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A Bond Of Unique Love – RIANSH Love Story (Episode 21)

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Episode 21:

At Riddhima’s house.

Riddhima: Mom, I am back from school.

Chanchal: How was your day?

Riddhima: It was good and I have a very important and special announcement for you. Our school is taking all the students on a school trip.

Chanchal: That’s great. Where are you going?

Riddhima: We are going to Agra, that too for three days and two nights. I just want your permission.

Dadi (interrupting): No Riddhima, you are not going anywhere.

Chanchal: Yes, ma is absolutely right. We can’t send you alone for three days.

Rudra: Yes, I agree with you all. It’s risky for girls to go like that.

Riddhima: Why do you all think that I am going alone? The whole class is going with us and there will be teachers for our safety and security. It will be a fun and enjoyable experience for me. Please let me go.

Ishani: Yes, let didi go to the trip, it’ll be fun and we shouldn’t worry too much about her.

Dadi (getting angry): Ishani, you better stay out of this matter.

Riddhima: But, what’s the problem? I will go and that’s final. All of the students are going and I am the best student of the class. Would it look good, if I don’t go? I will go.

Saying this Riddhima went upstairs and banged the door in anger.

At Vansh’s house.

Vansh: Mom, I can’t wait to share a good news with you.

Anupriya: What is it, Vansh?

Vansh: Our school is taking all the students on a school trip. We are going to Agra for three days & two nights. So can I go too?

Anupriya: Yes, of course. It will be a fun experience and I am sure that you’ll get to learn a lot.

Vansh: Yes, you are right.

Ajay: Make sure you don’t do anything mischievous in the trip and I don’t want to hear any complaints against you. Understand?

Vansh: Yes dad. I am mature now.

Siya (running from upstairs): I heard someone is going on a school trip…

Vansh (interrupting): Yes, I am going. That too for three days and two nights and finally I will enjoy some peaceful time without you. (teasing)

Siya: Bhaiya, so mean of you. I will also enjoy without you.

Vansh: I will go upstairs and start planning for the trip.

At Vansh’s room.

Vansh (to himself): Let me give this good news to my sweetheart. She will be very happy to know that I am coming. But what if she didn’t get permission yet? Will she be able to go? Wait, but why am I thinking so much. I can just call and ask her directly.

He dials her number and she picks the call.

Vansh (on call): Hi sweetheart! You know I got permission to go on the trip.

Riddhima (on call and crying): Not everyone is as lucky as you. I can’t go.

Vansh (on call): What? That’s why you are crying and why did your parents refuse?

Riddhima (on call and crying): They said that I am not capable to going alone.

Vansh (on call): But you are not alone sweetheart, every student is going and we all will be together.

Riddhima (on call): Exactly, that’s what I told them. But they are not listening.

Vansh (on call): It’s ok, don’t lose hope. I am sure they will be convinced and you should go and try again.

Riddhima (on call): Yes Vansh, you are right. I can’t lose hope and I will definitely go.

Vansh (on call): That’s like my sweetheart.

Riddhima goes downstairs.

Riddhima (loudly): It’s the last time I am asking.

Dadi (interrupting): Riddhima, is this the way to talk to your elders?

Riddhima: Dadi please, when I talked nicely you all didn’t agree. I have no choice left. You all have to agree, otherwise I will leave this house and also go the trip. I won’t need you, only teachers and students enough.

Dadi: Fine, if you want to do something against us, then go. We won’t stop.

Riddhima (crying): I have no intention to hurt your feelings, but at this age we students should also be allowed to enjoy. I promise I won’t do anything to hurt you all.

Chanchal (hugging her): I trust you Riddhima. You can go and enjoy with your friends.

Ajay: Yes my little princess.

Riddhima: Thank you so much for giving me permission. I love you!

Dadi, Ajay, Chanchal: We love you too!

Precap: Trip preparation and planning.

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