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Vighnaharta Ganesh 16th June 2021 Written Episode Update – Manidas always loses job due to his deep devotion for his Prabhu.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 16th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with Manidas is busy doing his work in garden plucking flowers while his colleague is abusing him for getting this work when he was on leave & asks him that aren’t you the same person whom all think as a fool.
Manidas watches his Prabhu in plants hence starts dancing chanting his Prabhu Jagannath’s name unknowingly that his plucked flowers also fall down from his hands which get crushed by his legs.
Balbhadra tells Shri Krishna how his devotee is dancing lost in his devotion while he says this is called as depth of devotion.
Maharaj watches Manidas dancing like a fool in his devotion but destroying the flowers hence he slaps him while Balbhadra asks Shri Krishna that why you didn’t help your devotee from Maharaj’s slap but he tells him that it was need of the hour to make him understand what wrong he was doing in his devotion.
Maharaj shouts Manidas telling him that due to your foolish devotion you have destroyed all the flowers hence this work is not worth for you but he pleads forgiveness asking for only one chance to provide & Maharaj tells him on one condition that you must forget your Prabhu but he refuses saying how can a devotee forget his Prabhu so Maharaj calls his people to throw him away.
Manidas thinks how he’ll show his face to his wife & parents if I haven’t earned anything today instead got punishment while his wife taking care of parent’s is telling them that today Swami will bring something for us to eat as he is on his duty to work & bring for us to eat but Manidas comes home empty handed & his wife realizes something wrong hence she asks him but he explains her about his mistake of dancing in devotion for his Prabhu hence got thrown away but she tells him to anyhow bring something for parent’s aleast & he goes to ask help from his uncle pleading for job who holds a shop in market & he assures him for the last time & also gives him grains on loan to repay later.
Manidas moves towards his house happily thinking about his happiness of his wife & parents but some beggars beg for food taking name of his Prabhu Jagannath & he again distributes he had got in those people chanting name of Prabhu thinking Prabhu around him.
Balbhadra intimates Shri Krishna how his devotee is doing this in deep devotion without thinking of his wife & parents who are waiting for him while Prabhu goes to stand behind him & Manidas watches his Prabhu without realizing it’s Prabhu himself & gives grains into his hands but his wife who has heard his voice goes towards him to stop & fills those grains in her costume. She shakes him & he stops realizing his mistake again but she accuses him saying that people are correct to mark you as a fool it seems & leaves & Prabhu also returns to his place. Manidas feels depressed by his wife’s accuse.
Balbhadra asks Shri Krishna that your devotee’s wife has got so depressed after accusing him hence what will happen about their food today but he tells him that he has given me this grain which I have in my hands.
Ganeshji narrates Pushpadant that this way his devotion was so deep that his Prabhu was always there for his support.
Madhav asks Manidas that was it all of them insulting you & he tells him that I was insulted but was taking lightly due to my Prabhu’s devotion.
Manidas’s wife prepares food which is very less hence she serves parent’s & Manidas while she doesn’t take but he realizes asking her to show her pot but she tells him it’s enough for me while he insists her to show & he finds nothing but he tells her to see this is lot more enough for you & she finds pot full of food hence believes it has happened due to Prabhu’s blessings & happily serves everybody stomach full.
Prabhu Shri Krishna also eats the grain which he had in his hands by which the pot in Manidas’s wife hands becomes full.
Manidas is working in another Maharaj’s garden plucking flowers but also faces some devotee’s moving from there chanting Prabhu’s name & at one time he controls himself but later he could not control & starts dancing chanting Prabhu’s name while Maharaj wakes up hearing his voice. Maharaj comes near him telling that because of you I woke up early than regular time but he pleads him saying that it is good to wake hearing Prabhu’s name.

Precap: A Scholar is giving knowledge of Prabhu Jagannath in temple while Manidas hearing Prabhu’s name begins chanting his name but Maharaj gets bugged on him & he is thrown away out of the temple but Prabhu Shri Krishna gets wild saying devotee’s insult is Prabhu’s insult hence a storm emerges which affects the temple also.

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