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Santoshi Maa 16th June 2021 Written Episode Update – Swati is locked in a room while Indresh is in unconscious state.

Santoshi Maa 16th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with Lovely is about to tell the truth to Singhasan of Swati & Indresh’s child but Devi Polomi arrives steering her hence she stops saying anything while Singhasan leaves to search Devesh & Swati.
Devi Polomi again instigates Lovely against Swati who should get her punishment for taking away child from her & Lovely also feels the same.
Indresh becomes conscious hence asks Samiksha that how come we are here while we had to go somewhere else but she tells him about his unconscious condition while he again gets unconscious & she puts his cell phone on off mode to not receive any call or message.
Singhasan is becoming restless of not finding Devesh as well as Swati asking about them to everybody but in vain.
Swati is trying to release herself from the room but is unable to hence prays pleading Mata for help.
Dev Rishi is watching Mata Santoshi meditating deeply for Prabhu Mahadev in a quiet place while Tridev’s arrive to meet her. Mata welcomes praying them while Brahmadev informs her that we are here to release you from your devotee’s attachment. Prabhu Narayan says that whatever will happen with your devotee in her life is a destiny written earlier which nobody can change but Mata says that happening of destiny was motive to be saved that’s why you took such tests & rewarded boon for her but due to Devi Polomi’s foul play my devotee, not being selfish, used her boon to that helpless child to be alive in which it isn’t her mistake. Prabhu Mahadev appreciates about her devotee as well as his devotee Indresh who also performed Vat-Savitri’s Pooja for well-being which is ultimate & they all leave.
Dev Rishi asks Mata that what was Tridev’s motive behind coming to visit here to meet you or is it that your devotee Swati might face trouble while Mata is quietly smiling.
Devesh is trying to take food plate towards Swati’s room from kitchen but Honey asks him why so early while he is ignoring him telling to stay away but Lovely also comes asking & informing him about Singhasan searching him & he moves away from there along with the plate & Lovely feels something fishy happening.
Singhasan watches Devesh hence shouts him to stop but he is ignoring him to run away while Singhasan is shouting to stop him & Honey as well Lovely tries to stop him but he runs away & Singhasan could not catch him.
Indresh again becomes conscious telling Samiksha about reaching to the hospital urgently but again he falls unconscious.
Devesh enters Swati’s room telling her he has brought food but can’t find her while she is hiding behind a table & he keeps searching while Swati thinks of getting released from here anyhow so tries to hit him with a stick but he holds her & ties again to the chair warning her to not to try any tricks again while he’ll arrange the car to run away from here because of Singhasan’s doubt on him & Swati keeps pleading him to leave her while also prays Mata for help.

Precap: Devesh makes Swati unconscious picking her & hiding in car’s back side thinking now nobody can stop him from taking away her & his child. Devesh stops his car suddenly watching Singhasan holding gun towards him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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