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Arrange marriage love – Ragsan – 5

hi sissy’s. i need sometime to update ‘you are only mine’ . remaining i’ll b updating. now coming to this ff. m really happy that u all liked it. though i cant reply to comments individually but m always eager to read ur comments. thanku for new sissy’s who r commented for first time. keep supporting like this. now lets start this part.

@swarag room

Rag: y dint u tel me that u gave my number to him?

Swa: if I wud have told u then itna maza thodi na aata.?

Rag glares.

Swa: come on rago darling. He’s ur fiancé. U both hav rite to talk with each other. Actually I did ur work by giving ur num to him.

Rag: he asked?

Swa: no. maya had asked. Y? u wanted him to ask? Oh meri behena, pyar me pad gayi.

Rag: shut up swara.

Both laugh and sleep.


Ragsan r sittng on chair opp to each other. They were having juice looking into each other’s eyes.. One extra juice glass was there.

San: u hve it.

Rag: no ji. U have it.

San: no u have.

He stood up with glass and forwards to her. She stood and takes her step back telling no. but he was moving to her insisting to take. Suddenly he fell down. He opened his eyes and found himself under bed.

San: it was dream.

Slowly he stood with smile on his face remembering his dream. He saw that maya, mohit, ap and suj r standing in front of him.

Suj: so my sanky started dreaming now only.

San: chachi,

He blushes.

San: wat u all r doing here at same time? This early mrng?

Ap: early mrng? Look at clock. Its 10.

Moh: now he is in ragini’s dreams. Now onwards daily he’ll wake up at this time only.

Maya: not this. May b late than this.

Ap: stop teasing. Sanskar get ready fast. Ur dadi is calling all. Come soon.

San: ok. U go. I’ll come within few mins.

They left his room. While going mohit and maya turned back and winks at him.

Sanskar takes his mob. Looks at her pic and smiles. He thinks something and msgs gud mrng to her.

San: did I do write by sending msg? will she reply? Will wait.

Ap from outside: sanskar do fast.

San: mom bhi na. wil get fresh.

He gets fresh and first thing he did is looking at mob. He gets double happy seeing her msg. he opened it.

‘ my gud mrng starts at 6. Not 10’

Sanskar’s face fell.

San: bad impression. Wat she’ll think of me.

Suddenly he gets one more msg. he opened it.

‘sry that msg was sent by swara. Wel, gud mrng’

He gets broad smile.

He goes where all were gathered.

Dadi: sanskar, mohit. From tmrw u join our business with ur dad.

Both nods.

Dadi: maya, daily wake up at 5. And help ur mom and badi maa in kitchen.

Maya: but dadi, I also want to join business.

Dadi: u r a girl. Soon u r also going to marry. U shud know abt cooking.

Maya: I’ll manage both dadi. I’ll help mom and badi maa and then will go to office.

Dadi shows her palm: just do as I say. Mohit and sanskar r there for office. Ur presence doesn’t need.

Maya get teary eyed.

Dadi: now all of u get ready and go for shopping and purchase needed things for engagement.

She left. Maya hugs dadu.

Maya: dadu, I want to join business.

Dadu: don’t wry beta. Just now u finished exam and came. After engagement we will talk with her.

San: yes maya. M also with u.

Moh: me too.

Trio share hug.

All admired them.


Swara came out of washroom and saw ragini giving her angry look. She came to knew the reason. She smiles sheepishly.

Swa: mom is calling. M going.

Rag: swara stop there. How can u do like this. Wat if I have not seen wat u msged. Wat he’ll think of me?

Swa: I was just kidding. After all he’s my jiju.

Rag: but like this? U r impossible.

Swa: ok. Next time I’ll do small things. Now get ready fast. I’ve to do shopping.

Rag: shopping? Now?

Swa: I know ur engagement is next week. But I want to start preparation now only.

Rag keeping both hands on her waist: and wat u r going to prepare?

Swa: my dress, matching ear rings, anklets, etc.

Shar calls them for bf. Both left for bf.

Rag gets msg from sanskar.

‘had bf?’

Rag smiled and replies

‘now having. Wat abt u?’

San too replied same.

Dadi: sanskar wat r u doing? Have bf first.

San: ok dadi.

Here in ragini house shek and shar were looking at ragini only. She was seeing at mob and smiling.

Shar: swara. I think someone is very busy.

Ragini was lost in mob. Swara pats her.

Rag: wat? Did u ask anything?

Swa: not me. Mom.

Rag: yes mom?

Shar: I think ab hamari beti hamari nai rahi, kisi aur ki ho gayi.

Rag: mom pls.

Shek: it’s ok beta. U continue ur chatting.

Rag: dad u too.

All smile where ragini was giving fake angry look.

hope u liked it.

love u all….

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