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The requisites of an angry love…. (kkb) Part 9

At Pragya’s House,

Pragya’s POV:

Pragya feels confused as she doesn’t know what she did was correct or wrong! 

She can’t share this with her sister. Bulbul will definitely kill me if I agree to something like this. But what she wondered the most was what danger she have in her life? She was not a very sensational journalist too. She knows she is yet to publish anything sensational or something that will offend anyone.

Was he really telling the truth? Why would he lie? He wasn’t a person who lie! But what if he was lying?

She was asking herself many questions and all her answer lead to telling herself in taking a chance and believe him.

Yes he did said he will show me what danger that I am facing and that’s why he drove me to an unknown place.

I don’t know whether it was an coincidence or done purposely as Bulbul was around there too. That made him drive back and drop me at my house. He then said he will show me to it another time.

I too agreed but what made me ponder until now is why did he brought me to a place where there mostly cafes? What kind of a danger that he can show me at that place?

If he want to tell he could have told me at his car itself. What was the need for the long drive that only made me fall asleep? 

The more questions she asked herself it only made her confused. Unable to think further she decides to sleep.

Back at Abhi’s room,

He was anxiously searching for something and was getting frustrated in not being able to find it.

Dadi “Are you searching for this Abhi?”

She asked and he looks back and saw her holding onto a duppata.

Dadi “Whose is this Abhi?”

Abhi “Wo…. Nobody’s….”

Dadi saw him looking away and not answering by looking at her.

Dadi “I would love to feel that my grandson keeps my duppata but this one looks not like mine.”

Abhi “You know it right? Then just give it to me. I will throw it away myself.”

Dadi “Why you? I will throw it myself as we don’t know whose it na. It could be some ghost’s!”

Abhi irked “Ghost?? She is not a ghost!!!”

Dadi “She is not a ghost??”

Abhi “Definitely no! She is an angel!”

Dadi “She is an angel?”

Abhi “Haan she is an angel and this white duppata belongs to her!”

Dadi “Who is this angel?”

Abhi realize what he have said and replies “There is no angel. It’s just a girl’s name. She was in my car. You know Angelina Jolie right? In short Angel, She was in my car and she wore this duppata.”

Dadi “Abhi! Go and tell all this lies to Dadis who only watch Hindi movies. I do watch Hollywood movies and your lies are too much. You think I will believe Angelina Jolie was in your car and that too with duppata?”

Abhi sighs and thinks how to escape from her.

Dadi” If you like this angel of yours then just like her. What’s stopping you from hiding your liking towards her?”

Abhi” I don’t see any angels. All are devils only.”

Dadi” That’s your mind thinking like that. I bet your heart is not thinking that way. You do like angels and it is very obvious from your search for this duppata.”

Abhi” Dadi….. Please…. Leave me alone!!!”

Dadi” You have been alone for a long time now? Don’t you think you need to change?”

Abhi” Dadi…. Can you stop it?”

Dadi” It’s irritating Abhi for me to hear these same words. Leave me alone, stop it, can you leave…..why don’t you try something else?”

Abhi gave an unbelievable look and Dadi” I know what you can do is bring your angel here and tell her these words if you can. Maybe, I think I will hear you saying some new words to her.”

This was the limit thought Abhi and he just walked pass his Dadi.

Dadi looks at him going and smirked.

Day by day, this Dadi is getting smart he thought and opened the door. He was shocked to see Pragya standing there.

Abhi” Pragya? You here?”

Pragya nods her head as yes and smiles at him.

Abhi” What are you doing here?”

She in response never tells anything. She was only smiling at him.

Abhi” Why are you smiling as if something is funny on me?”

Pragya never replied anything which made him further more confused.

Abhi looks around to see anyone was looking at them. It was mostly to check whether his Dadi was looking at them.

When he looks back, he sees no one in the place of Abhi.

He then goes out to see whether she was around. There was no sign of her and he realize he had imagined her presence.

Did I imagine her? How’s that possible? Am I that much attracted to her? No way! Stop overthinking Abhi. This doesn’t suit you. You have to think about the wrong doings happening around you and not about some girl.

He mentally warns himself before going back inside the house.

A few days later,

Abhi calls up Pragya to a restaurant. She also goes there.

Abhi “I thought you won’t come.”

Pragya “I also didn’t want to come but I came to know what’s the danger on me and who is behind me.”

Abhi sighs and Pragya in response asked “What happened?”

Abhi “Just breathless….”

Pragya “Because of?”

Abhi to himself said “Because of your breathtaking beauty!”

Pragya “Hello!! Are you here?”

Abhi “Haan…. What I was saying?”

Pragya “You said you were breathless. And I asked why?”

Abhi “Oh…. I was feeling tired so breathless. That’s all.”

Pragya looks at him suspiciously before nodding her head as ok.

Abhi “What would you like to have?”

Pragya “First tell me the truth and I don’t have much time as Bulbul needs my help at home too.”

