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Preeran SS ; Realization Part 8

Later after party Karan and Piyali goes for walk outside at road.

Piyali : your family is very nice, there are hardly such good people in world, any girl will be lucky to be married in your house

Karan ; thanks, but you tell about yours

Piyali gets sad about his question

Karan : if you are not comfortable then its okay, I won’t force for anything

Piyali : some wounds are so deep they cannot be healed even after sharing

Karan : you might have trust loved one try to trust a stranger for once in life

Piyali smiles at him

Karan ; tell me one thing you are young, and beautiful but you work as dancer in such place

Piyali : what else can I do? these days you know how hard it has become to survive, and there is nothing I much I know, college left out, no degree

Karan : sorry I didn’t mean to

Piyali : no thats okay, I am very emotional when it comes to loyalty, I hate cheating

Karan : I can’t either thats why I had to do this my brother is very simple

Piyali : can I ask something

Karan : of course

Piyali : your brother is so simple, nice why did he agree to marry girl like that Sherlyn, he could have so many nice ones

Karan ; because is he innocent, people often take advantage of his goodness, I always thought Preeta was one of them, gold diggers but my that thought also changed with time

Piyali : then how did you trust me? I am way small class than her in status

Karan : I can make mistake one time not again in knowing people

Piyali : when this marriage will break, Preeta and your brother will feel so bad, for a girl its very big thing to deal with society

Both reach the house in chatting

Karan : this is all crap, why to care about society their job is to gossip and shut up in few days

Piyali : you won’t understand Mr Luthra, a girl’s image is like glass once there is disgrace people always blame girl in every case, one day you will also understand importance of marriage, my story is different of not settling down until my Anu stands on her feet

Karan is highly impacted with her words of marriage as in integral part of life

Karan : okay i will take your leave and thanks again for everything

Piyali : good night (watches him leave in car from window happily)

She leans against the door smiling

Chaahe tum kuchh na kaho maine sun liya

Ki saathi pyaar ka mujhe chun liya

Chun liya

Maine Sun liya

Pehla nasha

Pehla khumaar

Naya pyaar hai naya intezaar

Kar loon main kya apna haal

Aye dil-e-bekaraar

Mere dil-e-bekaraar

Tu hi bata

Pehla nasha

Pehla khumaar

Anu : di are you falling (asks her)

“Shut up, crazy girl” taps on Anu’s head

Anu : okay not today maybe later (teases her)

Piyali : never I am not made for those things, your sister is born for responsibility, go to bed

Anu (feels bad) : hayee di i am desperately waiting for that day when your prince will come

“Anu come quickly” Piyali calls her

Arora house 

Preeta recalls Piyali and Karan’s closeness during the party.

Shrishti ; di I am not getting good vibes from this girl my heart says

Preeta : you are right, her eyes said something else than words

Sameer : you are thinking too much, imagine bhai is falling for a girl

Preeta burns again in jealousy but is not able to understand

Shrishti : shorty you leave it, Karan sir is not from those people he is very caring but love probably not his type

Sameer : I know my brother more than you okay

Preeta : stop it both of you, I want to know about that girl where is she from everything

Sameer : give me some time I will find every detail of that girl by tomorrow

Preeta : now you go its quite late

Sameer : good night girls see you tomorrow (leaves to his car)

Shrishti goes outside to wave him. She sees him lovingly and smiles. Preeta comes there too

Maine puchha ye dil se
Main kyun hoon jahaan mein
Ek dhadkan boli tere liye..

Maine yaadein taraashi
Aur khwaab bana di
Nayi duniya basa di, tere liye..
Tere liye.. tere liye..
Tere liye.. tere liye..

Jo main kehta hoon
Jo sunta hoon
Jo sehta hoon, tere liye..
Main girta hoon
Sambhalta hoon
Phir chalta hoon, tere liye..

Preeta : let him go (pushes her aside)

Sameer leaves for his house

Preeta teases her little sister for being in love with her shorty.

Shrishti : di at least don’t stare at me

“Bend down for a minute” Preeta tells her

Shrishti ; what?

Preeta blesses her to find best life partner

Shrishti : di? blessing now ?

Preeta : my mood, I just felt like giving you, I want my sister to get world’s best life partner

Shrishti : what about you?

Preeta : me, I will move on in life, what do I lack, have sister in million, mom, dadi, luthra family

Shrishti ; won’t you get married?

“You know what Karan said, life’s another name is moving on there is nothing in past” recalls him

Shrishti ; he is so nice di, whichever girl marries him would be very lucky

Preeta : but for that he have to learn importance of commitment

Shrishti : di i am very sleepy lets go

The girls go to bed

Luthra house 

Rishab appreciates Karan for his choice of girl.

