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Casanova(RagLak FF) S2 Chapter 7

Here is the last chapter,:

Casanova (RagLak FF) S2 Chapter 6

It had been a month that Soumya had joined Lakshya’s company. Every time Laksh appreciated Ragini for her talent she used to feel the pang of jealousy. Eventually Laksh has grown close to Ragini and it was dangerous for her plan.

She was finding new ways to throw Ragini out of the company but Ragini was too careful with her professional commitments that it was really hard for Soumya to find an opportunity.

“Phew I reached” Ragini collapsed on her chair tired as soon as she entered the office. “Why is that you will be riding on wind always?” asked Karan nodding his head.

“Because I’m a Pavan Putr fan” she said grinning at him. He looked at her confused. “Haila you don’t know Pavan Putr?” Ragini asked him with wide eyes to which Karan just nodded his head in a no.

“That’s why I say your brain hasn’t grown up to mark” Ragini gave him a pity look. “Pavan Putr is Duniya ka sabse pehla hero Hanuman” said Ragini proudly.

“You are” Karan said gritting his teeth. “Impossible” he walked from there. “I know that and thanks for the compliment by the way chalte firte Kunti Putr” she said and Karan walked backed to her.

“What was that?” asked he banging her desk which jerked her suddenly “Wow Daan veer be patience” said Ragini looking at him cocking her head back.

“One more name?” asked he crying. “Awww. Radhey. You look cute like this” said she pulling his nose. Hearing one more name Karan fumed and glared her.

“I know you hate mythology” said Ragini giving him a sheepish smile. “Finally. You understood. Now make me understand what are you calling me?” Karan folded his hands in front of Ragini pleading her.

She chuckled looking at him. “Kunti Putr. Karan was Kunti’s son right so he is also called as Kunti putr and then he was a daan veer means he was very generous and used to give realms asked by anyone. And then his foster mother’s name was Radha so Karan was also called as Radhey” she finished and heard clapping from behind Karan.

They both turned their gaze and found Lakshya who was looking at them with a wide smile on his face. “I never knew you teach mythology as a part time job Ragini. Do one thing make it a business. You know nowadays people are more interested in such things” Laksh crossed his arms giving her a fake smile.

“Wo sir. We were just” Karan gulped in scared. “We have a presentation to prepare Karan if you have forgotten just like your lady Gajni friend” Laksh’s glare shifted to Ragini who bit her tongue as she had really forgotten about it.

“Get back to the work” Laksh commanded and walked inside his cabin. “Shukrachary kahika” Ragini uttered under her breath. Karan looked back at her with a cry face. Ragini shrugged her shoulder looking at Laksh and sat on her seat to work on the presentation.

“Let me search it on myself. Why google is in the world” Karan walked to his desk and sat to work on the project. Soumya smirked looking at Ragini. Something was running in her mind.

Ragini finally finished the presentation and looked at Lakshya’s cabin. But he wasn’t there. She looked around and found him near the reception flirting with the receptionist. She rolled her eyes resting back.

“Such a casanova” she said. Laksh turned smiling and walked towards his cabin. His hair flew with the air. Ragini felt the two angels again on her both sides who played a violin. She looked at them cursing as she knew that there will be a song on the way.

Iss Diwane Ladke koi samjhaye…. Pyar Mohabbat se najane kyu yeh ghabraye.

Ragini imagined herself dancing across Laksh who was unaware of her presence. She collided with him and he held in his arms.

Pass mai jitna avu uthni hi dur yeh jaaye haaye jaaye

He went away making her stand straight. She tried stopping him but he did not hear her.

“Ragini” she heard a bit louder voice this time and jerked. She looked in front of her Laksh was looking at her weirdly placing his hand on the desk. “Is the presentation ready?” asked he standing straight.

“Diwan…” she stopped herself. “Not the Diwan company girl. I’m asking about today’s presentation which we had with the government officials. Again Gajni mode is it?” asked he waving his hands in air.

Ragini swallowed sorely and tucked her hair strands behind her ear and looked around not able to look into his eyes. ‘What is wrong with me? I was dreaming about this casanova seriously? No more romantic novels and no more romantic movies Ragini’ she spoke in her mind.

“Ragini” she again heard Laksh’s voice. “Are your ears working properly or you dropped your brain somewhere?” asked he and she looked at him.

