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Love never dies EPI 10 By Akansha # RIANSH

hello sweeties am back with 16 comments . Thanks to all readers who commented in my ff. Guys from tommorow am not sure I will be posting or not as my exams are starting . Guys am sorry cause maybe today’s epi will be short !!!!

Recap : vyom entry & vansh jealousy and ragini shocked seeing vyom


Ridhima & vyom drops ishika to her friends house .

Scene shifts to vr mansion !!

Siya : ishani di let’s go and help chachi

Ragini: umm siya , I will be helping u

Chanchal comes

Chanchal : no need of cooking

Siya : why ?

Chanchal : ridhima messaged me that she has cooked the lunch so no worries

Dadi : these girl never hears us

Siya : waise Dadi apko vyom kaisa laga?

Dadi : bohot acha, vyom bohot caring and understanding

Ishani : and handsome also

Aryan : yes also he is one of the richest man in France

Angre: and humble too .

Chanchal : waise ridhima aur vyom so sath kitne cute lagte haina

Dadi : these is correct

Aryan: yes they look like a CUTE COUPLE right

Koi nahi Marega mujhe koi bhi NAHI I know u are angry but don’t worry at last hamare riansh he ek hinge so no worries !!!

No go and read the full

Let’s resume ok

No chappal👞🚫🚫

Ok now let’s resume


Resuming !!!

Siya : yess

Chanchal : & most important vyom knows ridhima so well and takes so much care of her and also understand her a lot .

Dadi : and they have relation ship of 17years and that from childhood .

Aryan: yess and also ridhu di likes her a lot, right bhai ( looking at vansh

VANSH who was fuming in jealous by hearing these and if he got vyom in his hand he could kill him and these thoughts were broken by Aryan

VANSH: hmm if miss Ridhima likes him why not

VANSH heart : ridhima will never marry vyom it’s impossible I know his taste and favourite .

VANSH mind : calm down vansh it’s ridhima s choice that whom she is will marry or not why are u affecting she betrayed u she didn’t trust u . No need stop thinking leave it for u your ragini is their concentrate on her !!

Siya: so let’s test that it’s love or friendship

Angre : how ?

Aryan: angre don’t be so foolish !!

Angre : what is your plan

Ishani : don’t worry WAIT & WATCH

Dadi : ok whatever u do but don’t do anything that will make ridhima guilty or hurt and vyom it can affect both of them and maybe their friendship or love understood!!

All youngsters : ok

Aryan: guys let’s go and plan

Siya : vansh bhai would u like to join us

VANSH: not interested u all continue

Ishani : let’s go siya ! We are enough to make ridhu di life bring more happiness ( taunted to vansh)

They went & planned

Ragini s room

Ragini pov

How can these happen , he is back , How did ridhima know , oh god my it’s dangerous !! If ridhima opens everything to vansh everything will be end . No no ragini what should I do , first let me call him !!

Ragini pov ends

Ragini calls someone

Ragini : hello meh ragini

Unknown person : haa what happened I told u to not call me if vansh gets know then

Ragini : I know but leave that he is back

Unknown person : what whom acha he , hey but how can he came back it’s impossible

Ragini : I know but today he came to vr mansion with ridhima

Unknown person: how and with ridhima OH GOD SO IT MEANS RIDHIMA GOT TO KNOW .

Ragini : maybe but ridhima told that he is his childhood friend

Unknown person : so maybe ridhima knows ok leave that first we have to know that ridhima knows or that

Ragini : hmmm today he &his family is coming for lunch & dinner understood so I will be trying

Unknown person:ok u try their I will try take the information about him .

Ragini : ok ok take care

Unknown person: hmm u too bye

The call ends

The scene frizees

The scene shifts to vyom & ridhu

Ridhima and vyom were in car so suddenly vyom on the fm

The song was ( khamosiyan)

Ridhima was hearing the song and she turned the face in to the window side ridhima was remembering the moments with vansh tears were rolling and from vyom eyes tears were rolling they were just crying they were just keeping their pain their hurt after sometimes the song changed

And one of the fm person

Fm person : today will talk about of love !

Love is friendship

Love is trust

Love is in your soul

Love is too give some one

Love is to heal someone

Love is happiness

Love is understanding

Love is silence

Love is care

Love is a life

Love is each every person part of life

A human dies

The soul will never dies

The happiness that u gave to a person will never die

The care will never die

The trust will never die

The friendship will never die


So guys here we end with our love words thanks for listening Mr fm!

These words made vyom & ridhima hurt more they gaved tears in their eyes and they were smiling too .

done Dana done

guys i don’t know what I wrote hope it’s nice . If u like my ff then plz drop comments . Guys am very dissapoint today i got very less commnents hope i get enough comments today .

So whom did ragini call ? , why vyom was crying ? So tell me your views & theories .

if their is any type of mistake am very sorry plz forgive me

guys am again telling am not sure when I will be posting next from 17 th 29th maybe I will be irregular so am not sure plz forgive me

Guys don’t forget to pray for my instant approval and exam !!

chalo lots of bakwas is done now am going and today am giving target and if the target crosses then maybe I will post soon !!

target : 40 comments !!!!!

Lots of love and care

All the best to all the writers who’s exam are starting or going to be

take care wear mask





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