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His Hostage in Love-Shocker ep.8 IMM2


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Episode starts

She slowly got up from the bed and wore the slippers that were kept for her. She walked weakly towards the mirror and saw herself. Her eyes widened as she saw her reflection in the mirror, she shook her head in disagreement and shock; she wasn’t herself anymore. She was someone else, a woman adorned by a mangalsutra in her neck and sindoor in her hair partitioning.

She touched her hairline once again in confusion. It was all true and not a dream, she was married now. She held her head in confusion and anger; she didn’t remember anything related to the two days. She pressed her head between her hands in confusion.

Riddhima: What the hell is happening? This mangalsutra (touching her neck), this sindoor! I’m married!! (shock) With whom, who brought me here?

: I did

Just then a voice came from behind on to which she looked at the reflection from the mirror. Her eyes widened when she saw Kartik, Vihaan, Ishani and Anupriya standing at the door waiting for her to respond. Vihaan entered the room with a tray in his hands which held a glass of water, a plate covered and a few strips of tablets. The rest followed inside.

Vihaan: I did.

Riddhima: Vihaan what’s all this? I don’t remember anything after the conversation we had.

Anupriya: Riddhima who’s Vihaan?

Riddhima: This guy in front of you….and wait how do you know me? (curious) You’re the Anupriya Rai Singhania right? The businesswoman of all times?

Anupriya: How wouldn’t I know my own daughter-in-law? (chuckling) Well yes I’m her.

Riddhima: Daughter-in-law! Yours? (looking at Ishani) Ms Ishani you?

Ishani: This is my family Ms Riddhima…..oops sorry Bhabhi!

Riddhima: Which Bhabhi? And Vihaan and Kartik you both here?

Anupriya: Kartik and Vihaan? Who? These two are Vansh and Kabir Rai Singhania! My sons

Riddhima: (shocked) What!!

Vansh: Listen to me Riddhima

Riddhima: Vihaan or Vansh? (stern)

Vansh: Both

Anupriya: What are you saying Vansh?

Kabir: Mom will clear everything out for you later but we need to talk to her.

Riddhima: Wait….what’s the story behind this? (pointing at her mangalsutra and sindoor) What happened? Why did Ms Anupriya call me her daughter-in-law?

Ishani: because you’re married

Riddhima: To whom? And Why? (shouting)

Vansh: To me!! (shouting)

Kabir: Look Riddhima calm down, we’ll tell you everything!

Riddhima: How the hell do you expect me to calm down huh? (annoyed) I’m married and I don’t know any single thing about it, whom I’m married to, how and why! And I’m married to Vihaan! My Kidnapper!

Ishani: Kidnapper?

Riddhima: Yes my kidnapper!

Vansh and Kabir became anxious at the fact that they might be exposed in a few minutes due to Riddhima’s continuous and hyper blabbering and behavior. They never wanted their family to know anything about their underworld connections and the reasons behind to why they were doing it. Vansh quickly kept the tray on the side table of the bed and rushed to Riddhima before she could spill out anything and put his hand on her mouth to stop her from speaking.

Riddhima widened her eyes at his act while he tried signing with his eyes to stop speaking however she kept on trying to speak. Riddhima not giving up, bit his hand hard which led him to pull his hand back and he winced in pain.

Riddhima: Why are you stopping me huh? Let me continue…. He is my kidnapper! Mmmmmmmm

Vansh: What a stubborn creature you are? (annoyed)

Anupriya: Vansh! Let her speak, why are you doing that?

Kabir: (backing him up) Mom don’t worry they are always like that, fighting you know but they love each other a lot!

Vansh and Riddhima glared at Kabir in shock, wondering which love he was talking about. They hardly knew each other, they hardly even spoke well with each other, and they were hardly even friends’ just mere strangers. Where did the love come from? Vansh and Riddhima both looked at each other while their heart beat faster listening to the word love.

Hai kya yeh jo tere mere darmiyan hai
Andekhi ansuni koyi dastaan hai
Hai kya yeh jo tere mere darmiyan hai
Andekhi ansuni koyi dastaan hai

Vansh without a second thought picked up Riddhima in the bridal style and took her to the bed while she kept protesting. He dropped her on the bed and while she looked at him aghast. Vansh turned back to Anupriya and Ishani and asked them to give them both some time to sort out everything and they both left leaving Vansh and Kabir in the room alone with Riddhima.

Vansh took the tray in his hands and he sat on the bed opposite Riddhima facing her. He offered the glass of water to her but she pushed his hand away in anger. She just needed her answers.

Vansh’s POV

This girl is so stubborn, she should be named Ziddhima! She looks so weak and pale but no….she doesn’t care about herself. I know and I understand it’s very difficult for her to accept the reality that we’re married but doesn’t mean that she spoils her health! If I don’t force her to eat this girl won’t take a morsel, unwillingly I have to force her!

Vansh’s POV Ends

Vansh: Take a bite at least? (forwarding his hand to her mouth)

Riddhima: (glaring at him) Vihaan why all this? Why did you marry me? What’s this Vansh angle now? Kartik since when did you become Kabir?

Kabir: Since I was named

Riddhima: Will you just….

Vansh: (cut her) You want all your answers then eat quietly!

Riddhima: Answer me first!

Vansh: (in anger) We are married! I’m Vansh Rai Singhania, known as VRS and not Vihaan! We got married today in the morning after a hard escape!

Riddhima: How comes I don’t remember anything? Why did you marry me? What happened in these two days? Tell me everything clearly!

Kabir: Slow down Bhabhi express!

Riddhima: (glared at him) Don’t call me Bhabhi! (shouting) I don’t….

She stopped talking as soon as Vansh……..


The Two day Story/mystery

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