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RIANSH (Budding love for eternity) Episode 45 (WILL BABY COME?)

During this sad time, I bring you a funny episode, let’s see whether RIDDHIMA turned to ZIDDHIMA will allow the baby to come or not in Vansh’s absence?😜😂.


Episode starts with:


VR Mansion: Author’s POV;


Riddhima got up and found Angre sleeping on a chair in room’s balcony, she took the Vansh’s photo and said..


Riddhima: It’s not even 24hrs you left, but me and baby both are already missing you. Come soon. We are waiting.


(She kissed the photo and Angre’s phone rang, he woke up with a jerk, he picked up the call..)


Angre: Good morning Boss.


Vansh: You are still sleeping? See whether Riddhima is awake or not?


Angre: I’ll check boss.


(Angre goes to check and finds Riddhima coming from the washroom, all freshen up. He says..)


Angre: She’s already awake Boss.


Vansh: How could you be so careless Angre? I told you na, aa she wakes up her breakfast is to be served in bed only. Now do that.


Angre: Sorry Boss! I’ll do it.


Riddhima: Angre! Even I want to talk to Vansh. (Riddhima taking the phone from Angre) Good morning Vansh.


Vansh: (calmly) Good morning Sweetheart. How are you both?


Riddhima: All well? BTW when are you coming back?


Vansh: To your surprise Tomorrow morning not tomorrow night. I’ve completed half work and half will be done by night.


Riddhima: Great then. Okay now I’ll have breakfast. Byee! I miss you 🥺


Vansh: Byee! I love you and miss you too 😚.


(They cut the call, Vansh feels something isn’t right and gets restless, on the other side Riddhima eats breakfast remembering how Vansh used to feed her, she finishes it and Angre gets a call, he was about to decline when Riddhima said..)


Riddhima: Come on Angre, Go ahead with your call. I’ll rest till then. You are free.


Angre: No Bhabhi I’m here…


Riddhima: Angre it’s my order, you can go and attend the call. I’m here only, resting.


(On Riddhima’s insistence, Angre leaves to attend the call, Riddhima lies and feels a little painful movement in her tummy, she says..)


Riddhima: (caressing her belly) No baby. This is not the time to come. You are Papa’s princess na, toh tbhi aana jab woh aayein. Smjhi?? (I mean really? 😂)


(Riddhima was lying, when her pain increased she screamed and everyone came in the room and went to her..)


Riddhima: Aaah! It’s paining! Vanshhh😰😰


Angre: let’s go bhabhi, it’s time for baby to come.


Riddhima: (hitting his shoulder) I won’t let this baby come, till Vansh comes.


(Everyone was left awestruck, when Ishani whispered Aryan to take out the car, Ishani asked..)


Ishani: Bhabhi where are your reports kept? We need to go to hospital now.


Riddhima: (shouting) Are you all Mad? Main kahin nhi jaa rhi Vansh ke bina. (Looking at her tummy) And dare you try to come, jab tak mera Vansh nhi aata😠😠😭😭😭 VANSHHH!


Angre: Ishani reports chodo, Dr. Shreya Knows all! Let’s take her.


(Aryan horns the car, Siya says..)


Siya: I’m at home with Chachu, you three take Bhabhi. I’ll inform Bhaiya till then.


(Ishani and Aryan try to take Riddhima to car but she was adamant and shouting at them, finally they some how managed to take her in the car..)


Ishani: (in car) Calm down Bhabhi. We’ll reach in sometime.


Riddhima: Calm down? Really? I’m here without my consent and you 😠 VANSHHH 😰😰


Angre: Bhabhi sorry but it’s important na. You try to relax! Aryan drive faster.


Riddhima: Ohh! shut up Angre. If you would have been pregnant, then you would have realised my condition. I don’t want to go, actually I’ll not let this baby only come till my Vansh arrives 😭😭😭 and all are forcing me😡


(Meanwhile at home Siya informs Vansh About the ongoings and how Riddhima denied for delivery, Vansh was really tensed, he left his work and rushed to Riddhima, Praying that he reaches on time., On the other side They all reach hospital and made Riddhima sit on the wheelchair, Shreya came and asked..)


Shreya: Where’s Vansh?


Angre: Boss is out for meeting and this happened.


Shreya: Ohh yeah, He informed me, I forgot, anyways..(bending towards Riddhima) Come on Meri Jaan now you’ll get your biggest happiness. Come and be strong.


Riddhima (glaring angrily): 😠Are you all out of your senses. I told na this baby will come,only when Vansh arrives, till then don’t even think of delivery.


Angre: Bhabhi please try to understand.


Riddhima: (slapping Angre) Just keep quiet, let Vansh come I’ll handle you then😠


Shreya: Stop behaving like kids and enter the labour room Riddhima.


Riddhima: I’ll not😭


(They all forcefully take her to the labour room and she was just screaming Vansh 😭 as the door of room was about to get closed, Everyone turned hearing some footsteps..)


Episode Ends!




Hope you all liked it. Suggestions, corrections and appreciations are needed in the comment section below 🙏 Thnqu ❤️ keep supporting 🙏😘

Stay safe and healthy 😙😙 All!

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