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Anupama 16th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Vanraj Realizes The Reason Behind Pakhi’s Arrogance

Anupama 16th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Anupama and Kavya’s dance face off starts. They both dance energetically while family watches them. After performance, Kavya asks Pakhi who is best. Anu says she lost and Kavya won and asks Kavya to teach her Sweety. Baa says Pakhi may know about dance, but Anu is the best mother as only a mother can accept defeat even after winning. Once family leaves, Kavya brainwashes Pakhi that Anu acted great even after losing, any other mother would have shouted and not let the opponent teach her daughter, Anu knows she will get busy in academy and hence dumped all the responsibility on her, even Pakhi’s papa gave her a serious look as if she is at fault, but she need not worry as her bestie is there for her.

Kinjal tells Anu that Kavya is manipulating Pakhi like she manipulated her. Samar says how can Pakhi be such a dumb teenager, she forgot that she went into depression because of Kavya. Anu says at this age, children cannot differentiate between right and wrong. Kinjal says Kavya is trying manipulate Pakhi against her. Samar asks not to let that happen. Anu says she will not let anyone take away her children from her. She returns to her room and cries thinking she tries hard to set things right, but things entangle again repeatedly.

Kavya returns to her room. Vanraj says he didn’t know she dances so well, its good she trying to refix her equation with Pakhi, but she shouldn’t hurt Pakhi and Anu’s relationship in that process. She nods yes. He leaves. She thinks she forgot to ask him about cafeteria, thanks god that V is not angry on her, but she will make sure Pakhi goes against Anu at any cost. Pakhi gets ready for school. Anu offers her help. She says she will manage. Anu shows her favorite clips. Pakhi says it was, but not anymore. Anu asks her to try once again and see if its her favorite again, fixes it in Pakhi’s hair, apologizes her for not teaching her dance yesterday, and offers her shawl saying she made it during her school breaks as mother always want to protect her children.

Vanraj tells Anu that Pakhi misbehaved with her and reminiscing the incident where he insults Kavya realizes that she got the arrogance from him. He asks if she will accompany him o karkhana and says he didn’t want to put her in this situation if he had not lost a job, etc. Their discussion continues when Kavya walks in and says she will also accompany him to cafeteria and says he need not seek anyone else’s support as she will support him always, taunting Anu. Anu apologizes her for coming into her part of house because of Pakhi. Kavya says she need not apologize repeatedly as its her usual hobby to cross the line and is a loser, she need not worry about Pakhi anymore, etc. Anu leaves. Vanraj asks Kavya not to become another Rakhi Dave and taunt people and not create any drama in cafeteria.

Shah family arranges cafeteria furniture. Anu’s mother also accompanies them, and Baa explains her how they arranged the furnture. Vanraj keeps a chair for Anu’s mother, Kavya notices that. Anu’s mother congratulates Anu for fulfilling her dreams and one who used to cook even on her birthday will run an academy now. Anu emotionally says she thought her cooking. Mother says she just taught her cooking and being silent, she never knew that a daughter can fulfill her dreams and thought only sons deserve all the education, etc., but she proved her wrong. She apologizes Anu for her wrong thinking. Anu congratulates her for starting her own pickle business. Mother says she proved that even daughters can succeed and she touched a sky. Anu says still there is a long way, a person needs family’s support to fulfill his/her dreams and she has both families with her. Their emotional discussion continues.

Kavya seeing cafe furniture yells that she thought its boring dance academy’s furniture, its cheap scrap furniture. Samar and Nandini ask her to give time till evening. Kavya continues her yelling and arrogance. Vanraj says he is sure they will change the cafeteria totally. Whole family works on cafeteria’s interior decoration with Dil Dhadakne Do.. song dancing and enjoying the work. Kavya stands aside silently jealously seeing them enjoying.

Precap: Vanraj names his cafteria as Leela’s Cafe and Samar his dance academy as Anupama’s Dance Academy. Bapuji says the place which has 2 mothers’ blessings can never fail. Kavya asks not to keep high hopes as nobody will come to Leela’s Cafe to have decorated theplas. Anu challenges what if they come.

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