Next day morning
as soon as mahi woke up, shocked to see laksh sitting in her room and reading magazines.
Lak:(turn towards her) thank god u woke up, I was waiting for you for past half an hour
Lak:k go and get ready, v will go shopping which v cancelled yesterday
Mahi:(happy inside) u cam for that

@shopping mall. .both did shopping together and enjoyed alot
Mahi:u seems to be very happy nowadays
Lak:ofcourse…tmrw is ragsan marriage and I have started to c change in my Swara’s behavior
Lak:hey Wat happen …ur face is dull
Mahi:nothing lik that(she smiles fakely) in mind Wat is happening to me, y I’m feeling bad whenever he speaks about swara ,brushes her thought
Lak:shal v go to beach
Lak:ha whenever I feel happy or sad, I use to go there.. Now come by saying he drags her
Phone rings
After he attends the call, his face fell, Mahi enquires him
Lak:swara called me and she asked me to cum there
Mahi:its happy news only na then wat
Lak:but our beach plan… Pouts
Mahi :smiles v will go on some other day ..k bye she leaves
Lak feels bad by sseeing her disappearing figure

Shek and janaki comes to Ragini room in order to spend some time with her
Jan:i don’t know Ragini how v will going to digest to stay in this home without you
Trio were talking about their past memories.. All the three forgot the time
After few minutes
All the three turns towards the window when they hear the sound
All widens by seeing sanskar over there
Shek:sanskar at this time… U here Wat r u doing (stammers)
San:uncle I I I
Jan:since how many days it’s happening
San:since v married
Shek glares him
San:uncle y r u seeing me like this?? Ragini only told to me that she is not getting sleep without seeing me
Rag:widens ma pappa he is telling lie…dont trust him
San:no no she is only telling lie
Both argues
Jan:enough…pinches both ragsan ears…
Shek:u people love each other but in front of us
San:that is also because of Ragini only
Rag:wat me?? Wat I did, ,,both again starts
Shekjan:plz stop ur fake fight
Ragsan giggles
Shek:k sanskar now u go to home
San:pouts but it’s my wife room only
Jan:smiles but u have to go now. .V want to spent with my daughter
San pouts again and went towards Ragini
Shek:v asked u to go sanskar
San:wait uncle I will go after saying gud n8 to her
Rag smiles by their antics
San:gud n8..
Rag:gud n8
Before leaving sanskar suddenly pecks her cheek and left by shouting Gudn8 uncle and Aunty
All widens by his act
Rag blushes embarrassingly

Hope you like it
Guys in upcoming episode mahi lak scenes will be der as its needed in the story plz bare it

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