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Agnifera 16th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Vishu Is Shocked To Hear Baiju Is Also Shristi’s Husband

Agnifera 16th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari points gun at Ragini and says he made himself scapegoat to trap Ragini as without killing Ragini, he cannot kill Vikral completely. Ragini says he is doing a mistake as he will kill 2 lives. Tiwari says he will kill both her and her child as they will both create problem for him in the future. She signals select to pick gun in front of him. He picks gun and shouts bibiji..She snatches gun from Tiwari and says get ready to die. Tiwari throws soil on her and escapes with his team. Ragini shouts where did he go. Select says that side and they all run.

Vishu’s wedding party starts. Baiju thinks if Shristi will wear his gifted earrings or Vishus. Vishu sees Shristi wearing different earrings and asks why did not she wear his gifted earring. She says that was not matching with her sari.

Baiju gets happy seeing Shristi wearing his gifted earrings. Neibhor women taunt Shristi has 2 mother-in-laws, whom she will select now. Vishu asks what they mean. Dulari says Revathi considers Shristi as daughter. Women ask what about husbands, Shristi as 2 husbands. Baiju says they came here uninvited and should go and sit in a corner for free cold drinks. Revathi asks Dulari and Divya to bring cake. Vishu cuts cake and feeds Shristi. She hesitanlty eats it. He asks her to feed him now. She hesitates. Women comment again Shristi is choosing old husband compared to new one. Divya throws cool drinks on woman and asks her to and change.

Dulari hosts event and invites Divya and Parag for dance. They both dance on Sari ke Dulari then dances on Ravi Kishen’s son. Brij informs Vishu that Vishu is Ravi Kishen’s fan and they had invited Ravi Kishen during his last birthday. Vidhvan shows Vishu’s inventions and says he was technical savvy. Vishu collapses. Family gets worried. He wakes up and says he feels suffocated and wants to rest.

Tiwari runs in and hides. Ragini walks in shooting bullets and shouts where did Tiwari go. Vikral points direction. Ragini pulls him out and trashes him. Tiwari pleads Anurag to save him. Anurag stops
Ragini. Ragini shouts her father’s condition is because of Tiwari. Anurag asks this is what she promised him. Women start their drama and yell Ragini is a big goon and she is following her father’s steps. Ragini confronts woman. Woman continues yelling. Shristi warns to dare not badmouth about her jethani. Woman asks what about her, she is enjoying 2 husbands, she has to choose one, else society will not spare her. Vishu stands shocked hearing Baiju is also Shristi’s husband.

Precap: Anurag says he was waiting for Ragini madly. Ragini says she was standing at gunpoint. Vishu walks out with bags, Anurag says Shrisit is his wife. Vishu asks what about Baiju, if he is Shristi’s friend or husband. He walks out.

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