When Ishita received Court notice, she was very much tensed.

Ishita: MUmmyji……. prateek sent me court notice for Adi’s custody.

Adi: Mom, wat is custody.

Toshi: Nothing Puttar u go and play.

Raman took Adi to park and asked :

Raman: Adi was ur mom was scared of anything.

Adi: S, uncle they were talking some custody, i dont know anything.

Raman: OK, i’ll tell u one thing keep that in mind,watever happen dont go away from ur mother, she loves u a lot.

Adi: s, uncle dadi , chachu all say that only and i love my mother.

Raman: ok champ lets go now.

Finally day came where Ishita took Adi to court.

Adi: mom why are we here, i’m getting late to my school.

Ishita: Today u r not going to school. so please , watever judge ask u answer those question.

Adi: But mom y shud i.

Prateek came to adi.

Adi: who are you, and y r u touching me like this.

Prateek: I’m ur father adi. i Came here to take u with to US and will enjoy a lot there.

Adi: MOm, wat this fellow is talking.  how can u send me with this stranger.

Prateek: U dint tell my name to him, wat kind of mother u r.

Toshi: Y shud we tell ur name and ur bad character.

Prateek: ma u shud take my side and u r supporting her.

Toshi slapped prateek.

Toshi: u call urself as my son, my son died 6 years back, she is my daughter and i support her only.

All went inside the court.

Adi stood in the box , Judge came and questioned Adi,

Judge: Adi beta u know y u r standing here

Adi: i dont know

Judge: ok , i’ll explain u , ur father prateek want to take care u, would u like to go with him

Adi: I dont know that person , i haven’t seen him before.

Judge: ok dont be scared, u like ur mom would u like to stay with her or with father.

Adi: s, i like my mother a lot  and i want to stay with mom and Raman uncle. ( all stared at adi at once)

Judge: Raman uncle , who is he?

Adi: My neighbour friend , he is sitting there. (Adi points towards him in court)


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