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Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 16th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Aliens disappoint Chaitu

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 16th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Puttan saying aliens are my friends. He introduces his family. He makes Chaitu meet him. Imli praises Puttan for knowing alien language so soon. Puttan says I got them in train. Rajneeti asks how. Puttan tells what happened. FB shows Puttan asking aliens to go back. Alien throws the gun back. Puttan says hands up, raise your hands. He asks the men to get biscuits for hungry aliens. He feeds the aliens. FB ends. Puttan asks Imli to feed the aliens. Chaitu says we got rich. Jha says we need to bring alien research scientists. Chaitu agrees and says media shouldn’t know this. Khoji says breaking news, some people have seen aliens in Chaitu’s house. Malai says alien has bitten Imli’s hand. Imli says I was just giving him food, he has bitten my finger. Puttan

says he is hungry, give him food. Imli feeds them and finds them really hungry.

The scientists come. Antariksh says show me where are the aliens. He smiles seeing the aliens. Chaitu asks them to give any facilities to aliens. He asks them not to tell anyone about aliens. The scientists agree. Puttan argues with Jha about the aliens, coming to Ulta pradesh. Malai comes and shows her bitten finger.

The alien copies their language. They find him cute. Puttan says he has fever. They worry. The alien boy faints. Antariksh says we have to check their illness by research, one of them might die during the test. Chaitu says take one of them, I want to know their technology at any cost. Aliens hear him and get angry. Dhakad comes and laughs. Puttan says I m in tension, leave fast. He says I m telling the truth, Dhakad is here. Puttan argues with Dhakad.

Puttan says we will do research and become powerful. Dhakad says let them go. Malai says call the party men. The lady says let us go, we aren’t aliens. They get shocked. Chaitu asks who are you. They say we are humans like you. Malai says maybe you came here with an intention to steal. They say no, we are farmers, we didn’t get work, so we did this to get food, we heard Antariksh telling about the aliens.

Chaitu says I won’t leave them. Dhakad comes in Puttan. Puttan asks Chaitu to beg to them and apologize. He scolds Chaitu for cheating the poor people. He scolds Imli and Malai as well. He takes their class. Chaitu says you went mad. Rajneeti says Puttan is saying right, these people got helpless to become aliens for the sake of their child. Chaitu asks Jha to get the boy treated and give job to them. Dhakad goes. Puttan says we have to take them to know technology. Imli slaps Puttan. They scold him. Malai and Chaitu also slap him. Puttan sees Dhakad laughing. Chaitu asks scientist to treat Puttan. Puttan says I m not doing this, Dhakad is doing this.

Imli asks Puttan why is he angry. Puttan says I want to become CM. Chaitu says you are still a student now. Puttan says I will become Puttan baba from now on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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