Abhi “You are in a rush? I’m sorry then. I should have asked about your schedule too.”

Pragya smiles and said “It’s okay…. Now tell me who’s after me?”

Abhi thought “It’s me! But how can I tell you that?”

Abhi’s looks bothered Pragya as it was more of admiration compared to his normal way of looking serious.

Pragya cleared her throat and that made him back to senses.

Abhi “It’s complicated and I need more time to explain. But what I can tell is it’s because of me you are in danger now. You should have not followed me. Now that it happened, we have no choice so I have to be responsible in making sure you are out of the danger.”

Pragya” Hmm…. I never thought following you will cause danger to me. Yes I know you have enemies from the society as you stand up for atrocities happening around but….. “

Abhi” I didn’t know you will get into this too. So far I had no issues as there was no strong reason to hurt me. Now that you are my strong reason to live it had lead to this situation.”

Pragya” I am your strong reason to live?? What are you saying?”

Abhi” Err…. Did I say like that? I think I wanted to say something else and something else had been told. I’m sorry about that. Don’t take me wrong.”

Pragya replied” It’s okay…. “

She thought she don’t mind in taking it as right too.

Then there was a silence between them with both looking at each other and remembering each other’s meeting in various situations.

It was disturbed when a waiter accidentally poured sauce on Pragya’s lap.

Abhi stood up and hold the waiter’s collar in anger. He shouted “What the hell have you done??”

He started to scold him with so much of rage that Pragya stood there scared of him.

Seeing that the rest of the customers are looking at them too, Pragya said in a shivering tone “Let him go…. It’s just a small stain. I will wash it off at washroom.”

Hearing her scared of him, he let go off the waiter and sat down.

Pragya also sat down and said “Why were you so angry? It was an accidentally done by him.”

Abhi never replied anything and Pragya said “Anyways I will go to washroom now. Hope you can wait for me instead of going to beat him up.”

Abhi nods his head as yes. He was surprised that she understood what he was thinking do. A small smile crept on his lips as she walked towards the washroom. 

A few minutes later, he was shocked to see the person in front of him. 

Abhi” Geeta… Hi…. How are you?”

Geeta” I am glad that you still remember me Abhi. And who is that girl for you were getting angry at the waiter?”

Abhi” She is my girlfriend. Now can you leave as she will be returning at anytime soon.”

Geeta” Girlfriend?” she then laughs at his statement which angers him further. 

Abhi” It’s not funny!”

Geeta” Okay it’s not funny. It’s very funny! You in love is the joke of this millennium!”

Abhi “I know what I am doing. You don’t have to interfere in this with your silly comments. 

“Interfere? Me? Do I even deserve to interfere in your life?” There came the reply.

Abhi “She will be here at any moment and I don’t want her to see any chaos happening now.”

Geeta “You are concerned about her but not me?”

Abhi was about to raise his hand to slap when Pragya hold his hand.

Pragya was surprised to see the person whom Abhi was talking to.

Pragya “You are….. Wait you are Geeta the singer right?”

Abhi let go off his hand and Geeta smiles at Pragya. 

Geeta “Yes I am and I didn’t expect he will turn violent at this time.”

Pragya “I have interviewed you long time back. Do you remember me?”

Geeta looks blank and said “I’m sorry, I have a bad memory. Anyways, nice to meet you again.”

Pragya shook hands with her and Abhi said “Pragya, it’s getting late. You need to help your sister.”

Pragya “Haan I know. Wait, I want to know why you raised your hand to slap her?”

Abhi “I will tell you about it on the way. Now let’s go!” he said and never listen to Pragya further as he forcibly held her hand and brought her out of the restaurant.

Geeta looking at this thought, “Still he haven’t changed.”

She smiles and starts to order food. 

Outside the restaurant, 

Pragya manages to let go off his hand and fumes in anger of his behaviour towards her. 

Pragya “I know I agree to be your so called fake girlfriend but that doesn’t mean you think you can take rights on me and do whatever you wish to.”

Abhi “You are getting me wrong…. I had to do that as….” 

Pragya “It’s definitely wrong! I can’t stand this kind of behavior Mr Abhi!”

Abhi “I said I’m sorry. What else you expect me to do?”

Pragya “Get lost!!”

She said and walked away while Abhi stood there in shock. 


Pragya whispered “It looks like you are really behaving as my boyfriend by barging into my room.”

Abhi “No. Don’t get me wrong. I wanted to clear things out as you were not in a state of mind to hear me earlier.”

Pragya “You have 10 seconds to tell! After that I will call my sister.”

Abhi “How’s it possible to tell anything in 10 seconds? It’s unfair!”

Pragya “I don’t know all that. You have to tell me if not my sister will come after you.”

Abhi “Alright. If you say so then I have no choice also….”

Pragya smirks and says “Your time starts now.”

Abhi immediately did something which made her stunned in shock.

PS: Thank you everyone for reading this! Thank you Saranya sis, Jyo and Vidhushi.

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