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Prithvi Vallabh 16th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Prithvi succeeds to protect golden bird and aims to marry Mrinal

Prithvi Vallabh 16th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Prithvi comes to Mrinal where is she tied and tells that he thought for once that he will lose her. Mrinal says she is Senapati and asks him not to love her so much that he can’t lose her. Prithvi says we have to go from here and get ready for the attack. Mrinal nods. Mahmud finds Ismail and asks who had kidnapped you. He says you need to be freed and stabs him repeatedly hugging him. Ismail is shocked and dies. Mahmud asks Sainiks to go and search the ones who had killed him.

In the ship, Tailap thinks of Mrinal’s words and blames Vikramjeet for planning war with Malwa. He says because of you, we have to run out of the battlefield. Vikramjeet says I had inspired you to fight a war against Malwa, and says they are not my enemy. He tells that this war wouldn’t have happened without your

decision. He tells that Kalari will die soon and then Prithvi will be left alone to protect Malwa. He says if one of the pillars falls down, then who will protect Malwa. He asks Tailap to trust him and smirks.

Mahmud cries and mourns sitting near Ismail’s dead body. He tells Subuktagin Ghazni that the lady have done this? Ghazni takes Ismail’s dead body in his lap and tells that tonight they will attack and kill everyone. Prithvi takes Mrinal to see the golden bird and tells about it. Mrinal asks how did he come on land? Prithvi tells that all saints have kept all energies and powers in it and presented it to nature. Mrinal tells that Maharaj Shiv dutt had told her. Prithvi says time has come to give it back to the nature. Mrinal asks him to do his responsibility. Prithvi says my safety is your responsibility. Mrinal says I love you and will not lose you. She asks him to do his duty and says I will save my love. Prithvi as Gajkesari uses his powers to present the golden bird to the earth. Golden bird gets buried deep inside the earth. Prithvi falls weak as he loses all his strength. Mrinal runs to him and holds him.

Tailap returns to Manyakheta. Satyashrah welcomes him and asks about the battle. Tailap asks where is Maharani, she didn’t come for my welcome. Satyashrah says his mum is unwell and resting. Tailap says I know well, what happened to her. Vikramjeet asks do you have some order for me. Tailap says you have helped me much, I will talk to you after you take rest. Vikramjeet goes. A man comes to Gajkesari Prithvi and says now you have no strength or power, says he will kill him. He is about to stab her, but Mrinal stops him and says this thing doesn’t suit Veer like you. She tells that it is wrong to attack a weak person. A man says I will send you both to death. Mrinal fights with him and his men and kills them.

Tailap comes to Jakala and says Manyakheta’s Maharani..you don’t worry about your Maryada. Jakala touches him and says I want to make sure that this is not the dream, but the truth. He asks her to come in her senses and says you should have come out to welcome me, but you don’t have time from drinking wine. He asks what do you want to prove? She asks what is left, even walls of Manyakheta know what is the truth. She says shall I act to follow customs just as you act to come here. Tailap says you said right, everything is acting/joke and says you never became Maharani of Manyakheta helplessly. You can’t bear me or Akka. He says I thought that everything will be fine. He says our marriage was a big mistake and every one of us is bearing that punishment. Jakala is hurt.

Sindhu asks Raj Vaid when Guru Dev will be fine? Raj Vaid says it is very difficult for him to live and says only a miracle can save him. Sindhu cries. He says Kalari is fighting with his death to meet Prithvi. Maharani asks Sindhu to take this news to Prithvi. Bhoj says I will go to Chacha. Mrinal cares for Prithvi and sits by his side.
Tailap comes to Kosha. Kosha touches him and cries. He wipes her tears and says it is a proud moment to go on a war. He says your stress is not good and hugs her. Kosha says I lost my consciousness hearing your voice. She tells that she thought she will not see him again. Tailap asks did someone hurt you? Kosha says a snake came in the room and bite me, but Mausi saved me. Tailap calls Sainak and tells that one Dasi shall be here to take care of Kosha. He says ok. Tailap asks her not to worry and says Dasi will be with you. Kosha asks what is war’s result? Tailap says we have lost. He asks her to rest and says I will come tomorrow to meet you. Kosha says I felt good that you didn’t hide your face today to meet me.

Prithvi is standing. Mrinal asks why did you get up? Prithvi says I have seen a bad dream. A dream fb is shown, Prithvi thanks Mrinal for saving him. Mrinal says it is not right to thank on fulfillment of the responsibility. He says when Khokar Raja tried to kill me, you could have let me kill you, but you have saved me. Mrinal says I have revenge in my mind still and says it will end when her revenge will be done. She says your illusion must have ended. Prithvi says this illusion will change into reality. Fb ends.

Mrinal says even Gajkesari is afraid of dreams and says your enemy came out infront of you. She says you and Bharat are saved now. Prithvi says my duty is fulfilled. He tells that we both will go to our respective places. I will convince my family and come to your Palace with a marriage proposal. Mrinal says it is not that easy. Prithvi says I will convince your family else will do dhwand yudh to get you. Mrinal says my eyes will wait for you. He kisses on her shoulder. She hugs him.

Prithvi returns to Malwa. Sindhu informs him about Malwa’s attack in his absence and injuring Kalari by cheat. Prithvi holds Kalari. Kalari gains conscious and asks where is Prithvi? Prithvi is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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