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Kumkum Bhagya 17th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Ranbir leaves Rhea to marry Prachi

Kumkum Bhagya 17th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Shahana asking Prachi until when she will run. Prachi says not today, let me go wherever I want, and do what I want, tells that she wants to run away from here. She asks what do you want to hear that, I can’t see Ranbir’s marriage happening with Rhea, and loves Ranbir a lot. She says I love him a lot, but nothing will happen. She tells that it is not necessary that I will get him as I love him. She asks her to let her go, and tells that her breath might stop. Shahana asks where are you going? Prachi says I am going to temple to ask the God, why he made us meet, when he didn’t want us to unite. Aryan comes there. Shahana asks did you talk to Ranbir? Aryan says I came to talk to Prachi and heard whatever I want to, tells that they shall stop the wedding right now. Prachi comes out and sees Ranbir sitting on the mandap, thinks they will not see each other now. She goes. Shahana asks Aryan to go and tell the truth to Ranbir. Aaliya stops Aryan and asks him to come. Aryan says if I stay silent today, then I will regret and will blame myself that I have ruined two lives. Aaliya says you will not tell anyone. Aryan shouts and tells him that Prachi still loves you. He goes to him and tells him everything. Ranbir gets furious and throws his turban in anger. He goes from there.

Rhea calls Dimpy and asks her to come and see her in the bridal dress. She says my dream is going to fulfilled. Ranbir comes there. Rhea ends the call and asks what happened? Ranbir asks how can you do this? you are my friend since childhood and tells that if someone else have done this with Prachi then I would have killed him. Rhea asks what did I do with Prachi? Ranbir asks her not to do acting and says I understood everything, you blackmailed Prachi and made her away from me. He says you can separate us, but can’t make us go far from each other. Rhea asks what are you saying, I am going to be your wife. Ranbir says I will clear your misunderstanding and will throw it. He throws the engagement ring. Rhea asks what are you doing? Ranbir says I will marry whom I want to marry. Rhea says don’t make me angry? Ranbir asks what will you do? He says you have done all the bad things and asks if she will kill him. Rhea says I love you so much, why will I kill you. Ranbir says the girl who couldn’t care for her blood relation, will never care for me. He says you never thought that chief and Pragya aunty are not just your parents, but Prachi’s parents too. He says whoever has done this with their parents, I hate you all my life and loves Prachi always all my life. Rhea slaps him hard. Ranbir is shocked and is about to go. Rhea stops him and begs him not to go. Ranbir tells that he is not going as she slapped him, but going for Prachi, and will marry her in Shiv mandir. He says when Prachi returns home, she will be Mrs. Prachi Kohli. He leaves.

Rhea calls Abhi. Abhi says I will be there in 15 mins. Rhea cries and says Ranbir left marriage and went to Prachi. She asks him to bring Ranbir, else she will die. Abhi promises that he will bring Ranbir to her and asks her to wait. He calls Ranbir and thinks why is he not picking the call. Rhea comes behind Ranbir and tries to stop him. Aaliya and Mitali walk behind Rhea. Ranbir sits in his car and leaves. Rhea cries asking him to stop. Aaliya asks what happened? Rhea says Ranbir went to marry Prachi. Mitali thinks bride swapping happening even today. Rhea says I tried to make Prachi not to snatch my Ranbir, but today she snatched my Ranbir. Pallavi comes there and asks what happened? Rhea tells that Ranbir went to marry Prachi, though he doesn’t love her, Prachi trapped him in her love.

Ranbir comes to the temple. Prachi asks why you are following me and says today is your marriage day. Ranbir says I came to know everything and have called off my marriage with Rhea. He says I know that you loves me. Prachi says I don’t love you. Ranbir says I know that Rhea told you that she will separate your parents and tells that your parents were together before you was born. He tries to convince her to marry him.

Rhea comes to the mandap and breaks the things in anger. Mitali thinks she is showing so much attitude even after doing a mistake and thinks who will tell Abhi. Rhea tells Aaliya that Prachi called Ranbir to Shiv mandir and they are going to marry. She cries. Pallavi asks her to handle herself. Tanu calls Abhi and tells that Ranbir went to Shiv temple to marry Prachi and tells that she is worried for Rhea. She asks him to come home. Abhi asks where is Pragya? Tanu says she went to do shopping for something. Abhi calls Pragya and tells that Ranbir went to temple to marry Prachi. Pragya says she is nearby that temple and will go there. Abhi says Prachi might have provoked Ranbir to marry her. Pragya says she can’t do this. Abhi asks why do you want to go against me and asks her to go and stop the wedding. Pragya gets tensed.

Ranbir tells Prachi that he will curse every day and can’t keep Rhea happy. He says I can’t love her and her parents will never be happy, then why are you sacrificing. He says if you accept me then many lives will be saved at once. He promises her that he will keep her happy till his death. Prachi gets teary eyes. He says if I don’t get you, then I will die. He says I love you. Prachi says I love you too Ranbir and says I love you so much. She hugs him and cries. Song plays…Prachi apologizes. Ranbir says you didn’t do anything wrong. He proposes her. Prachi says Maa. Ranbir says she will understand that Baklu can’t be away from her Chikchiki. He says I promise that your mummy will bless us and asks if you will marry me. Prachi nods yes.

Pragya reaches the temple and sees Prachi and Ranbir sitting for marriage. She shouts Prachi. Prachi says Maa. They get up from their place. Pragya comes to Prachi and slaps her hard. Mitali asks Rhea to drink some water. Rhea throws the glass in anger and also throws the jewellery, tells that she just wants Ranbir. Pallavi says he is not picking the call. Tanu asks her not to pretend and says you must be knowing Ranbir might leave Rhea, and blames her. Pallavi asks what are you saying? Tanu says my daughter’s heart is broken and asks her not to shout. Mitali asks pallavi to ask Vikram to call Ranbir. Pallavi asks Vikram to call Ranbir and asks him to return. She asks him to call him right now. She gets shocked seeing Vikram telling something and asks him to make Ranbir understand. Tanu sends Pradeep and asks him to go to Kali mandir and send the recording, tells that she is thinking to take the advantage of the marriage. Pradeep says ok.

Ranbir and Prachi tell that she is thinking wrong. Pragya says today is Ranbir and Rhea’s marriage. Ranbir says I just love prachi and don’t love Rhea. He says I will marry Prachi only. Pragya says Prachi told me that your relation was over. Ranbir says Prachi lied to you, as Rhea kept a condition before her that if she doesn’t go away from me, then she won’t let you unite with Chief. He says Prachi sacrificed her love to unite you both and lied to you and even me. He says now I came to know about the truth. Prachi says I know you are very strong and wants to stay with Papa, as you love him. She tells that Rhea blackmailed her and that’s why she lied. She says I have to choose between you and my love and I have chosen your love. Pragya hugs her and says a big sacrifice. She apologizes from Rhea’s behalf and says even she is my daughter. She says today I will do the duty of a mother and asks Pandit ji to get her daughter married. Prachi smiles.

Precap: Abhi tells Pragya that it is good that Tanu returned in his life, atleast Rhea will get a better mom than her. Pragya asks him to listen. Abhi says I don’t want to have any relation with you.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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