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Shakti 16th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Nihaal Singh faints

Shakti 16th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

In the school, Sindhu tells Suomya that Soham is asleep and won’t wake up till next one hour, she will take care of him till then. The examination starts. Harman wishes her all the best. He reads the question, then tries to cheat from Hari’s exam sheet.

Outside, Soham cries out of fever. Principal discuss with Sindhu that his fever seems to be increasing. Suomya is a hardworking person, he feels lucky to be the principal who gave a chance to the kinner for studies. After the examination, Suomya comes outside and takes Soham into her arms. The Principal tells them to consult the Ved Ji, he also went to him for his own children. Suomya asks Harman to go there as well.

At the Ved’s place, Suomya comes to queue for token while Harman sits with Soham. Some men sat on a bench with their face

covered. The ladies in the queue recognizes Suomya as the kinner, and disgrace her. They harass and pushes Suomya out of the queue. A man in the veil throw his sheet over the tearing dress of Suomya, and walks protectively towards her. He claims to be the one God sent for protection for this woman. Ved Ji also comes outside and disowns anyone who tried to misbehave with the kinner. Suomya comes to the man with his shawl and thanks him. The man introduces himself to be Nihal Singh, he has left the world and its matters. It was Nihal Singh’s turn, he allows Suomya to take Soham in his place. Suomya and Harman consult Ved Ji who gives medicine. Nihal Singh also place a hand over Soham’s hand with a smile, Soham also smiles.

Back home, Suomya and Harman tell Preeto about Nihal Singh. Preeto tells them to bring him back home, he would bring good omen with himself. Suomya says may be he is also getting treated there. She wish to get a chance to meet and serve him. Ravi takes Suomya and Harman to eat something. Preeto keeps Soham with herself.

Later in the room, Suomya was getting ready. Harman says Suomya looks immensely beautiful in this red saree. He applies fresh sindoor and wish to see her all day long. He now helps her wear the necklace. He vehemently expresses his love for Suomya. Soham interrupts their long eye lock with his cry. Suomya hurries Harman to leave, they have to go to Ved ji and then do shopping for Pooja.

Downstairs, Suomya tells Preeto about the preparations she had done for the pooja. Preeto wonders what she would do without Suomya. Harman takes Suomya and Soham.

At Ved Ji, Nihaal Singh was singing in a bunch. Suomya reaches there. There, at home Preeto and Shanno were involved in Pooja. The candle flame goes out, Preeto lights it again. Suomya consults Ved ji who says he will be fine. There, Nihaal Singh faints.

PRECAP: Harman and Suomya brings Nihaal Singh home. Preeto drops Aarti plate and says this man won’t enter her house.

Update Credit to: Sona

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