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Friendship goals ? ~Riansh #ss (Part 10)

Hii guys, it’s been so long I didn’t posted or read any ff or os….infact I didn’t opened TU….so sorry to all writers that I couldn’t able to comment but I was and still I’m busy in completing my books and also my offline classes are also started…so hectic schedule. I hope you understand🙄

Disclaimer: if you get bored so don’t throw anything on me because I’m writing what I’ve done with my friends😂(I’m riddhu here✌😂). And they kept my name drama queen😑

So let’s start:

Riddhima’s pov:

Smjhte kya hai ye log apne apko Bandar ki shakal wale…batameez insaan(My dialogue😂)…hamesa mere saath hi aisa karte hai….riddhu let’s annoy them😈….Let’s start😉

POV ends

Riddhima was smiling mischievous way and took her phone and started texting in their group “FIGHTING ZONE”


R: No one loves me😭….I’m going to heaven and you two go to hell. I’m very good girl

V: riddhu..

R: shut up…I don’t want to talk to you

K: oh ho heaven angel….come on earth. And go to bed (I was annoying them in mid-night😂)

V: kabir can’t you keep your mouth shut😑…riddhu listen to me

R: shut up….I texted because I wanted to tell you both that I’m leaving this group and will not come here again. Go to hell. And you kabutar see time it’s not time to go bed😑😑.

V: riddhu you know na this kabutar is like this only. Don’t listen to him. Oyy kabutar keep your phone down🙄

K: no I won’t it’s my phone and my WhatsApp…so what’s your problem.

R: yaha mera koi nhi😭…dono apne mai hi fight kar rahe hai. I hate both of you infinity😭😭(here no one is their for me….both are fighting and no one is paying attention to me)

K: are nikalo yaar isko koi(anyone will remove her from here)

R: I don’t want to live with you strangers😭. I’m going.

V: areee riddhu

R: I will never come here again. (A/N: all this while riddhu was smiling but after kabir said her to go she was on verge of crying✌)

V: Ooo dhukhi aatma.

K: chal ja Bhag. Bye. I hope you’ve door at your house.


K: bye bye.

R: how bad you both are, didn’t even asked me to stay. I hate you😭

Message ends

By now riddhima left from group and now only kabir and vansh are left (let’s see what they talk behind riddhu😂😂)


K: don’t add her again

V: why

K: she is dramebazz. She will say herself only to add her again😂

V: okay😂 (my friends really said that which I got to know yesterday😑)

Message ends

Here riddhu was sitting on bed with annoyed face and was waiting for them to pacify her. But they didn’t even said sorry to her which was irking more. So she decided to text them privately.

Message (To vansh)

R: you monkey…I hate you. You didn’t even said sorry to me. Gadhedo😑

V: what the hell, why you are calling me gadhedo…You alpha naari

R: hawww you called me alpha naari…You stupid I’ll kill you.

V: ahhh…let it be. What happened to you? Why you left the group. And now I can’t even add you

R: very good, I don’t want to go their back. Stupid

V: ok then, don’t come. Your wish.

R: you are very bad😭…don’t talk to me

V: bye.

Message ends

Riddhima’s pov

Huh…stupid. I was going to annoy them and here all goes opposite. I hate them. No one loves me😭. No more crying riddhu….I will also not talk to them. I know it’s very difficult for me but I will not talk to them. And this is my pledge😑…but what if they text me? No no I will keep my phone switch off. Yes let me do it…but what if any urgent call comes…No I can’t do that…what to do🤔…oh god why always me I can’t even block them because if this stupid people’s will call on mumma’s or on Aryan bhai phone then I’m dead for sure. God either kill me or give this stupid people some amount of brain😬. Let me do one work I’ll go to bed because I don’t want to do anything and if I’ll sleep No one can disturb me😁. I’m so proud of myself. Very good riddhu.

POV ends

Vansh’s POV

Damn what I thought of pacifying riddhu but here what I did? I’ve to stay away from them. They are spoiling me….Okay I admit they are not spoiling me. But what can I do what I think it always goes opposite to that😐. Okay now I’ve made her angrier and I hope this kabir don’t talk to her right now because all know how kabir is😑..now as far as I know riddhu either she would be planning something or maybe sleeping to avoid us. So she won’t reply. Let me add her in group…huh!! Finally she is back on group. Come on vansh pacify her..

POV ends

V: welcome back riddhu. I’m sorry this kabutar asked me to not to add you back because you will ask us to add you back.

K: hey riddhu ke chamche..why are you blaming me??

V: you lier, you only said. But I added her and now you are changing your side.

K: you are lier.

R: shut up both of you…you both brainless human can’t you even let a person live peacefully…always fighting and irritating me. I was thinking I’m most annoying in group but look at yourself. And yes I’m leaving don’t you dare to add me again. Bye.

K: ok go but first listen…I mean read what I’m going to say
“Mai chali mai chali apne pyaar ki gali mujhe roke na koi mai chali mai chali….hanhan meri jaan mujhe jana hai waha mujhe ro ke na koi mai chali mai chali….”

V: should I continue this kabir?

K: yes if you know

V: okay then…

R: don’t you dare to say a word more.

V: okay I’ll not say if you will not leave us. Because you know na we both love you a lot.

K: and if you want you can go then see what we will do with you😈

R: okay fine I’m not going and yes I hate you both infinity.

V & k: we also hate you. Do whatever you want to do😝

R: kuttro

V: alpha naari

K: okay bye bakwas band karo sone do mujhe

R: dafa ho yaha se

V: hatt nikal

K: batameez log😑

R: vansh I think yaha koi apna name bata raha hai😂

V: yes😂

K: is riddhima ko add hi nhi karna chaiye tha. Nikalo yaar isko😑

V: chal tu nikal. Bye

K: bye

R: bye

Message ends✌

To be continued…..

I hope you’ll like it and I don’t know when I’ll be posting next one so please bear it. Any suggestions then do tell me.Till then take care of yourself. Bye❤

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