written by her father. After numerous wars between her heart and mind, she decided to call on that number by changing the sim.
At night, when Kabir was sitting on his study, his phone rang! But the sim was the one which he used for other purposes. He was hell scared as it was from unknown number that too from different sim. He picked it up. There was silence till 2-3 minutes, and after that the call was cut. He was realy frightened and his state was terrible!
Riddhima on the other side saw him like this and smirked.

When Kabir was in the bathroom, Riddhima decided to call that man! As soon as the ring started, Kabir’s phone beeped up due to a call.
Due to noise in bathroom, he couldn’t listened to it.
But Riddhima did and she came near to his phone.
She thought it’s some busines call, but at the very next moment, she found her alter sim number flashing on his screen. Reality stuck her hard which she couldn’t bear!

Ka.. Kabir is Va.. nsh’s mur.. d.. erer!!!
Her condition was miserable! Her own husband was the killer of her love! Why!!!
But then she thought that Kabir was with her at that moment, so how can he kill Vansh?
She started searching his almirah too. But couldn’t find anything! Atlast she gave up. But then she saw some blood covered clothes. The size was not of Kabir, then who was it?
And when she concluded, she couldn’t help but threw herself on the floor crying silently but very badly!
She remembered these were the same clothes which her father in law wore when it was her first rasoi!

Means Papa ji is killer? No, he can’t, he is such a nice person how can he kill someone!!!

She badly wanted to change the destiny, but fate doesn’t care about your plans!

She was now surrounded by murderers! Her husband, her father in law, her own father!!! But why did they kill Vansh? What was the enmity that they went to such extent!

She wiped her tears, deleted the call from Kabir’s phone and went to Vansh’s home which was empty.
She roam in the whole house and remembered how they both spend their time, play with each other!! But now, it’s a barren house!
She was about to go from there when she saw a letter-

Mr. Vansh RaiSinghania, we hope for the best.
Don’t worry, you will be fine soon.
-Team Soni Hospital.

She felt strange, Vansh and hospital? Why? He didn’t told her?
She thought to go and check the hospital doctors.
She stopped a cab and reached there. With fast steps, she moved inside. Asking the receptionist

Riddhima- Can I get the records of patient Mr. Vansh RaiSinghania?

Receptionist- Sorry Mam, but we can’t share of this patient, strictly prohibited!

Riddhima looked here and there , and picked three notes of rs. 2000 and gave to the receptionist.

Receptionist- No mam we…

Riddhima cuted her by taking two more notes.

Riddhima: Think well, the more information you’ll give to me, the more money will be in your hands.

Receptionist seemed happy and told the name of Vansh’s doctor.

Riddhima searched his cabin and knocked.

:Come in!

Riddhima went inside and the doctor asked her to sit.

Doctor (D): Hello, how may I help you?

Riddhima: Umm.. Hi. Actually I wanted to ask about your patient Vansh RaiSinghania.

Doctor’s face stiffened.

D: I don’t kno anyone by this name. Sorry you may leave.

Riddhima: Please doctor, he was my…my…love.

Doctor: Oh so you are Riddhima! Yes, he was my patient and I know he is dead. Very sad to hear. But I can’t share anything as it’s confidential!

He was about to say something…

Riddhima: And what if I say he is murdered?

Doctor face was confused!

D: What are you even saying?!

Riddhima told him the whole story and begged him to tell her.

D: So Mrs. Riddhima Raichand (Riddhima choked upon it), Mr.Vansh RaiSinghania was suffering from..umm..vo..

Riddhima: Speak up damn it!!

D: Vo..he was suffering from Brain Cancer stage 4, which was last stage, and his survival was 0%! We couldn’t help. He could only live for 4 months. He and me later developed a great bond. He has told me very much about you.
And you thought that he left you, but actually he was concerned for you!
I have treated and bid a bye to many patients, but he was very close to me, just like my son!
Hope he gets justice of his(choking upon his words)mu..murder!!

With this he started crying. Riddhima also couldn’t control herself and left from there. She came near a park and sat on a bench crying vigorously!

