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Kkb (Love of Life) Episode 10

In Mehra Mansion

The engagement is about to start in a few minutes. Abhi sees Pragya and takes her to a corner to talk to her.

Abhi – I was knowing that you will surely come to stop the engagement. Now don’t say anything just tell me the plan.

Pragya – What are u talking about? I am here to attend the engagement not to stop it. ( Pragya gets emotional remembering Rhea’s word)

Abhi (angrily) -What do u mean? U will let this engagement happen.

Pragya – Yes, I don’t have any problem and if u were having problem with it then why did u agree?

Abhi- For Rhea…

Pragya interrupts him in between

Pragya- If Rhea wants this engagement to happen then let it happen, I am doing this for my daughter.

Saying this Pragya leaves from there with tears in her eyes. While Abhi is also shattered after hearing this from Pragya. Pragya rushes to the washroom and cries bitterly.

Pragya ‘s POV

I don’t want this engagement to happen but I am doing this all for Rhea and I am sure that she will understand me before ur marriage, will accept me and stop this marriage herself. I know…

Abhi’s POV

If she doesn’t have any problem with my engagement than why should I stop it. I guess in last 20 years she has forgotten me and has become capable of living without me, but how can she do this to me?She said that she loves me if she loves than at least she should try to stop this nonsense but it has no effect on her. She has changed completely. Now this engagement will happen for sure.


While Ranbir is continuously searching for Prachi. He sees Prachi and goes to meet her but is stopped by Rhea.

Rhea- Ranbir u didn’t answer my question .

Ranbir- Rhea I hv some important work just leave me. .

Rhea – What is more important than me in ur life?

Ranbir – Rhea I said leave me!

Rhea – Ranbir first answer my question.

Ranbir- Enough Rhea. Just leave me.

Rhea (angrily ) – I won’t Ranbir.

They indulge in an argument but stop seeing Pallavi and start behaving nicely with each other. Pallavi gets happy on seeing them.

Ranbir’s POV

This Rhea won’t let me live happily with Prachi. I need to do something to get out of her. I need to inform Prachi about my engagement. I need to do something….

Ranbir tries to leave from there but this time he is stopped by Pallavi.

Pallavi- Where are you going Ranbir?

Ranbir- Mom .. I hv some work so I was just going that side .

Pallavi – But now u are not going anywhere, ur engagement is about to start just stay here and it’s an order.

Ranbir – But mom..

Pallavi – No arguments. Just stay here.

Ranbir gets sad. While Aryan is continuously searching for Shahana.

Alia comes there and asks him about the person he was searching for. But Aryan doesn’t tell him and says that he was searching for Ranbir.

Then the engagement begins.

Abhi and Meera come everyone gather and clap for the new couple, while Shahana also comes, Aryan sees her and gets smitten to her beauty ✨. The engagement starts Abhi and Meera exchange rings while everyone claps.

Pragya gets tears in eyes but controls herself , Prachi sees her and decides to confront Rhea. She asks Shahana to take care of Pragya and then takes Rhea to a corner.

Rhea – What are u doing Prachi?

Prachi – Rhea I beg before you pls stop this marriage. You know that maa loves papa very much… Pls don’t do this to maa, u used to love maa then what happened now?

Rhea- Shut up Prachi, I will not stop this engagement and if I will stop this then what will I get?

Prachi – What…. What do you want Rhea? If I can give u that I will surely give.

Rhea- Okay Prachi, if u want me to accept mom then u need to leave us, don’t worry dear I am not saying u to die, I am just saying you go away from our lives.

Prachi gets dumbstruck on hearing this and tears start scrolling from her eyes.

Prachi(crying ) – What… Rhea pls don’t do this I also want to live with my mom and dad pls don’t do this..

Rhea – Prachi you hv to this… The choice is urs to choose ur mom’s happiness or urs happiness. I am waiting for ur decision, tell me by tomorrow morning.

Prachi – Rhea listen to mee, she bents down on her knees and cries .

Prachi thinks she needs to do something about it. Before accepting Rhea’s deal she decides to talk to Abhi. After Abhi’s and Meera’s engagement the guests are requested to have snacks.

While Ranbir takes this time as an opportunity to talk to Prachi. He tries to approach her but she was in a hurry to meet Abhi and asks Ranbir to talk later. She takes Abhi to a corner.

Abhi – What happened Prachi? Why did u bring me here?

Prachi – Papa I wanted to ask will u stop this marriage?

Abhi – No

Prachi gets shocked on hearing this and asks Abhi about the reason of his decision.

Abhi – Ur mom wants this marriage to happen I don’t want to go against her and stop this marriage. This is my last and final decision.

Abhi leaves from there furiously.

While Prachi breakdown on hearing this she starts crying bitterly and decides to think about it with cool mind.

Prachi ‘ s POV

Now what will I do, I hv no other option than accepting Rhea’s deal. But Prachi don’t think too much maa has done so much for u and u can’t just do this for her. But before accepting the deal I should talk to Ranbir.

Suddenly Prachi hears some announcement which were made by Abhi and she rushes to the main hall.

In the Main Hall

Everyone gathered hearing the announcements made by Abhi.

Abhi- Greeting all the ladies and gentlemen present over here, I would like to thank all of u for giving me your precious time and also for being a part of my happiness.Now without any delay I would like to give u one more good news that is…(with suspense)..my younger daughter Rhea Mehra is getting engaged to my business partner, Mr Vikram Kohli’s son Ranbir Kohli, please give a big round of applause for the new couple.

Rhea and Ranbir come forward whereas Prachi is shocked, she can’t believe that Ranbir can do this with her.

Prachi’s POV

First dad and now Ranbir, how can

he do this to me? I think it some kind of misunderstanding and nothing more than that, I know he loves me a lot, I should talk to Ranbir. I trust him fully and he cannot do anything like this to me, I know him…

While Shahana is also shocked to know this she decides to confront Ranbir about this after the engagement.


Pragya is not aware of Ranbir and Prachi and knows that Ranbir loved Prachi and was not sure about her. She thought that there was nothing between both of them. She gets happy for Rhea unaware of the reality.

Ranbir sees Prachi and gets sad for her while Aryan observes Shahana and she looks little disturbed, he decides to talk to her.


The engagement is about to start but Rhea asks Abhi to stop it.




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