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Udaan 16th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Poonam frames Kiku

Udaan 16th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Anjor sitting with Chakor and crying. Doctor tells her about the strange poison which was fed to slowly kill Chakor. She tells Anjor about the poisonous plant which is rare to find. Anjor recalls the doctor’s words. She says someone from my family did this, I swear Sameer, my family isn’t so bad, who can do this and why. Poonam gets angry and throws water. Minty asks her what’s this madness, how could she kidnap Jatin. She says Anjor is going away from you because of this. Poonam says I will handle Jatin, I want to get rid of Chakor forever. Minty says you don’t listen to me, you should have fed poison to Chakor. Anjor comes home shouting.

Poonam and Minty rush and see Chakor back. Anjor says Chakor is poisoned by someone from our family, I will find that plant. Poonam

says we both are fine, relax. Sameer says its imp to find the culprit, else the person can target Anjy as well, we should find the plant in the house. Anjor says none will go out of this house. They go to find the plant. Poonam worries. Chakor asks why are you worried. She says I will bring your truth out. She tells her about planning to expose her by getting the plant poison trick known to Anjor. She says Anjor will expose her fake mom now, be ready Poonam, the entire world will see your truth, I will find Jatin on Anjor’s birthday. Anjor gets the plant in Poonam’s room and is shocked. She asks Sameer why is it there in Poonam’s room. He asks her to think. She recalls Poonam’s words. She cries and takes the plant to Poonam. She asks what was the plant doing in your room.

Kiku comes home. Poonam sees him and gets an idea. She goes and slaps Kiku. They get shocked when Poonam blames Kiku. She says you gave me this plan, you poisoned my food and then Chakor’s food. She scolds Minty for her over pampering and spoiling. She makes Kiku out. She smiles. Anjor goes to apologize to Poonam. Poonam and Minty leave. She asks Minty not to threaten her and just support her. She says once this situation gets solved, I will get Kiku home, I will prove Chakor is acting ill, then Anjor will throw her out. Anjor gets sad and goes to Poonam. Chakor says we will do anything to find Jatin. Sameer asks but how. She says I have a plan.

Anjor says I want dad to come on my birthday. Sameer takes driver’s disguise and goes to hotel. He informs Chakor. Poonam gets angry on Jatin. Chakor and Sameer come there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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