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Pyaar Ke Papad 16th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Omkar rescues Shivika

Pyaar Ke Papad 16th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Omkar and GST following Shivika and Alankar. Alankar says I have come to this big hotel for the first time. He says I have done arrangements here, come. He signs manager. Manager says restaurant is occupied, congrats you are given a gift from the hotel’s side, one day free stay and free food for you. Alankar asks Shivika to come. She stops. He asks what happened, we won’t go if you say, we are going to get married. She agrees to go with him. They see the honeymoon suit. Manager asks them to enjoy the dinner. She feels tensed. She says we will just eat food and then go home.

He holds her hand and tries to get close to her. He gives her a juice drink and says its not alcohol, its fruit juice, read it here. He shows her the bottle. She drinks. Omkar and GST come to the

hotel and ask the waiter about Shivika. Waiter says they just went to the room. Omkar asks which room. Manager says we can’t give customer info to anyone. Shivika gets drugged. Alankar asks her to come with him. He says everything is fine. Omkar and GST worry. Shivika says nothing is fine, I have to go home. Alankar holds her close and hugs. He asks her to take rest. He stops her from taking Omkar’s call. Manager says I can’t disturb my couples. Omkar says we can’t go in room, but they can come out.

Alankar tries to molest Shivika. He says your husband is in front of you. Omkar rings the fire alarm. Everyone runs out. Alankar gets Shivika out. He sees Omkar helping some kid. Alankar asks Shivika to come with him. GST shows Shivika to Omkar. Shivika asks why are you forcing me, if Omkar was in your place, he would have not forced me. He says I m not Omkar, sit here. He goes. Omkar and GST come to Shivika. Omkar asks her is she fine. She says I m seeing Omkar in you Alankar. He says its me Omkar. She says lets go home, my head is aching.

Alankar comes. Omkar stops him. He asks what did you do that she lost her senses. Alankar says she got dizzy because of smoke. They scold Alankar. Omkar feeds water to Shivika. Alankar complains to some ladies and gets Omkar trapped. Omkar says this man is dangerous for Shivika. Alankar says you can ask her. The lady asks Shivika what happened, who is that man. Omkar asks Shivika to say. Shivika says he is my would be husband. The lady asks Omkar to get back. Alankar takes Shivika. The ladies scold Omkar and GST.

Shivika performs some last rites of their relation. Omkar sitting in mandap as the groom is shocked. He says I will turn your hatred into love, and fills sindoor in her maang.

Update Credit to: Amena

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