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Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 17th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Jogi starts working

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 17th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Mahi comes to Jogi. He says my love pulls you. He says we can balance last night’s romance with today. She says really? he says don’t you want to come near me? Mahi says I do, even more than you. He says okay then we are ready what will the world do. Mahi says not the world but bebe. He says this is wife time. Mahi says we have to mix the responsibility. Bebe wants me to know your routine. He says how boring. Eat, sleep, sing. Mahi says this was since you broke your leg. What was your routine before that? When did you sleep or wake up? What did you do in between? He says I will have a new routine. In which I will love my wife, flirt with her. Pamper her. Mahi says don’t do drama. He says I wake up at 4, serve the cows, talk to them. Then I sleep and give rest of the responsibility to Bebe. Mahi says after that? He says then I sleep. Mahi says then after waking up? He says I would look for you. Mahi says you stalker. He says your love pulled me. Mahi says so you don’t do anything else? He says yes. Mahi says from tomorrow, we will got distribute the milk. Bebe has worked a lot. Now it’s our turn. He says I wake up at 4. It’s a tiring job. Mahi says we are together, we can manage everything together. Will you go with me tomorrow?

Scene 2
Renu comes to Seema and says what happened mummy? Seema says she said I am a burden. I will have to work if I stay here. Chanda says to Shalu you did well for the first time. Just keep doing what PP asks you. He won’t kick you out even after losing. Renu says but Shalu is right. We have to work if we stay here. Seema says you are speaking your sister’s words. I am your mom. Renu says let’s go then? Where will we go? There can’t be any attitude if we don’t have a place to go. Can you get a life like this anywhere? Then agree to what Shalu said and start working. You used to at sister’s place brother, and at FIL’s SIL is a dog. So what is an MIL at SIL’s place? Seema leaves in tears. Chanda says well done. Renu says we have to do the next attack on Mahi.

Scene 3
Mahi says I thought you can do anything for me. He says I will go. Mahi says why does it sound forced? She says there’s an idea. In the morning you do what I ask, at night I will do what you ask. He says done deal but don’t cheat. Mahi says tomorrow’s night would be special but for that you will have to sleep early and wake up and work. He says what a poor husband am I. He goes to sleep.

Scene 4
Rupa wakes up in the morning and sees Jogi up and ready to deliver the milk. Rupa says is this a dream? Mahi says touch him. Jogi says I pressed my shirt. Rupa says how did you wake up? He says I can do anything for you bebe. Rupa asks Mahi how did you do this? Mahi says I reminded him that it’s your age to rest and his to work. Rupa says a girl like you can do miracles. She says this should be daily Jogi. They go to deliver the milk.

Rupa calls Biji and tells her. Biji says she’s a magician. Rupa says what if he becomes the same tomorrow? Renu comes. Rupa says there’s a snake in the house. Rupa says after shooting the sister you came to see if she’s alive? I am not great like Mahi and I can kill you without a gun. Renu says is Mahi home? Rupa says she went to distribute milk. Renu says I will wait for her here. I am so lucky she got a husband like Jogi and an MIL like you. Mummy always used to be worried for her. Mahi has always been unlucky. Rupa says I don’t believe in all this. She had to marry Jogi and she got Arjun. Renu says she had to live in a palace and she came to a tabela. When she was born papa lost his business. She would study but would never get grades. Everyone would say no to her. She had to sell her taxi too. Which girl’s wedding gets stopped in the wedding? Mummy and papa are on road because of her. Mummy prays every day that Mahi doesn’t ever come back. She also thinks Mahi can only settle here. She also thinks Mahi is cursed like you people. She’s manglik. Rupa says that’s what your mom said? She can never change. She’s a dog’s tail. Go from here. Renu leaves. Chanda and Renu laugh. Chanda says you should have been born in our house. Renu says Rupa will start doubting Mahi. Now ask Pappu to prepare for plan 3.

Mahi and Jogi come home. Rupa calls Biji and says he got tired in a day. Mahi says but he knew all the shortcuts. We did it in an hour. He says we got 3 clients. Mahi says he made 3 girls new clients. Jogi says I am full of charm. Jogi says I worked so hard. I deserve a prize. What will it be? Mahi says go to the room, I am coming. Jogi goes to the room. Rupa says to Mahi Renu came today. She tells her everything. Mahi gets angry. Mahi says she has crossed all the limits. I will go and teach her. Rupa says if anything happens, Jogi won’t be controlled. This is their game. Because of your family my son has suffered a lot. Don’t bring another pain for him or I would be forced to say that you’re actually cursed.

Episode ends.

Precap-Chanda spills on the floor and says stop this drama of crying and start cleaning. Mahi comes there and hold the mop. Mahi says don’t you dare to talk to my mom like this. Shalu says if she spilled she will clean it. What’s the big deal? Mahi is shocked. Jogi asks where is Mahi? Rupa tells him.

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