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Muskaan 16th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Muskaan falls unconscious

Muskaan 16th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Aarti waking up Muskaan. She asks her to get ready as they have to win the game. Muskaan asks her the reason for waking up so early, its not even morning. Aarti lies to her about the game, as they have to hide from everyone. They hide and go downstairs. Rakhi sees Aarti and questions her, while Muskaan freshens up in bathroom. Aarti lies to her and gets arguing. Aarti brings Muskaan back to the room. She gets Muskaan ready and asks her to sit in the room, without making any noise. Muskaan obeys her. Aarti tells her that no one can fail them in this game. Muskaan gets ready.

Aarti goes to some schools for Muskaan’s admission. She doesn’t get any admission. Rakhi asks Tabassum about Aarti, did she go without telling her. She asks her to do something, Aarti is going out of

her hands. Tabassum asks the man to spray mosquito repellent in every corner of the house. Rakhi asks shall I break the lock of Aarti’s room. Suzaine and Lumi joke on her. The man says its good room is locked, the mosquitoes will die, we will spray from the window. Muskaan is sleeping in the room. Everyone leaves the house, while the man sprays the repellent. Muskaan wakes up and gets shocked. She thinks this is some trick to make her lose the game. She coughs by the smoke. Aarti comes home and asks them what’s this smoke, what’s happening. Suzaine says we are trying to get rid of mosquitoes. Aarti runs to her room. Rakhi gets suspicious.

Aarti enters the room and finds Muskaan unconscious. Aarti gets worried and cries. She worriedly asks Muskaan to open her eyes. She shouts to Tabassum. Everyone hears her and runs upstairs. They get shocked seeing Aarti’s hand bleeding. Tabassum asks how did this happen. Aarti says call the doctor, its hurting a lot. Rakhi asks why did you cut your hand, what’s happening. Aarti says I don’t like this questioning, you all leave. Rakhi says fine, I will leave. Tabassum sends everyone. She consoles Aarti.

Aarti thinks I have send mum also, else how will I talk to doctor. Doctor comes there. Aarti shows her wound to the doctor. Doctor asks them to get hot water and a clean cloth. Tabassum goes. Aarti locks the door. She gets Muskaan to the doctor and asks her to check Muskaan first. She says I have called you here for her, please. Doctor refuses. Aarti scolds her and commands her to check Muskaan. Doctor worries. Aarti apologizes to her. She requests her to see Muskaan once. Tabassum knocks the door. Aarti asks doctor not to tell everyone about Muskaan. Doctor opens the door. Tabassym asks doctor to do dressing, and goes.

Muskaan gets shocked seeing Tabassum and Suzaine coming. She worries that she may get caught.

Update Credit to: Amena

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