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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Naina demands to Sameer for his admission in Patel College

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 16th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bela telling Anand that even she is feeling bad to lose 2000 Rs. Anand says he is feeling bad for Naina’s admission and not worried about money. Bela says she will topped in the college wherever she study. Anand says how can Bhabhi/ Tai ji refuse? Bela says she is elder than us and asks him not to feel bad. She asks him to wash his hand in Naina and Preeti’s bathroom. Anand goes to bathroom to wash his hand, and money envelope falls there. He comes out of bathroom and shows envelope. Preeti says we got the money back. Anand gets angry and asks if they hide the money. Naina says yes. Anand says I don’t know what to say and tells that you did wrong to study with your friends and says I will not forget this. He walks off. Naina’s voiceover tells that their days

had become inauspicious because of Sameer’s dadi words. She comes to Anand and asks him not to get upset with her, and agrees not to do this again.

Tai ji comes and says Arjun told that money is found. Anand says I gave wrong envelope to Naina. Tai ji asks how did you make a mistake being a big lawyer. Rakesh comes and says my daughter was scolded unnecessarily. Tai ji says money is found, she will offer 50 paise Prasad to God. She asks bela to make tea. Anand tells that she will get admission in Patel college only as he talked to someone. Rakesh tells Naina that her chacha loves her a lot unlike others. Naina and Preeti looks on. Naina tells Preeti that if she can’t take admission in VJN then Sameer can take admission there. She says she will go to his house tomorrow. Song plays….

Mami asks Poonam to flaunt her necklace in the marriage function. She asks her to wrap the gift. Sameer, Munna and Pandit come there and say that they will do it. Mami asks Poonam to make something for kids. She says ok. Pandit tells Sameer that they will come to his house daily. Munna says I will also come. Naina and Swati come to Sameer’s house. Swati says it will be your grah pravesh now. Naina gets nervous and thinks to go back, thinks she can’t go without meeting Poonam. Mami comes and thinks Naina as mehendi designer. She asks her to come. Naina says coming. Sameer wakes up from sleep as he hears her. he wakes up Munna and Pandit.

Pandit says you can’t hear her when awake, and asks did you hear when slept. He says we have been waiting for mango shake and slept. Sameer goes to freshen up. Prabha Mami scolds Naina for not bringing mehendi cones and designs book. Naina asks her to trust them and says we will make good design. Poonam says we were like this in childhood. Prabha Mami says you are like this even now. She asks Poonam to bring sherbet and scolds her. Naina says she will bring and says in low tone that it is her sasural. Mami asks what and asks her to sit. Naina says she needs to go to bathroom. Mami asks her to go this way. Naina thinks she will catch Sameer today. Munna and Pandit are hungry and think to ask Poonam to make something for them.

She comes to Sameer’s room. Sameer comes out of bathroom with soap foam on his face and calls Munna and Pandit, says his eyes are burning and asks them to give water. Naina gives him water and makes him wash his face. Sameer washes his face. Tere liye meri wafah plays…..sameer says I will ask Mama ji to change the tap. Naina smiles looking at him. Sameer says you? Naina says my ghost. He asks what you are doing here? Naina says I came to talk to someone who don’t want to talk to me. Sameer asks if she wasn’t scared to come here. Naina says jab pyaar kiya toh darna kya. She asks him to promise that he will take admission in Patel College. Sameer asks her to go. Munna and Pandit come there and tell that Swati is applying mehendi to Bhabhi. Naina gets up and tells that she has to apply mehendi to Mami and tells that she will not go until his answer is yes. Sameer looks on.

There will be a 1 hour Maha episode on 19th May. Mami throws Naina and Swati out of house. Munna says Mami rejected her at first. Naina looks at Sameer.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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