“It is ready. I will get it to your cabin” said Ragini nervous. “Better” said Laksh and walked to his cabin. “Phew” she took a deep breath and collapsed back on the chair.

She nodded her head and looked at her computer to take the printouts of the presentation. She collected the papers from the main printer and walked to Laksh’s  cabin looking at them.

Ragini opened Laksh’s cabin door with her elbow as her hands. Laksh was looking at the glass while he was speaking over his phone. He found Ragini’s image in the glass wall. The fan turned to her and her hair started flying in air. She was disturbed as they blocked her view.

Laksh was lost when she was trying to move those hair strands over her face aside blowing air from her pink lips. His gaze moved to her rosy lips.

Those demons came and stood on either side of Lakshya. And started playing the music.

Aye nazneen Suno na….
Hame tum pe haq tho dona..
Chahe tho jaan lona.
Ki Dekha tumhe tho hosh udd gaye
Hoth jaise khud hi sil gaye

His heart beat raised as she approached him more and more. Her legs got stuck in the carpet and she was about to fall when Laksh acted swiftly turning and held her and dragged her near to his chest.

She looked up at him dazed. He just kept staring her. “Naz… I mean Ragini can’t watch your steps while walking?” asked Laksh as he made her stand straight.

“It was just the wind” she said pointing at the fan. Laksh took a deep breath to relax his fast beating heart. He had not experienced this all his life. A new kind of feeling around Ragini and those two demons of course.

“I brought the hard copy of the presentation” she forwarded the papers to Laksh. When Laksh took the papers and looked up at her again her hair strand was disturbing her.

He made a bold move this time nearing her. Tucking the hair strand he moved his finger softly on her delicate skin while Ragini closed her eyes feeling his touch.

“Laksh” they both stood a bit away when Soumya barged inside the cabin. “Damn this government officials they have postponed the meeting for tomorrow” said she whining. She held Lakshya’s hand.

Ragini looked at his hand and then at him. Laksh who was rubbing his forehead looked at Soumya’s hand and then his gaze moved to Ragini who was a bit uncomfortable.

“I will save the files. We will need it tomorrow” Ragini excused herself and walked towards the door where as Laksh was just staring her blankly.

He so much wanted to stop her but he could not. After Ragini walked out of his cabin Laksh who was annoyed with Soumya’s chipku behavior got out of her hold.

Soumya looked at him confused. “What happened baby?” asked Soumya feigning concern. “Nothing Soumya. I’m bit exhausted” Laksh collapsed on his chair.

“Oh baby you take a lot of stress really” Soumya walked behind his chair and rubbed his forehead gently. Ragini who was sitting on her chair looked at Laksh’s cabin.

Somewhere it hurt her. Her eyes met Laksh who was also looking at her. She immediately moved her gaze and stared the computer where as Laksh just kept staring her.

He could feel the disappointment in Ragini’s eyes. And he hated it so much.


Ragini was lost in her thoughts when Akshat was narrating his day schedule in the garden after the dinner. “Ragu” he waved his hand in front of her and she landed in reality.

“You aren’t listening today” he pouted angry and crossed his arms like a small kid. “I’m so sorry Popu. Lot of work pressure now a days” said she rubbing her temple.

“Oh” said Akshat forming a ‘O’ from his mouth. “Hmm” Ragini hummed. “Come” said he walking from there holding her hand. “Popu” Ragini tried stopping him but he kept moving.

He made her sit on her bed and sat in front of her. She looked at him confused. He made her head rest on his lap and patted it like a mother.

“Popu” Ragini sat up looking at him emotionally. “Ohho Ragu” he said and dragged her again and made her head rest on his lap and started patting her head.

A tear tipped her eye as she felt her Popu’s unconditional love and care. “So Jaa Raj kumari” he started singing with his not so melodious voice which made Ragini chuckle through her tears.

She finally felt her thoughts resting and she surrendering herself to the sleep. Akshat bent to check if Ragini was asleep. He found her sound asleep. Slowly moving her head he placed it on the pillow.

Covering her with the quilt he turned to walk. But he stopped as something hit his memory. He remembered how Ragini always used to kiss his forehead while leaving his room.

He walked back to Ragini and kissed her forehead and watched her blankly. And after a pause he caressed her hair careful enough not to wake her up.

A cute soft smile spread over his lips. He moved his hand to touch her forehead again but dragged his hand back not sure. He just stood up and walked to his room.
Ragini smiled in her sleep and a tear tripped her eye.

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