Riddhima: See, I am always wrong! He was suffering and here, I thought he betrayed and left me! How more worst can my thinking be! I am sorry Vansh, I am sorry!(crying miserably) I am so..sorry(hiccuping). I am very bad! I hurted my love and believed a murderer!!
(Fiercely wiping her tears) But now, enough is enough!! I can’t live with a murderer. I have to give justice to Vansh anyhow! Vansh, I promise you, I will punish your culprits!! Wherever you are, always believe that I will love you till my last breathe!
Mr.Kabir Raichand and Mr. Ajay Raichand, get to ready to see Vansh’s love as your destroyer!!

With this, she decided to divorce Kabir by cheat and uncover their bl**dy work.

Flashback ends.

Riddhima came near Kabir.

Riddhima: Kabir, I asked dad already. I just need your signatures here.

Kabir: What’s it Riddhima? (Without looking to her)

Riddhima: I have decided to open a dance academy as its my hobby. The investor wanted your signature as you are my husband, so..

Kabir nodded and signed those papers. Riddhima mentally patted herself and smirked.
She talked to her lawyer and asked to submit those papers to court without being known to Kabir. The lawyer assured her and she left for her next work.

Some days later, her divorce happened and now she was just Riddhima. She was not sad about it, but happiest! Afterall got rid of that murderer’s surname!!
She collected all the proofs, like the paper, the clothes and that phone number and directly talked to lawyer as she can’t do that to police coz Kabir has relationship of bribes with them.

After some more days, a courier arrived that Kabir’s house, and what he read shocked him!
He was called to the court tomorrow for hearing along with his and Riddhima’s father. He felt suspicious that why only these three are called. He informed both of them. All were terrified. Suddenly..

Ajay: Kabir, check if that cloth is still there and Roy(Riddhima’s father), you check that contact!!

Both checked and found nothing. Now they understood everything!

Roy: I had killed that Vansh because he was just wasting time on my daughter! He knew he will die after some months but then also loving my daughter! I can’t risk her life!

Ajay: Oh please, I very well know why you killed him!!

Roy: I know, that was also the reason. I knew he won’t give me any property, he’ll just name it after Riddhima! And what will I get, nothing! He is a millionaire, but I now, he don’t love money. But I do, and I wanted his property but when I got to know, I decided to kill him, so that, his properly will neither be mine nor Riddhima’s!!

Kabir: And we decided it will be a partnership so you will divide that in 3 parts.

Roy(nonchalantly): Yeah!!

Ajay: But now that girl got to know everything!! Sh*t!

Kabir: Wait, what was there in the papers then? I am damn sure it was not the dance academy papers..were they….

Now all of them got to know the plan of Riddhima! Kabir understood it was divorce papers. And now, other than surrendering themselves, no choice was there with them!
But they were also devils, so they decided they will run from India to Canada today itself!
Apart from them, one more person knew their plan, Riddhima!
All the court papers were fake, it was just made to make them realise they are caught.

Main game starts now…!!

The trio packed their bags, booked flight and reached airport unknown to them, some people are waiting for the murderers.

No one was there expect those three. They felt wierd. But later thought it might be because it’s late night

(I am showing all the fast forward things guys)
They checked all the needed and were about to board the flight when simultaneously three gun shots were heard!
Kabir, Ajay and Roy were laying on the ground, while the blood was oozing out from their chests…

After 3 months,
A girl very happily came out of a dance academy namely RiAnsh Dance Academy!
Ofcourse, you guessed right she is Riddhima. Wearing a Pink top and Black jeans, with black heels(Aayu and Pari😂), she was looking very pretty.

Riddhima’s POV-
So, all must be thinking, ye kya hua, kaise hua, kab hua right!!
Well, you all know, those murderers are dead! Then why tension? Accha leave, I’ll tell you.
So that day, the court examined all the proofs and witnesses, if any, carefully and gave the right to police for ENCOUNTER.
So now, I don’t want to go much deep, the culprits of My Vansh are punished. Yeah, it was difficult to mom to understand, but I made her believe!
And now, I opened a dance academy on the name of our amalgamation, RiAnsh!
Sorry Vansh, I know it’s difficult to forgive me, but I know you will!

And that’s how her oops sorry, their life continued.

Marke bhi na vada apna todenge
Iq duje ka saath kabhi na chhodenge
Apna to sadiyon janmo ka naata hai
Jaan se jaan ko kaun juda kar pata hai!

Tere siva is dariya ka
Nahi koi kinara sanam
Tere naam humne kiya
Jeevan apna saara sanam

The End…

So, tell me how was it!

Take care

Bye, see ya!

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