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Mine exclusively Mine-a Riansh fan fiction (Part 4)

Riddhima attacked

Looking at aangre her heart shuddered, the man who always somehow brought a smile over her face, always laughing and doing crazy stuff was now lying almost lifeless
She looked at the numerous wires attached to his body and sighed
The point that was kept striking her mind was
How aangre got into this much serious accident

She had talked with the doctor who enlightened her about the whole fiasco,aangre was brought in a critical condition by vansh who payed all his expenses too
Claiming it to be a accident case when the doctor refused to treat him urgently before Police arrival vansh practically threatened him
It was when police arrived and looked into the matter through CCTV and all they claimed it to be pre-planned

As far as riddhima knew aangre was good to everyone and he can’t possibly have a enemy so why would someone harm him deliberately
The sudden realisation dawned upon her
“Is it done by the stalker”

All the incident of previous night revolved in her mind again
She was with aangre in the car, enjoying and the kiss on hand

Her body freezed

A sudden sound caught her attention
Aangre was waking up, eyelids flattering, opening his eyes he looked into the surroundings and freeze at riddhima’s face

Looking at him a tear made it’s way through riddhima’s eye
Aangre whispered
Riddhima spoke hurriedly
“Do you need anything?”
“You want me to call the doctor?”
“Is it paining?”
“Aangre say naa”

“Shant gadhadhari bheem shant”
Aangre spoke loudly
“What I was saying is stop crying,stop your tears”

Riddhima started crying more , she thought aangre was in this position and there are complete chances of reason being her but still what he was worried was her tears
He don’t want her to cry
Such a pure soul he was

“Yaar please stop crying you want to give me a heart attack”
Riddhima frowned
“If you keep crying like this your tears will wash all your makeup away and then you will look like a b*t*h
Isn’t it enough to give me a heart attack”

Riddhima’s nose grow red,here she was blaming herself for his condition and he on other hand was still playing around

Fisting her hand she threw a punch at his already injured arm
Aangre whinced
“Have you gone mad woman”
“Yes I am gone mad ”

The door opened and vansh entered,he looked between riddhima and aangre and clearing his throat spoke

“I don’t think I gave you a leave to harm a man who is already hospitalized miss riddhima”

Riddhima pressed her lips In a thin line,cheeks become red due to embarrasment and glared at aangre who was trying to sit
“Do you want to crack all bones that are left”

Riddhima’s statement caught vansh’s attention
“Aangre no need to sit”
“Boss you here ,you would have called me”

Riddhima rolled her eyes and before vansh had replied spoke
“Yaa he would have called you and you being such a obedient pa crawled to him and Even than you must have reached on Time right”
Riddhima commented

“Miss riddhima I think you forgot in front of whom are you speaking”
Vansh spoke in a thundering voice
Riddhima flinched

She decided to keep her mouth shut for the while

“Well aangre I am here to accompany Mr Joshi he is a private detective and will investigate your case”
“Isn’t Police doing it?”
“I applause your habit of knowing everything but where this habit goes when I ask you something in between meetings”.

Riddhima looked downwards muttering some not so good words for him

“Well where was I ,yes so aangre will you please explain everything to him
And special request to not intervene in between”

Aangre looked at mr Joshi and started explaining

“I was moving towards boss’s apartment after bidding bye to riddhima I was almost there when my phone started ringing,it was an unknown number I give it a glance and looked upwards and in these1-2 seconds a truck out of nowhere came in front of my car and hitted me
I was still in senses when a person walk down from it and stood in front of me,he deliberately stood on my hand and speak something”

Mr Joshi- oh so you mean to say that person walk out of vehicle and speak something.
Can you remember what he told you?

Aangre- no at that Time I was almost out of my senses I just saw his lips moving but can’t make it out
Mr Joshi- you remember how he looked?
Aangre-not exactly, his face was covered but all he wearing was black with face covered with black hoodie

Sweat beards started forming on riddhima’s forhead
Playing with her fingers and rings she kept looking down
“Miss riddhima are you alright you seem tense”
Riddhima looked towards vansh
And found him looking at her already
His gaze was different almost intimadating,it always was but now the vibes were different

“Umm no, it’s just I am tense for aangre”
“That’s so sweet of you”
Vansh replied casually but riddhima sensed something weird

As soon as the questionnaire ended Mr Joshi left accompanied by vansh who went to bid him adieu
In some seconds aangre dozed off due to medicine effect
Now riddhima was left alone, she keep thinking about all incidences and grow more confused

She closed her to take a deep breath and felt someone behind her
Opening her eyes she tried looking behind without turning but was unsuccessful

Whole body shaking, sweating with lots of courage she turned behind but took a deep breath when no one was there
Turning back again she scolded herself mentally
Picking her phone up she opened it
The reflection in the photo hitched her breath

The man in Black hoodie was standing just behind her
The phone fall from her hands
Not knowing what to do she bend to pick it up
Her only strategy was to call vansh once she get hold of phone but as she bended,a hand out of no where came on her mouth
She tried getting our of his hold, shaking her hands and legs but nothing happened
It was like an butterfly was wiggling to get out of an human’s hold

“Jaan!! Good girls don’t cry”
“Shh…let me complete first
So now baby girl
As this filthy person touched your such beautiful hands so punishment should be given right,I was thinking of stitching his mouth but I think the accident is enough but we need to clean your hands right”

With that he put a liquid over her palm
The burning sensation was so much that riddhima fall on ground clucthing her hand

“Don’t worry jaan just 2-3minutes then you will be pure”

Riddhima started shouting loudly
The door opened and a painting vansh entered
He screamed
Riddhima looked through her eyelashes and muttered only
“Save me”
Vansh become horrified
Riddhima become unconscious
And vansh kept patting her Cheeks
“Riddhima… Riddhima”

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