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#Opposites Attract Each Other #17 Day as a PA

Hello all!! I hope you all are doing good..Let’s begin with today’s part..

Riddhima : Dad sent you as my PA naa..

Vansh : Yes ma’am..

Riddhima : So do my work now..

Vansh : Sure ma’am.. 

Riddhima : I need a black coffee, it should be strong, strong enough..Put 3 packets of Nescafe in it and bring it in 5 minutes or I’ll rip you off..

Vansh : Yes ma’am but you’ll rip my shirt or..? 

Riddhima : Shut up and GO

Vansh : Yes ma’am..

He went to make coffee. 

After five minutes, he came with a cup of black coffee and gave it to her. She sipped from it and threw the cup. 

Riddhima : Didn’t I tell you BLACK COFFEE? 

Vansh : Yes ma’am, you told..

Riddhima : Then, why sugar? 

Vansh : Ma’am, you didn’t say without sugar..Shall I make again?

Riddhima : No Thanks.. 

Vansh : Then, what should I do? 

Riddhima : Just sit on that chair

Vansh : As you say ma’am..

He sat crossing his legs.

She got angry and shouted,”Is this the way you sit in front of your boss?” 

Vansh : Sorry ma’am..

He turned the chair to another side and said,”Is it ok, ma’am?” Riddhima hit her head and said,”Uggh!!” She continued doing work until she heard someone snoring..It was Vansh. She went towards him and looked at his face. 

Riddhima : See, how is he sleeping? No one is allowed to sleep here and he is snoring too..

She pushed him to wake him up and he stood straight in a minute with a jerk. 

Vansh (in his mind) : Kaisi ajeeb si ladki hai.. (Trans:- Such a weird girl she is) 

 (To her) : Sorry ma’am..

He tried his best to hide his laugh but couldn’t and ended up giggling. Riddhima got hell angry.

Riddhima : ANGREEE!!

She roared and everyone heard that and got scared. Angre came there running. 


Angre : In one hour?

Riddhima : Yes, better they do it or will have to face consequences because I’m fed up today..

Angre : Ok ma’am..

He ran and informed them all..

Riddhima : And you..

She pointed at him..

Vansh : Yes ma’am? 

Riddhima : Don’t make me angry anymore..Go and sit outside..

Vansh : OK ma’am..

He smiled and left. Riddhima held her head. 

At the workstation : 

Vansh was randomly talking to everyone and then, he saw two girls on the other side who were engrossed in the work. He went to them. 

Vansh : Hey girls! Why work? Let’s go out..

He chuckled.

Girl 1 : Arrey! Out? Are you crazy? Ma’am will kill us…You go, don’t disturb us

Vansh : See, a handsome and hot boy  is standing before you and you say to go?

Girl 2 : We agree you’re handsome but you’re our ma’am’s husband and if she catches us together naa..

“REEMA” Riddhima shouted. 

The girl two shivered and said,”Ma’am” 


“Oo..ok ma’am..” Both the girls nodded and left for her cabin..Meanwhile, Vansh got bored so he went inside Riddhima’s cabin again where she was shouting at Sneha and Reema. 

Riddhima : GET OUT NOW! 

Both the girls left from there. Vansh went near Riddhima and started massaging her shoulders. 

Riddhima : Whh..What.. are you doing?

Vansh : Massage, you might be tired..

A lone tear escaped from her eyes as she saw Vansh caring for her..She ordered Angre to bring Vansh’s favourite dishes for lunch..

(Disclaimer: The next few pictures contain delicious food items..😋)

         Paneer Butter Masala
                     Aloo Naan
     Pinni (Atta ladoo)

Vansh’s mouth watered seeing the dishes. He jumped on them. Riddhima looked at him, seeing him eating so nicely. She looked at her plate which had soup and salad. She kept her plate aside and started eating from Vansh’s plate. Both of them finished the food and dessert. 

Riddhima : Yumm..I never ate such yummy food..

Vansh : What do you eat for lunch, normally?

Riddhima : Soup and Salad..

Vansh : What?

Riddhima : Yes..They are so boring compared to these dishes..I’ll eat them daily now..yumm..

She licked her lips. He looked at her. 

Riddhima : Don’t think I melted..I’m still angry only..

Vansh smiled at her and said,”It won’t take me time to melt you..”

Riddhima : We’ll see..We’ll see..Back to the work now, and remember no sarcastic replies..

Vansh : Sure ma’am..

Riddhima : You better call me Riddhima than your sarcastic Ma’am..

Vansh : Yes ma’am, I mean Riddhima..

Riddhima : Good, now go and bring File no. 415 from the library..

Vansh : Okay..

After a couple of moments, he came with three files and gave it to Riddhima. 

Riddhima : I said only one..

Vansh : Ma’am you said 415 , I brought, 4, 1 and 5

Riddhima hitted on her forehead and said,”Listen, sit there at my place,I’ll do all the work..You just rest” 

Vansh : Thank you!!

He hugged her and she reciprocated it. 

Done with the update..If you even laughed for a second naa, please comment, at least drop an emoji..(Not forcing, just requesting) And please give feedback if you’re liking or not..Or suggestions are also welcomed..See y’ soon..Take care!!

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