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Night of romance – RiAnsh OS by Aishu

Author’s POV
Riddima is combing her hair , and it’s a pony tail , she is applying pink lipstick , just then , thudddd!!!!! , She heard a sound , it’s from her window , she gone near the window to see a person fell down , she gone close to him , to see his face , and when she saw the person’s face , her face colors changed to horror .
Riddima : (shocked)you?????
Person : yes it’s me
everyone is correct only , it’s vansh .
Riddima : hmm , are you that desperate to hug the floor ??
Vansh : no , but desperate to meet you .
Riddima blushes .
Riddima : yaar vansh , we meet everyday isn’t it ?? , Now leave na , my father will come .
Vansh : no
Riddima : vansh please , please na yaar , please please , I will give you anything , but please leave na yaar.
Listening her words , he smirked .
Vansh : anything ??
Riddima : yes baba anything
Vansh : think one more time sweetheart , you can’t take your words back .
Riddima : I am saying na , anything .
Vansh : KISS ME
Riddima is dumbstruck .
Riddima : what are you saying ??
Vansh : kiss me sweetheart
Riddima : no , I can’t
Vansh : then ok , I won’t leave , and will make sounds to wake your dad , vaise , your dad’s name ??
Riddima (in her thoughts) : Raj
Vansh : (shouting) raj , mr raj , raj uncle .
Riddima : ok ok , I will .
Vansh : thats my Baby doll .
Riddima gives a quick peck on his cheek , and was about to leave , but vansh pulls her and her front hits his front .
Vansh takes out the rubber band from her hair , and it gets open ,
Vansh : sweetheart , how many times I should say you , not to tie your hair ?? , Vaise , what’s this ?? , This is not fair , I asked you a kiss not a peck , that too on my lips , not on my cheek , you see your lips , they are fresh with the lipstick , now , it’s my duty to brush it of
Agar lipstick pehenna ladkiyaan ka beauty hoti toh
Use taste karna bhi ladkon ka duty hota hai
(Translation : if applying lipstick is girls beauty , then tasting it also will be boy’s duty right ??)
Riddima blushes .
He was about to kiss her lips , but she turns off , and he kisses her cheek.
Vansh : what’s this sweetheart ?? , You are literally weak at romance
He turns and was about to go , just then she pulls him back , she makes him closer to her by pulling him by his collar .
Riddima then makes him more closer to her , and keeps her lips on his , vansh , who is till now like absent-minded , started sucking her lips , he doesn’t gave her a chance to kiss him , he pinned her to the wall , and was passionately kissing her , while she is not able to manage a hungry beast , just then , he stopped kissing her , and backed off , and composed himself .
Vansh : I am sorry , I was unable to control myself , as I will always be out of control near girls .
Riddima : it’s ok vansh .
This one word is enough to him , to awake the beast in him , he came closer to her , and caged her from both sides to the wall , and came more closer to her , they can feel their breaths and could listen their heart beat .
Riddima : (trying to make him move away ) v……a………n …… sh……… , Kkkkkk…… kya……..K …… kar……r …. ahe……. hoo……
She asked soo innocently , unable to understand what he is up to , his heart melted by her innocence . She then started again trying to make him away , by pushing him with her tiny hands , but nah , all efforts went in vain .
Riddima : anshu , leave me , I said leave me na (she said still trying to push him away)
Vansh smiled and again and again falling for her , for her childishness .
Vansh (to himself) : how cute she is , her those brown orbs , which carry innocense and magic , her nose , which carries anger , her blushing red cheeks , I can’t resist without kissing them , and her rosy pink lips , or I could say , juicy tasty lips , man ,I want to kiss them badly , and I am damn sure , if I see her in saree , then  sure , what I should not do , I will do it only .
He backed off , and riddima was about to leave but he pulled her , and her back hit his front , he came more closer to her , he is inhaling her scent .
Vansh : uff sweetheart , your intoxicating fragrance , (he said huskily)
He is nuzzling on her neck , and was peppering with hot and open mouth kisses on her neck .
Riddima (unable to stop him) : va……..n………sh………ch…….o ……. do……. pl……. ea……….. se……..Le……..av…….me……….
She kept moaning his name .
He made her see him , she in shy , bowed her head down , he made up chin up and started kissing her collar bone , see , both of these are in love with each other , but never said anyone about it .And this is the night of two love birds .

The end .

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