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Shakti 16th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Soumya gets touched as Raavi accepts her

Shakti 16th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nani asking Preeto if she doesn’t take care of her husband. Harak singh says she forgets me for her son. Preeto says she takes care of her husband and is wearing his favorite color. Shanno says whenever there is a partition, jiji will take Harman and Soumya’s side. Nani asks her to talk auspicious or not to open the mouth. Harman comes home angrily. Harak Singh stops him from telling anything and asks Soumya to make him understand not to tell anything infront of Bebe/Nani. Saya and others sell toys veiling their faces with their Pallu. Saya counts the money and says toys are sold. Chameli says we can do anything for Soumya.

Nani asks Soumya to sprinkle gangajal in the house so that all bad energies, soul and kinnar don’t come near the house. Everyone is shocked. Shanno

asks if this puja have to do daily twice. Nani says yes and asks Soumya to do. Preeto says I will do. Harman says let’s do it. Nani says only Soumya have to do. Preeto asks Soumya to do. Soumya sprinkles gangajal in the house. Shanno asks her to say loudly whatever Nani said. Harak Singh asks Nani to tell so that Soumya can repeat. Nani tells the same thing. Soumya sprinkles gangajal and gets tensed. Preeto comes to Soumya and says you must be thinking society and my maa will not accept you. Soumya says she loves Harman so much and we shall tell her truth. Preeto says it is just a matter of a month and asks her to leave everything on her. Shanno tells Veeran that Soumya must have known her value by now and tells that Nani will trouble her. Harak Singh hears them and tells that Nani shall not know the truth. Shanno asks Veeran to let Nani know that she is a kinnar and then they will get whatever they wants. Veeran asks Shanno to tell Nani and smiles.

Raavi comes to Harman and says you are great. She says your and Soumya’s love is beyond everyone thinking and difficult to understand. She tells that even she couldn’t understand their love before and says she felt sad with whatever Nani did today. Harman hugs her and thanks her for giving happiness. He says he will take care of Soumya. Chintu comes and says I love you. Preeto comes to Soumya and asks her to make food with her. Harman says he is doing his wife’s puja and sprinkle gangajal on her. Preeto asks her to come once Harman’s puja is over. Soumya asks what is he doing? Harman says I am cheering you up. He tells that if she gets upset then he will find ways to cheer her up. He holds her romantically. Soumya says people will call us mad. Harman says I will tell with them that we are mad. Soumya says Nani Maa will come there. Shanno and Nani hear Harman telling that they are mad. Nani says this happens with newly married and asks her to make tea.

In the evening, Preeto does aarti. Nani asks Soumya to sprinkle gangajal. Harman says it is needed for house peace and asks her to take his name. Shanno gets doubtful. Soumya says I love you Harman ji. Nani looks at Soumya and asks her to do Jaap loudly. Harman says God will hear anyway. Soumya continues to say I love you. Harman says I love you too. Nani goes past from there. Soumya sees Raavi and she says whatever you are doing is right. She tells that she has understood now. She tells that if Harman was elder than her then she would have called her Soumya bhabhi surely. Soumya gets emotional and comes to Harman and hugs him. Harman asks why is she crying? Soumya tells him that Raavi has accepted her and told that she would have called me bhabhi if she was elder than you. Harman says you will get all relations one day. He tells that he will go to factory. Soumya says she will also come. Harman says one day you will feel proud on your Astitva and on being Soumya.

Shanno comes to Nani and tells her that Soumya is a kinnar. Nani hears her and gets angry. Soumya hears her and gets shocked. Nani comes to Soumya.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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