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You are my love (Riansh ) part 40

Hey , guys today is the third or last day of our festival . I am so sad that it will over .but I will celebrate the last day fully.

Today’s Episode starts…
After a while Riansh and ishangre reach at shimla.
Ridhima – oh , god at last we reached .
Ishani- ahh.. yes bhabhi , I am so tired .
Vansh- me too
Angre – me too
Ridhima- I love it
Vansh- me too
Then they went to hotel .

Riansh room
Vansh- sweetheart, I am so desperately waiting for something
Ridhima-for what ?
Vansh- for romance
Ridhima- oh god , you and your romance
Vansh hugs ridhima from back .
Vansh rubs his nose in her neck .
Vansh- sweetheart
Ridhima- hmm
Vansh- have you ever came to shimla before ?
Ridhima- yes I came na with Raj(realizing)ahh , I cam..came before
Vansh- who is Raj ?
Ridhima- Raj, who is Raj ?ahh.. ah..I didn’t told Raj , ahh..I was telling that I came…. before
Vansh- ok
Then ridhima goes to take shower .
Ridhima to herself- why am I remembering him , why , why dammit . Ahh.. no I can’t fall weak . No i don’t want to remember him , that day I don’t want to remember.
She cries .
Then after a while she comes out .
Then vansh goes and comes out .

On the other hand
Ishani – angre where are my clothes ?
Angre – it will be in your bag right !
Ishani – uhh.. I am not getting
Angre Finds her clothes and gives it to her .
Ishani- thank you
Angre- welcome

Scene shifts
Riansh and ishangre go for outing .
Ishani- bhabhi looking beautiful
Ridhima- thank you and you too
Ishani smiles .
Ridhima- so first we will go to sakhu temple .
Vansh- ok
They go to jakhu temple .

They go inside and explore it .

After a while they came from Jakhu temple .
Ishani – it was beautiful
Vansh- hmm
Angre – yes
Ridhima- do now it’s for exploring the ridge .
They go to ridge

They roam in ridge .
After a while
Ridhima- so let’s move to next
Ishani – yes
Ridhima- so ,now it’s a romantic place .
Vansh- what ?
Ridhima- kufri

Then the couples go to kufri .
Then the riansh went to explore it. Snowfall was high . Vansh came and hugged ridhima from back .

Ridhima- so your romance started?
Vansh- of course ,yes
He then makes a ball of snowfall and throws to ridhima . Ridhima also made balls and throws to vansh . Then vansh Rana behind ridhima in order to catch her .it was a playful time for them. Then vansh catches ridhima from waist . She shies . The he kissed his forehead .
Ridhima – vansh you like this ?
Vansh- of course

Then moving towards ishangre .
Ishani- angre come na let’s take selfies.
Angre – ok
angre and ishani take selfies .
Ishani- angre make good faces na
Angre – ok
Then ishani and angre share a hug .

Vansh- sweetheart , now let’s go
Ridhima – hmm
Then they call ishangre and go to hotel with them .

Riansh room
Riansh took their shower and were siting in bed.
Vansh- sweetheart , the day went well buy something very very important is missing.
Ridhima- i know your romance
Vansh- right sweetheart

To be continued…

Thank you



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