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Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 16th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Mirza and Mishra trouble Bachchan

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 16th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Bittu and Pappu coming to meet Mishra ji. Shanti goes to bring tea. Bittu tells that just as he came to know that he returned, they came to meet him. Mishra says even I couldn’t stay without meeting you. Pappu asks Mishra ji to take pakodas. Shanti shouts asking Mishra not to eat. Mishra says I was giving it to Bittu. Bittu tells that you can’t eat the snacks made with your money. Shanti tells that she is thinking to take care of Mishra’s health. Pappu says heart attack is a disease of rich people and will happen to Mishra ji, asks if the disease will get itself insulted. Mishra says nothing will happen if I eat this. Shanti shows the diet chart. Bittu asks what is written? Shanti says all the routine is written and tells that she has stopped his salt and sugar intake. Mishra asks her to do publicity in the city. Pappu says people can’t follow the diet chart and asks her to be strict. She says she will be. They leave.

Mirza tells Mishra that he got another message and asks why did you get free health check up done? Mishra asks him not to blame him. Mirza says my life has become like hell and I am drinking bittergourd since yesterday due to Bachchan. Mishra ji says don’t take his name, that’s why I don’t let him enter the house. Mirza asks him to check if Shanti’s camera is here. Mishra checks and says not here. Mirza takes out something from his pocket and makes Mishra smell. Mishra says desi ghee halwa. He says even he brought something and makes him smell. Mirza says desi ghee aloo parathe. Mishra asks him to give some halwa. Mirza asks will you give me paratha. Mishra says yes. They sit down to eat. Shanti and Sakina watch them on the mobile. Mirza and Mishra are about to eat, when Shanti and Sakina come there. Shanti signs them to look at the terrace. Bachchan laughs as he captures them. Sakina and Shanti ask them to talk to them.

Later Mishra refuses to eat the food. Shanti tells that it is made by Bachchan, asks him to thank him. Sakina serves dalya to Mirza and asks him to have it. Mirza tells that he can’t eat it. Sakina says Bachchan brought vegetables so she made dalya. Mirza says it is just boiled vegetables and says nothing has happened to him. Mishra asks Shanti to give him something else to eat. Shanti threatens him. Mishra ji is forced to eat. Noorjahan asks Sakina to bring something more and tells Mirza that he has to change his habit slowly.

Later Sakina asks Mirza to sleep soon as tomorrow is next day. Mirza says today was last day for me, I will not go for walk tomorrow as I have knee pain. She jumps on the bed and does poetry. He acts to feel pain in his knee. Shanti asks Mishra ji to set up alarm and wake up before the sunrise. Mishra hides the cell and tells that he couldn’t wake up in the morning. Next morning, Bachchan wakes up and thinks to wake up both. Mishra and Mirza get up and switch on the fan, but there is no electricity. They come out to the hall. Bachchan comes there and says very good, lets go out for a walk. He gives them tshirt and shoes. They wear them. Bachchan says I will be back and asks them to go. He switches on the electricity and goes on the bicycle to follow them, while they run. Sakina and Shanti watch them on mobile. Mishra and Mirza plan to trouble Bachchan. Bachchan asks them to run.

At home, Mishra asks Shanti to ask Bachchan to bring lemon water and honey. Shanti asks Bachchan to bring. Bachchan makes lemon water and gives it to Mishra with honey.

Mirza asks Sakina to call Bachchan and bring his vegetable juice. Sakina calls Bachchan and asks him to bring vegetable juice. Bachchan brings it for Mirza. Mirza thanks him. Mirza tells Sakina that Bachchan forgot to add lemon and black salt. Sakina asks Bachchan to get it. Mirza asks Bachchan to squeeze the lemon. Bachchan squeezes the lemon. Mishra ji asks Shanti to ask Bachchan to get spoon and lemon for him. Bachchan brings and asks Mishra to tell it at once. Mishra says if you are repenting then why don’t you go. Mirza tells Sakina that Bachchan didn’t bring spoon and mix. Bachchan comes and and mixes the juice with spoon. Mishra finishes the lemon juice and asks Shanti to ask Bachchan to take the glass. Bachchan comes and takes the glass and honey. Mirza asks Sakina to call Bachchan and get this empty glass picked. Sakina calls him. Bachchan says ok and says my paratha is burning. Mirza asks him not to get angry else BP will increase. Mishra asks Shanti to get his feet massaged by Bachchan. Shanti calls Bachchan and asks him to massage Mishra. Bachchan says ok, I will bring oil and looks tired.


Update Credit to: H Hasan

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