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Barrister Babu 16th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Bondita learns Anirudh’s feelings

Barrister Babu 16th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Bondita hearing a man. She thinks why did Vaijanti’s dad sent this man here when she didn’t come here to study, who is this man. The man says I m Iyer Swamy, I have come to pick Vaijanti, her dad had sent me. Anirudh says you did good to come here, you can take her home. Bihari goes to call her. She hides. He goes to Anirudh and says she isn’t anywhere, don’t know where did she go. The man thinks I have to go and find her. He drops the tea and says I will wash my hands. Trilochan asks him to go to washroom. The man goes and thinks I have to find Vaijanti and take her to Chandrachur, but how. Bondita sees that man and thinks he is Chandrachur’s aide, it means he has come to kidnap Vaijanti, they think that Vaijanti is going to marry Anirudh, I can’t come in front of him, else everyone will know that Vaijanti is Bondita. She goes to hide. She finds a room locked. Anirudh stops the man.

The man says house is big, I didn’t know the way. Anirudh points gun at him. He gets the gun from him. He asks who are you, tell me. Somnath comes shouting. Trilochan asks who is he. Anirudh says Krishnanagar people have sent a spy again. Somnath says I will handle this man. Bondita jumps inside the room from the window. She sees her pics. She says my toys and clothes are here, it means Anirudh didn’t forget me, why did he lie that he has forgotten me, this is a proof that Anirudh is lying, I have known it now, he didn’t make me out of his heart and this house, he lied to me, I m alive in his thinking, Bondita is his strength, also his weakness. She gets a box. She gets some letters. She says you have written letters for me, you didn’t send me all these. She sits reading the letters.

She imagines coming there and telling his feelings. He mentions his feelings in his letters. Bondita cries seeing him. He says I need you, I feel lonely without you, it has become imp to keep this enmity even when I don’t want to, I have everyone here, but still I miss you, you have become a barrister today, I couldn’t come to see you, else I would have not been able to control my emotions, we can never unite, we will never meet again but… She asks but what…. He says we have to stay away from each other, but…. She reads more letters. He says I know I have to end this relation and erase your name from your life, but…. the entire village will be against us, we have to change everything between us, one thing that won’t change will be our enmity, I will not meet you, I will not even see you, I will not say a word to barrister Babu, but…. She shouts and asks but, what, tell me. She cries.

The glass jar falls down. The lightning bugs get free. She says even if the world gets against us, but you will never break our relation, right, I can see that you didn’t write further, but I can see the love, you didn’t forget me, you love me. Anirudh comes there and sees her with the lightning bugs. He says you here….

She says barrister Babu, your Bondita… He shouts and says I told you not to take her name again. He drags her outside. She says listen to me once. He says I asked you to stay away from every matter that’s not related to you. She gets hurt. He asks why did you go inside there. She asks how does it matter, those thing didn’t matter to you, why are you hurt then. He pushes her on the ground. She asks why are you hurt, what’s troubling you, that I have seen that or your lie. Trilochan asks what’s all this, she is our guest. Anirudh shouts ask her to stay as a guest. She asks him to listen. He calls it enough. He says remember one thing, whatever is here, its just mine, I will do what I wish, its my house, I will not tolerate you now, I will not teach you, get out of this house.

Bondita says emotions doesn’t end if you lock it, emotions will come out some way, don’t stop your emotions, speak out your heart, you will like to live again, you will smile again, else I will never return here, its my promise, just tell me what’s in your heart, will you say. Anirudh takes her outside the house. He leaves her and says leave from my house. He goes back. She smiles and says I have fallen in love, I have decided to bring your emotions out, I will not leave from here. Bihari comes and says you have awakened Bondita’s memories for Anirudh, so he got angry on you, everyone says that he has forgotten Bondita, but I know he didn’t forget her, he raises the orphan kids, he sees Bondita’s innocence in those kids, he lives Bondita’s moments with those kids, he can never forget Bondita. She smiles. She says you are right, I know I m in Anirudh’s heart, he can convince his heart to stay away from me, but he has to accept that he loves Bondita a lot. Rishta tera mera….plays….

Precap: Next episode on Monday due to change in weekend schedule: Vaijanti reveals to Anirudh that she is Bondita.

Update Credit to: Amena

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