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Meri Hanikarak Biwi 16th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Mirchi dresses up as an ideal daughter

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 16th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Vansh asks Mirchi when she got security feature in her. Mirchi replies that it is since when her system got updated.

Adi steals the necklace from Ira’s cupboard when the kids walk in. She tells him that it is bad to steal but he lies that he wasn’t steal. She holds his hand so as to stop him from leaving the room. Vansh shouts thief loudly. All the ladies come there. Mirchi finally leaves Adi’s hand. She tells Ira that Adi was trying to steal her necklace. Ira asks him if he will steal in his own house now. You could have asked if you wanted it. I understand you have needs but you could have asked for it. Pushpa says he dint steal it. I asked him to bring it. Ira asks Pushpa why she did that. You gave it to me as it is a family heritage. Devina reasons that she too is the DIL of the

house. She is the second wife of Akhilesh’s father so ideally she has a right over this necklace. Ira speaks of Devina’s background. What is she sells this too? Devina says I don’t understand if you don’t trust me or Pushpa. She turns to Pushpa. You were proud of your DIL but she does not trust you at all! Hope you realise that you lost the bet. Ira requests pushpa not to fall in Devina’s words. She is only trying to create problems between us because of what happened last night. Devina tells her to keep such thoughts to herself. If you respect your Moti Ba then give me this necklace. If you don’t, it proves that you don’t respect Pushpa or her words. Ira tells Moti Ba to think with a cool mind. You are not thinking in the right direction. Wish it could be cooled down somehow. Mirchi decides to cool off Pushpa’s mind and pours water on her head shocking everyone.

Devina and Ira ask Mirchi if she is crazy. Devina blames Ira for forcing her daughter to do this and then talking to her like this. Ira tells her she cannot blame her like this. Pushpa ends up shouting at Mirchi. Ira reminds her that Mishri is not in the right state of mind right now. I will talk to her afterwards. She sends the kids outside. Devina again blames Ira for raising Mishri wrongly. Pushpa also says I trusted you and treated you like my daughter but you don’t treat me like your mother. Give this necklace to Devina if you respect me. Ira denies. I don’t have to prove my love for you again and again. You should take rest for some time. You seem stressed. Pushpa is in tears. Akhilesh enters just then. Pushpa tells him that he always supports his wife. She tells Akhilesh how Mishri pours water on her head. Ira says she is overreacting. She is stressed which is normal for kids. Pushpa asks her why she isn’t giving this heritage to Devina. Ira asks her if she wont feel bad if Devina sells this ancestral necklace to someone. Akhilesh tells them to be quiet. Don’t talk to each other for a few days if you both cannot talk nicely to each other. Ira agrees. Pushpa too walks away crying. Even I am not interested! Devina and Adi follow her.

Devina and Adi celebrate their victory with champagne. This was the perfect plan. We would have won at any cost! As expected Ira dint give us the necklace and Pushpa became grumpy. Adi says I dint realise that this matter will go so far that they would stop talking to each other.

Akhilesh comes downstairs where the kids are. Vansh is crying. Mirchi says Vansh seems sad. Vansh says I don’t like what’s happening in this house. It wouldn’t have happened if Mishri was here. Akhilesh seconds him. Mishri is the heart of this house and an ideal daughter!

Devina tells Adi she will aggravate this matter so as to create distance amongst the family members.

Akhilesh says we cannot expect a machine to turn into an ideal daughter. He takes Vansh with him. Mirchi says Bapu is wrong. Even I can become an ideal daughter. She downloads software for that. After installation, I will clear the differences between Mapu and Badi Ma.

Vansh is sad that the house is completely quiet because of the fight between Ira and Devina. He calls out for Mirchi. She steps out of the cupboard wearing a suit and makeup. He asks her what she did to herself. She shares that this is how an ideal daughter dresses up, behaves and converses. She speaks to him in proper Hindi. He gets confused. Why did you turn into this suddenly? She says you and Bapu were discussing that only an ideal daughter can fix what’s going on in the house. He is surprised that such feature is also in her. She nods. He asks her to apologize to Badi Ma asap. She is upset with you. Mirchi agrees. Please give me permission (in Hindi which confuses Vansh all the more). Mirchi leaves to talk to Badi Ma. Vansh wonders how she became like Mishri.

Pushpa wears Devina’s saree and dresses up like her. It is an off shoulder blouse because of which she is conscious but Devina says this is fashion. The socialites you are meeting should know you are modern. Pushpa agrees. I wont drink alcohol though. Devina nods. You must keep a glass next to you to deceive them! they will become your fans when you will keep the donation cheque (of 25 lacs) in front of them! Ira will then know you aren’t illiterate. Pushpa also wants to prove it to Ira. Devina shouts in excitement. Mirchi greets them in typical Hindi just then. Devina asks her which fancy dress competition is she going in. Mirchi says this is how ideal daughters dress up. Why is your half shoulder bare though? Pushpa says I told you it does not look nice but Devina tells her to be shut up. Mirchi lies down in front of Pushpa and touches her feet. I apologize for what I did. I made you angry. I couldn’t be your ideal granddaughter. Please forgive me. Pushpa is about to forgive her but Devina stops her. Mishri has come here to ruin your saree’s pleats. She sends Mirchi away. Adi compliments Pushpa. Guests are coming. Let’s go. Devina is excited but Pushpa leaves to invite someone before going downstairs.

Ira says I wonder who filled Moti Ba’s ears against me. I am sure it must be Devina Ma’am! Pushpa says you thought me to be illiterate and now you think I am a fool too! Akhilesh and Ira look at her from top to toe in shock. Pushpa says you think I fall in anyone’s words easily. Understand one thing clearly. I am more experienced than you! Ira asks her about her dress. Pushpa asks her if she cannot wear this. Ira tells Akhilesh that Moti Ba is misunderstanding her. He tells the same to Pushpa but she counters him. I have a party to attend downstairs. Devina also comes there with Adi. Pushpa says I will make a big donation to an organization. They will now be my friends! All 3 of them leave. Ira tells Akhilesh that Moti Ba will become like Devina and Adi if she will spend time with them. Akhilesh suggests going downstairs and watching everything intently.

Precap: Devina and Adi kidnap Mirchi. Devina tells Adi that now they will make Pushpa drink alcohol. Outside, all the ladies raise a toast and take a sip from their glasses. Pushpa is hesitant. Mirchi wonders as to how to save Badi Ma now.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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