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Namak Issk Ka 17th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Rupa plots against Gunjan

Namak Issk Ka 17th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Ronak comes to Rupa and asks what drama is going on? Rupa asks him to have shame, your brother destroyed his life so be sad. Ronak says your sister’s life got set so be happy. Iravati comes there and asks Rupa to take care of Kahani. Saroj says we can’t fight this now, we should accept and live with the truth. Just tell Kahani to move on as anything she does will affect Gunjan’s life, just think about your sister. Rupa nods and goes from there. Iravati smirks and takes out some powder. She mixes it in the milk. Ronak thinks if she is poisoning it? Iravati says I am not doing anything wrong. Saroj says she is doing the right thing by making Yug come closer to Gunjan. Ronak says our father was the same, now Yug is following his path. Iravati says the important thing is that Yug has a consummation night with Gunjan. Ronak says why don’t you ask Kahani to take this milk to Yug? Rupa looks at them and thinks they are trying everything to separate Yug and Kahani but they don’t know Gunjan can never be happy with Yug as they don’t love each other.

Yug is trying to unbutton his sherwani. Gunjan tries to help him but he says it’s okay. Gunjan says I was just helping. Yug says I have destroyed my life, now nobody can help me. Gunjan says you think you destroyed your life by marrying me? Yug says we were doing a drama to scare Kahani so why did you get married to me? Gunjan says I asked you before marriage if you really want to marry me and you said yes. Yug says I don’t want to hurt you, please understand that I don’t have feelings for you and it won’t happen in a day, you are my good friend so give me some time. Gunjan says how much? Yug says I don’t know and goes from there. Gunjan cries.

Kahani is taking milk for Yug and says he must be with Gunjan. I just have to tell him that I didn’t bring media, he is thinking wrong about me. Kahani comes to their room but Dadi stops her and asks what did you mix in it? Kahani says what rubbish? I didn’t mix anything in it. Dadi says then you drink it. Kahani says what? Ravi comes there. Gunjan comes out of her room. Kahani asks her to take the milk, Saroj sent it. Gunjan says you did this drama in front of the media for yourself, just drink this milk as I don’t trust you. Dadi says if you didn’t mix anything then why aren’t you drinking? Rupa comes there and says why are you pressurizing her? I will drink it. Kahani says no I can drink it. Kahani drinks the milk. Rupa asks Dadi if she is okay now? Rupa asks Gunjan to take the milk and go inside. Rupa silently nudges Kahani and she mistakenly spills the milk. Gunjan says she did this deliberately. Rupa says it’s okay Gunjan, I will bring another glass for you, just go to Yug. Rupa asks Kahani to bring another glass of milk. Dadi asks her to go. Rupa takes the glass and goes away with Gunjan.

Rupa asks Gunjan to clean her clothes. Gunjan says thank you for showing concern for me after so many days. Rupa says I care about you.

Scene 2
Kahani brings another glass of milk to Yug’s room. She looks around for him and puts the glass on the table. She gets dizzy while trying to leave and faints there.

Rupa cleans Gunjan’s clothes. Gunjan says I don’t think Kahani should stay here anymore. Rupa says you have Yug now, you did all this drama to win Yug and you have won. Gunjan says then why am I not happy? Rupa says you have to ask yourself why did you marry him? Gunjan says to take revenge on Kahani. Rupa says now you have Yug so you won, why are you sad? Gunjan says Yug asked me for more time, he doesn’t love me. She cries so Rupa makes her sit down and gives her the same milk glass. Rupa thinks I am sorry Gunjan for making you drink this but only Kahani deserves to be in Yug’s room. I have to look out for both my sisters.

Saroj brings her jewelry to Iravati and says I kept it for Yug’s wife. Iravati says what we wanted has happened, we have to do all this for our kids. Saroj says but I still think we shouldn’t have played with Kahani’s life. Iravati says if I didn’t stop Kahani then Yug and Gunjan wouldn’t be married. There is nothing right or wrong when it comes to protecting our family. Saroj says what if Yug finds it out? Iravati says I have given money to Ronal to shut everyone up.

Rupa asks Gunjan to drink the milk and calm down. Gunjan drinks it and says Kahani won even after losing while I lost even after winning.

Ronak says to himself that they don’t care about me. The lawyers come there and ask for money. Ronak gives them a small sum. The lawyer says what about the remaining payment? Ronak says you will get it later on.

Gunjan lies on Rupa’s bed and says what’s wrong with my planning? Rupa says nothing, your love was wrong, Yug doesn’t love you. Gunjan says I don’t care, he gets can’t Kahani anymore. Rupa says Yug will never be yours. Gunjan sleeps. Rupa says I wish you know that a marriage without love is a burden, you have broken a relationship to make your life, you done a big mistake so I am doing all this to rectify it. I am sorry.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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