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If Vansh was a pimple!: RiAnsh OS by DrSoniaMthews

Riddhima’s POV

I woke up at the sound of my alarm. Half awake, I got up and marched inside bathroom. I started brushing my teeth, and then after rinsing and wiping my mouth, I gave a quick glance at my face.

“Ahhhhhhhh!”, I shouted as I saw the woman in the mirror.

It can’t be me! No it can’t be me! The woman in the mirror, looks horrible. Messy hair, red puffy eyes, dark circles around eyes, and a PIMPLE on the cheek!

I never had pimple during my whole life. No… I can’t.. how can I be so ugly?

Stomping my feet hard, actually very hard that it’s paining right now, I went to take shower. After dressing up, I again went near mirror, to find the woman looking somewhat presenatable.

Hush! I exhaled a big sigh of relief. The hair were still Messy, but were looking cute, eyes still had dark circles, but the redness was gone. But to my grief, the pimple was still on!

I moved towards mirror, so near that the pimple’s reflection was magnified. I kept on inspecting the size of it, when I suddenly saw someone standing behind me, in the mirror.

“Ahhhhhhhh”, I shouted and turn around.

There was standing a tall man, with broad chest. Long legs, bearded face, dark brown orbs, pinkish lips, and fluffy cheeks. He was an epitome of cuteness.

Though he was a cute, handsome guy, but still I never entertain men in my room. So who was he and what was he doing in my room?

Before I could ask him, he replied with his deep voice.
“I am the one, whom you were inspecting from so long!”

Huh? Inspecting? What he is talking about?

“Excuse me Mr..?”, I spoke but he interrupted.

“I am Vansh, people call me Pimple!”, He spoke while sitting comfortably on my bed.

What? A pimple? Am I day dreaming?

“Oh I know, you must have doubts.. but I am like this only.. I came uninvited and go away uninvited! So you have to bear me for next four days.”, He spoke.

So.. I really have to bear him? Though he is very handsome, but still how can I live with a pimple?

“Why do you come here?”, I asked.

“Oh trust me, I am also not interested in sticking to your chubby cheeks!”, He spoke in frustration.

Chubby? Did he just now call me fat?

“Look..”, I tried to shout.

“Oh Riddhima just stop! You are getting late for your college.”, He stated.

Well, yes.. he is right. I quickly picked my bag and started walking towards college.
But I found him following me.

Why on earth, you are following me?”, I shouted this time.

I told you, I am pimple. I had to follow you, wherever you go, for four days!”, He replied.

Huh! Four days!

I calmed myself as I saw Aaryan, my best friend, waiting for me on our stop. I marched towards him but then I realised that Vansh would also follow me. I turn around to ask for privacy but what he answered surprised me.

“Don’t worry! Only you can see me, no one else!”

What? Well then it’s good! I moved towards Aaryan and stretched my arms to hug him. But he stop in mid way and stepped back.

“What?”, I asked in astonishment.

“You had a pimple!”, He spoke in horror.

Yes, I had, so what?

I nodded and then he left me there alone, with Vansh.

What was that? I just had a pimple! Not some sort of deadly virus. Moreover, he behaved as if the pimple is communicable. Idiot!

Annoyed, I reached college, only to encounter weird faces of students. Why they are looking at me with such faces?

I ran to my class and waited for Aaryan. We always use to sit together. But then I found him sitting with someone else. I tried to wave him, but he seemed to ignore me.

Not even he, but everyone ignored me. Don’t know what have gotten to them, today!
I found Vansh sitting beside me, staring me.

“What?”, I asked him.

“They are ignoring you, because of me!”, He told me.

Well, I got this before. But still, can a pimple destroy friendship?

“Don’t underestimate the power of me! I can even destroy marriage.. friendship is very easy to begin with!”, He spoke with a smirk.

“If they are really ignoring me because of you, then definitely they need to grow up. And thank you, because you taught me today, who are my real friends.”, I spoke with a little despair in my voice.

Aaryan was my best friend since school. We had always been tagging along since then. He had got chicken pox once, but that didn’t stopped me from helping him. But today a little, mere pimple, separated us. Do heck with him!

After completing my boring college, I returned to my house and just dropped myself on my bed. Exhausted! That was what I felt.

I felt the side beside me dipped and then I found Vansh laying beside me.

“You can talk to me!”, He spoke.

What? Why should I talk to him? But I seriously need to burst my anger, so I started babbling out.

He patiently listened to all my complains and even smiled at my stupid theories. I found his smile tempting. I should not feel like this for him!

“Okay let’s go out!”, He said and grabbed my hand.

We ended up in a park which was full of people. I was scared now, of ignorance, but Vansh gave me an assuring smile which made my heart flutter.

We sat on the bench and chatted about our life.
He told me about his experience with old women, who would try every remedy to get rid of him soon. I laughed when he told, that young girls had even scratched him and then he left a permanent mark on their faces as a punishment.

It was really strange, talking to a pimple. But I enjoyed his company. He told me that everyone hates him, he is undesirable. Well, even I hated him. But not now.

We returned home and after completing my assignments, I went to bed. He too laid beside me. And then, I don’t know what got into me, I hugged him and slept on his arm.

I don’t hate you!”, I told him and dozed off.

Next day to college was none better then the previous day. Everyone was still ignoring my presence, but I was confident today. I didn’t gave a damn to such low minded people. I enjoyed my day talking with Vansh and he was also in awe with my big college. I had showed him my whole college.

After returning to home, I found him mixing something in a bowl. I wanted to ask what he was doing. But he gave me that bowl.

I gave him a questioning look.

Apply this, it will help you to get rid of me soon.”, He told.

If he would have given me this, days before, I would have applied it immediately, but now, the idea of him leaving me, churned my stomache.

But isn’t it strange to love your pimple? I applied that paste and slept. He was really a nice person. Only if he was really a person!

I opened my eyes and found out that I have been sleeping since three hours!
I jerked and found the side of my bed empty. Immediately Vansh’s thought flooded my mind.

Where is he? I scanned the whole room, house but I can’t find him.

I washed my face to remove that paste, that’s when I saw myself. It was gone! The pimple was gone! So, Vansh was gone!

It was the first time, I didn’t know whether to smile or feel sad. I wish, I could tell him, that I can live with this pimple for my whole life, if that what it takes him to be with me. I felt tears running down my cheeks.

Oh my! Could you believe. I am crying for a pimple! A girl crying for pimple! Huh!!


Huh! Please don’t kill me for this!
I found this plot quite amusing, so I wrote this. Hope you enjoyed this!

Tell me your views about this one. And I hope you all laughed…is it true?

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