Karan : thanks bhai

Rishab : I am not saying anything or asking about her but I hope you are not doing wrong

Karan : you only said do right does not matter which way we pick

Rishab : just be careful okay (kisses his forehead)

Karan : sorry bhai I had to lie but you will also understand why I did this (goes to his room)

Next day Rakhi invites Piyali and Anu for breakfast at Luthra house

Anu : di whatever you say, this house is so beautiful and people are more

Piyali : I know, specially Karan’s mom is very nice, any girl would be lucky to have mother in law like her, but they not lucky to have girl like Sherlyn in family

Rakhi : good morning ji, you both came at time very punctual

Anu : thats my sister, she will never be late or early for time

Rakhi : thats good come have a seat everybody will be coming

Piyali : aunty where is Karan?

Rakhi : he is in his room please can you go and call him don’t know if he woke up

Piyali : sure, you sit here I will be right back

Anu : I am also coming

Piyali : no stay here (tells her)

Anu ; okay fine go now quickly

Piyali is trying to find Karan’s room but passes from Rishab’s room who is looking at Preeta’s picture on his computer.

Rishab : I wish that day I had listened to my heart then things would have not reached here

Piyali doubts his feeling for somebody else. He throws his phone in frustration which hurts Piyali’s leg.

“Oouch” she shouts in pain

Rishab : I am so sorry (gets the first aid box making her sit on couch)

Piyali : thats okay I am fine, don’t bother its not paining much

Rishab : can you sit quiet for few minutes, let me put this medicine, Girish get me ice pack from kitchen quickly

Apne Roothein, Paraaye Roothein

Yaar Roothein Naa..

Khwaab Tootein, Waade Tootein

Dil Yeh Toote Naa..

Ho..Apne Roothein, Paraaye Roothein

Yaar Roothein Naa..

Khwaab Tootein, Waade Tootein

Dil Yeh Toote Naa..

Roothe To Khuda Bhi Roothe

Saath Chhoote Naa..

Roothe To Khuda Bhi Roothe

Saath Chhoote Naa..

O Allah Waariyan

O Main To Haariyan

O Tooti Yaariyan Mila De Oye..

O Allah Waariyan

O Main To Haariyan

O Tooti Yaariyan Mila De Oye..

Rishab applies some icepack on her injured leg.

“God this people are so nice, genuine in middle of the evil how can somebody be pure hearted” Piyali looks at his caring nature

Rishab (blows on her wound) : better

Piyali nods positively

Karan : bhai actually (surprised to see her) you here in early morning

Rishab : are you not happy to see your fiancé, I didn’t understand this reaction

Karan : bhai what are you saying? of course I am but didn’t expect her today here

Piyali : Rakhi aunty called us for breakfast and told me to call you

Karan : never mind come, coach called today’s practice is canceled

Rishab : yea I got his message, okay then enjoy both of you

Karan takes Piyali to his room where Anu also joins them.

Piyali : is this your room or some kind of photo studio everywhere picture

Anu : but thats so handsome di

Karan : only you understand me, rest are all against my looks

Piyali : will you please stop? and think for next step don’t forget the dates are not postponed

Karan : I have decided, here is your another phone you will call Sherlyn and tell her you know something about her and Prithvi

Piyali : why would she believe me? and what proof we will show her

“Oh my innocence highness, here is the small video I took yesterday’s party when both were talking in private, this two never leave chance to romance with each other” Karan shows her video of their moments

Anu ; this psycho, I feel like breaking his all teeth and mouth monkey

Karan : champ we will do that later, you also fulfill your desire, don’t worry he will get very good farewell from here okay

Anu : thank you sir

Piyali is lost in deep thoughts about something but is interrupted by Karan.

Karan : where are you lost?

Piyali : nothing, I will be right back (goes in washroom)

Karan : tell me something, why is your didi always in grumpy mood I mean tell her to smile sometime

Anu ; life is not fair with everybody Sir, my di has lived every moment only for me not even one day she lived her own life

Karan ; but why is her life like this? does she not have dreams of her own

Anu : I never asked di and neither she told me, but still only I can read her mind and heart, she wanted to be a surgeon like mom

Karan : you mean doctor?

Anu : yes our mom was a doctor too but don’t know one day our life changed, she left us alone and responsibility came on my didi’s shoulder

Karan feels terrible hearing their tragedy

Piyali (comes out) : what am I seeing? both circus joker are sitting quietly

Karan : you called me joker? so much insult, buddy its question of my image (tells Anu)

Both join hands to tease Piyali throwing pillows at her funnily.

Piyali : what are you both doing? stop

Anu : payback time di sorry

Piyali : Anu I won’t spare you for this just come with your desire next time

Karan : don’t worry her new friend the Karan Luthra alright

During the fight Karan and Piyali ends on falling on each other at couch. They share eye lock when Preeta arrives who fumes in jealousy.

Sameer : wow so much progress now I am feeling that bhai started liking her

Shrishti stamps on his feet angrily. Preeta breaks the glass of water to interrupt them

Karan : hi kareli sorry Preeta

Preeta greets him with red eyes

Sameer : Hi Anu (goes to her)

Anu : hello

Piyali greets Arora girls but they does not show happiness on face.

