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Main Bhi Ardhangini 16th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Nilambari plans to kill Vaidehi during her marriage with Madhav

Main Bhi Ardhangini 16th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Jaichand and Rani telling that neither bride side nor groom side have won, it the Madhav and Vaidehi’s love which has won. They congratulate Madhav and Vaidehi for their upcoming marriage. Nilambari looks at the mandap pillars in the night and calls Sangram. Sangram brings spanner and loosens the screw of the pillar. Nilambari laughs and shake up the pillars happily. She says trap is ready waiting for the victim. She asks him to make the pillar fall on Vaidehi to make her sleep for forever. She laughs. Vaidehi gets ready for the marriage and wears bridal dress. Anuradha says you are looking like Rajkumari ruling on Madhav’s heart. Vaidehi says she wants a little space in his heart. Anuradha says you will get place in his room also. Dadi comes and cries getting emotional.

Vaidehi asks if she is not looking good. Dadi says I am happy as you are marrying madhav and says I am sad as your parents are not alive to see this day. Vaidehi hugs her and says you are my everything. She says you have always helped me fulfill my dreams and says I don’t know how I will repay your favors. Dadi says whatever parents do is for their children’s better future.

Pandit ji recites mantras and asks Narayan to call the groom. Lanten makes Madhav ready. Madhav asks if Sherwani is good. Lanten says Vaidehi will marry you if you wear tshirt and jeans. Madhav says even she must have put the efforts and says he wants to look good. Narayan comes and says you are looking good. He blesses him. Madhav thanks him. Anuradha says you have to do one more favour and asks her to take Vaidehi to mandap. Dadi says it is my good destiny and takes her to mandap. Sangram is standing near the pillar which he loosened. Nilambari comes and asks him if everything is fine. Sangram says yes, and says just order I will do it. Nilambari says he shall not do any mistake and asks him to make the pillar fall on her. She thinks Chitra is here, but nobody can stop me from killing Vaidehi.

Madhav comes to the mandap. Nilambari smiles looking at him. Pandit ji asks him to sit. Madhav sits. Vaidehi comes there. Madhav is surprised to see her beauty and opens his mouth. Anuradha asks him to close his mouth. Vaidehi sits beside him. Madhav compliments her and asks her to say something. She says you are looking like a rajkumar. Pandit ji applies Tilak and recites mantras.

Anuradha ties the ghatbandhan. Pandit ji says your marriage is happening at the most auspicious time and the marriage needs to be done in this time. He asks bride’s father to do kanyadaan. Dadi says she will do kanyadaan. She does her kanyadaan. Madhav and Vaidehi exchange garlands. Nilambari signs Sangram. Pandit ji asks Madhav and Vaidehi to take rounds. They start the rounds. Nilambari signs Sangram. Sangram touches the pillar and is about to push on Vaidehi, but stops as someone comes behind him. Sangram pushes the pillar on Vaidehi just as she is about to complete the last round. Madhav sees the pillar falling on Vaidehi.

Precap: Nilambari shouts and beats Sangram for ruining everything. She asks him to die and says I have lost because of you.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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