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We are one in heart (an ishqbaaz ff) Chapter 7… (Junior oberois in shivika home)

Chapter :-08…

Shivay in car…

In call to annika ..
S:- yes .. annika now I’m entering to our home….

Shivay waves hi to annika through the car window …

Shivay stops the car…

Ani:-I’m waiting since 20mins..

Shi:-sorry dear .. i search everywhere to best gift for our family friend that why I’m late..

Ani:-come and show me the gift ..

Anshi also come outside ..

Shivay open the car dicky to show the gift but everyone got shocked to look abi …

Annika :- who is this shivay??
Anshi :- who is this papa??

Shivay is in super shock..

……….in shopping mall..

Karan and abi shocked to look at the cctv footage ..


The goon push abi ..
His head hit by car that stand near the road..
then they keep him in that car dicky..
When karan arrived they escape with another car..
(They keep abi in shivay car by mistake to control him when they misuse with su..)

Shivay came to the car and leave the place when karan console su..

They never see each other.


In shopping mall..

Karan :- (smile with tears) Abi in bade papa place .. i hope he’ll be alright ..

Su:- how will we find bade papa place ..

Karan :- i don’t know but i feel something good will happened ..

They smile…


In shivika room..

Doctor checks abi and tell them to “he is in stress so please deal him calmly and give him something to eat for energy .. he’ll be alright .. medicine is not need for him…”

Shivay thanks doctor ..

S:-anshi .. you stays here if he turn conscious then call us..

Anshi nods and sit beside abi..

In kitchen shivay prepare food for abi.. and annika help him…

Annika :- shivay …
Ani:-who is him?
S:-i don’t know annika ..
Ani:-then why you in like this.. you don’t have any tension ..

Shivay turns towards annika ..

S:- i don’t know who is he? What i think he is in some problem .. until him get conscious how will we know .. so please keep some patients..

Ani:- i know but i feel bad for his parents ..

Shivay feels also bad…

In OM….

Gauri in deep thinking ..

Om come to hall and looks at gauri ..

O:-gauri ..

G:- hah..

O:- what are you thinking?

G:- abi..

Prinku also come with karuvi there..

O:- why..

G:- abi never leave us like this for long trip.. how will he accept to spend two weeks in hydrabath..

O:- i also feeling who will console him if he got our thought .. su and karan spend some time outside when they go for camp but how will abi handle ..

Prinku :- i also think same.. papa, ranveer all of you in same doubt ..

Karu:- cool papa and ma.. i know this is first time to him leave but he should learn to survive in society a loan.. sometime that is also needed..

They nod and smile ..

Karuvi in mind..
“Yes.. i also feel some wrong in this.. i want to console this again.. why them three going and take much time..😠”


In shivika mansion …
In kitchen ..

Shivay and annika some noice from hall ..

A:-,papa.. come fast..

Shivika in shocked to look at the incident ..

Abi in top of the dining table and anshi in down ..
Abi have broomstick and try to save himself from anshi come close to him..😉😉😉

Abi:- hey .. you are lady goon na.. where is my sister .. if you touch me then I’ll kill you.. don’t come close to me..

Anshi:-I’m not a goon..

Annika chuckle ..

Anshi look shivay :-papa .. see this..

Abi turn to see shivay by mistake he slip and about to fall shivay hold him..

Abi in shock to see his bade papa in front of his eyes..

A big smile appears on his face ..
He rushed towards shivay and hug him tightly ..
Shivay also response the hug ..
He feel like rudy hug him…
After long time he feel like have obro moment ..

Abi:- papa….

Shivay in confused ..

Abi:- (in tension) no..
You’re look like my papa..
That why i call you as papa..
I’ll never call you papa..
If you annoying with this papa ..

He want to manage the situation but shivay got more confused ..

S:-ok whatever .. if you want to call me like then you will…
I’m shivay and this is my wife annika and this is my daughter anshi ..

Abi smiles towards them..

Abi- hi ani ma and di..

He hug them one by one..

They also smile at him..

Shivay :- how you come to my car dicky.

Abi remember the incident that happened in hall..
He tell everything to shivay and tear comes from his eyes..

Abi:- i don’t know my di is in safe or that goon will torture her.. i want to see them..

Annika come to him and hug him..
She console him…

Shivay asked karan no and inform khanna to call karan and tell about abi…

In some time …

Karan arrived with su and
Looks on..
anshi try to make abi eat something ..

Anshi :- please eats something na..
Abi:-no di.. i want to see bhaiya first..


Abi turns and looks su and karan..

Abi run to them and hug them..

Karan check him and kiss his fore head ..
He wipes abi’s tear…
Abi also wipes their tear..

Anshi and annika smiles to see their bonding …

Shivay also looked that with smiling he also remember their obro moment …

Karan and sruthi also look at shivay and shouted
“Shivay papa”

Everyone in confused and abi in shocked ..

Abi sing them to don’t say anything ..

S:- shivay ..

Shivay to about to speak ..

Kara:- i want to thank this shiv dev.. shiv dev .. shiv papa… you save my brother and su from goons thank you somuch ..

Karan come to Shivay but pass by him he going to shiv parvathi idol kept behind shivay ..
And pray..

Abi and su smile in relive ..

Sh:- if everything alright na.. i mean that goons..

Karan tells everything to shivay how he get su safe and know about abi..
He hugs shivay..

Ka:- thanks ..

Shivay :-(smile) it’s ok ..

Karan :- it is big thing to me .. my brothers and sister are my world .. how will i live distance without them.. thank god i get abi know else I’ll … it’s impossible to leave my brother ..

Karan look at shivay .. shivay think about past how he leave omru for their safety and how om blame him for rudy’s accident ..


Om:- i hate you shivay .. you leaves your brother .. i never imagine if you got some reasons high than our brotherhood to leave as a loan .. we are not brothers any more i hate you..


Shivay in tears..

Annika hold his hand ..

Annika :- mmmm. Karan beta.. why you arrived Goa .. where is your parents ..


…..be..continue ..

Precap:- karan to abi and su:- i think some reason in behinds shivay papa leaves the OM..😉😉
Karuvi check the ticket booking to know where they gone..😖😖
Virat saves shivin and krish from punishment 😂😍😍

(A/N)This episode is dedicated to my cute praba who commenting my ff sweetly thanks sweetheart 😍😍😍😍
Next one is dedicated to my two sweetie …(nikita and niriha😘😘😘)

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