Karan : you all here?

Preeta : I just came to remind you about our mission if you have forgot in case

Karan ; why is so tongue so bitter today anyway listen to my plan now (reveals to them)

Shrishti : wow Sir what a plan but will this work but what if that cunning wolf recognize voice

Karan : she won’t, but this is not the place we have to find good spot for that

Piyali : in car best place

Karan ; perfect but lets go down first or else mom will definitely behind us, kareli you wait

All of them leave

Piyali : oh hello beauty queen do you need special invitation (tells Anu who is busy looking in mirror and takes her)

Preeta : what is it Mr Luthra?

“What is your problem, I am seeing from yesterday this reaction, you jealous?” Karan pulls her in corner

Preeta : yes I am, happy? (says sarcastically) leave my hand now

“I won’t what will you do” Karan pulls her through waist holding hands

Preeta : Karan please (closes her eyes)

“Did you feel anything now “puts her hand on his heart slowly

Preeta : no (says nervously)

Both share very intimate moment but Rakhi calls them downstairs. Preeta runs away blushing

Anu ; wow aunty, I must say your hands are magical so delicious

Rakhi ; thank you dear, come more often

Karan : mom I am going out today so might be late, madam wants to see the city

“Karan at least now be respectful” Rakhi tells him

Piyali : aunty see he is always like this

Rakhi : if he troubles you a lot let me know, I will give him good lesson

Anu : no no aunty he is very nice

Piyali : you are his no one idiot  fan thats why you say this

Later the group heads at Luthra farm house where girls currently stay.

“Your time starts now” Karan gives Piyali phone

She calls Sherlyn from private number

“Hello who is this” Sherlyn picks up

Piyali initially gets nervous

Sherlyn : I don’t have time for such nonsense (is about to hang

“Wait whats the hurry, Sherlyn babes” Piyali finally speaks up in little different voice

Sherlyn : what?

Piyali : I have very good surprise for you, won’t you ask what is that

Everybody is surprised with her

Piyali : you are so naive, never mind I will soon break the suspense (sends her the video of her and Prithvi shocking Sherlyn) and also you are here to destroy Luthras right

Sherlyn : who are you? what do you want?

“I don’t want anything, we will meet soon bye” Piyali hangs up leaving Sherlyn in big stress

Karan : what an world class acting, amazing I wish I could see the face of that cheater

Piyali : don’t worry you will see that soon

Shrishti : but sir what will happen next?

Karan : Piyali will distract those two liars by faking charade that she is also cheating on me in fear both will delay marriages we will get time to gather proof

Sameer : wow bhai you are genius amazing

Karan ; thanks

Anu ; sorry for interruption but right now your plan is on hold can we go out for tour I am craving to see the whole city

Piyali : not right later

Karan : fine if you don’t want to come we all will go, you can enjoy with the walls here

“We will also come” Sameer Shrishti joins

Karan : kareli you both can enjoy here

Preeta : no thanks I also have lot to do, I am not free like you always

Shrishti and Anu convinces their respective sisters to join them which they agree after lot of effort. Karan convinces Rishab too for coming with them.

The whole group starts heading to the certain places for visit.

Karan : so who is coming in my lovely car

Sameer, Preeta, Shrishti and Anu runs which does not leave room for Piyali

Rishab : hello, Sammy, Shrishti where are you all upto? Piyali have to go with him all of you come in my car

Shrishti ; but Rishabji

Preeta : he is right, we should let the new couple alone right Mr Luthra (fakes smile to Karan)

All of them goes in Rishab’s car except Piyali who sits in Karan’s car.

Piyali : can I ask something to you?

Karan : should I say no?

Piyali : I will still ask you, Preeta and you are so close friends did you never feel something for her

“Is this great news you wanted to ask, then answer is I don’t know, I mean she is dumbo but she is the most pure girl I can never think of marrying her” Karan says

Piyali : why not? there is no family issue or anything between you all

Karan ; its not that but you saw how Preeta believes  in serious commitment something that I am never able to do, she deserves somebody like my Bhai

“Whatever you say Karan, but my instinct is never wrong in such things, you may not but Preeta have different feelings for you” Piyali says in mind

Karan : I don’t want to lose her friendship  at any cost by building love between us

Sherlyn tells Prithvi about the extortion call and proof person have.

Prithvi : what the hell?

Sherlyn : now what will be do? if that video comes in hand of anybody we are doomed (starts panicking)

Prithvi : shut up your mouth (gets angry on her) just let me meet that girl I will kill her right there

Sherlyn : your every plan fails

Prithvi : but this time it won’t, once that person will be gone proof will also be destroyed (holds the knife in hands)

Screen freezes on Piyali, Karan and Preetas face

Precap : Piyali and Karan spikes Sherlyn’s drink to bring her down in front of family. Preeta makes sure Prithvi sees them doing deed

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