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Unexpected love story (RagSan) by Aliya shot 32 (a)

Let’s begin….

Fb continues…
Ragini goes to the hospital….

She sees dadi in Sanskar’s room….

Dadi:stay away from Ragini… She isn’t tried to you and if you come inbetween……

Ragini angrily: dadi maa…

Sanskar looks at her


Ragini gets angry but calms herself: go from here…

Dadi: you are telling me to go

Ragini: yes.. please go from here we will talk at home..

Dadi: let him know who you are…? You are his

Ragini: dadi ma.. aren’t you understanding my language…

Dadi goes from there….

Sanskar looks at her

Ragini was somewhat scared may be dadi would have told him the truth

Sanskar: why are you looking at me like that.. Don’t worry i got to know the truth…

Ragini shocked: you got to know the truth!

Sanskar: ha.. He smiles

Ragini confused: you got to know who you are.??

Sanskar: oh ho..i am sanskar husband of Ragini… You should also consult doctor you also have the disease of forgetting!

Ragini: then what truth you were talking

Sanskar: oh god…you are a question bank…ok listen..i got to know about our marriage
Ragini: marriage

Sanskar: dida told me.. You would have never said those to me..right!

Ragini was getting more and more confused

Sanskar laughs: what happened to you?leave that..i am really hungry…

Ragini nods and she serves him the food

Sanskar eats it: you made it

Ragini hesitantly nods

Sanskar: it’s really tasty.. Did you have the breakfast?

Ragini nods

Sanskar: but still have it..

Rag: no i had it………
Sanskar had put a morsel in her mouth

Ragini: i will come now…

Sanskar: no.. You are not going anywhere..i want to talk to you…

Ragini: but..i will come soon…i just have to talk with doctor

Sanskar: ok then come soon

He smiles

Ragini goes out…

She sees dida standing there…

Ragini:dida what did you say sanskar?

Dida bends her head

Ragini: dida i am asking you

Dida: Woh sanskar asked me about how he and you met… So

Ragini: so what??

Dida:i cooked up a story…that you and sanskar…

Ragini: me and sanskar what?

Dida:married by eloping


Dida:and i told your dadi is against of your marriage as she hates him…

Ragink:dida..you know what you did?

Dida:i know but Ragini i didn’t had any other option i knew this marwaran would come here would blurt out the truth…i told sanskar that don’t believe her she may take the advantage of the situation.. To which he agreed too…

Ragini was tensed

Yuvraj from behind: Ragini…

Ragini turns and sees parish.. With yuvraj

Adarsh:is sanskar fine..
Ragini nods…

Parish goes to meet sanskar

While yuvraj:Ragini..it isn’t safe..by undercover team i got to know that culprit’s are searching for you and your guess we right..after sahil’s punishment’s were over..he bailed out kavitha kavya and 2 other people nikhil and mansi.. And it’s clear that….

Ragini had tears

Yuvraj:now they would have know that you both are safe.. So they would try to harm you it’s better that you both leave this place for sometime.. Until we wont get hold the matter..i hope you are understanding…

Ragini: but…

Dida: yes you should go beta….

Yuvraj:here in the hospital there is a tight security because of that your are safe..but till how many days…

Ragini: but where will….just then she remembered something

Ragini: can you arrangement for both of us to go Hyderabad

Yuvraj: Hyderabad?

Dida:is someone there in Hyderabad

Ragini: dida my music guru ji..he wanted me to go there long back as he doesn’t have kids and he has the dhaba which he wanted me to look after it..

Yuvraj:great then…
Ragini:better if i hide sanskar’s identity to him..what would i say him if he asks about his family or profession’s…

Yuvraj:i would arrange for all those don’t worry…

Ragini goes to sanskar’s ward

Sanskar was taking with adrash and pari

Ragini: bhaiyya

Adarsh looks at her: we are going to Hyderabad

Sanskar just looks at her


Ragini: we will go there and will have a fresh environment… And settle there too..

Nurse come to check sanskar

In the while Ragini tells parish about it
They goes out she handovers the responsibility of Maheshwari industry to adarsh

Ragini:but when sanskar will be fine..you..
Adarsh:i know it’s not easy to forget but trust me Ragini… And now i don’t want anything.. this will be only Sanskar’s!i will be just looking after it..

She goes to baadi and informs dadi and Shekar about her and sanskar’s departure to hyderabad

Dadi:have you lost it?? For god sake your laksh’s widow

Ragini with tears: yes i am laksh’s widow and i know wherever laksh would be he would be happy that i am protecting his family….

Dadi: what will the society say?

Ragini: i don’t care damn about this society…

Shekhar: ma should i make you remember something..you tried to break the Maheshwari family after getting punishment’s i thought you would have changed..but no…you are same selfish… Ragini i am with you

Ragini hugs him

She then leaves from there

Ragini: sanskar…chale

Sanskar: him tayyaar…tum aage aage hum peeche peeche

RAGINI helped him to walk…

And with the help of Yuvraj they left to Hyderabad

Where Ragini’s guru ji was happy finding her and he went to pilgrimage happily…

Ragini took utmost care of sanskar which lead sanskar to fall in love with Ragini unaware about his past

Soon he was fine now you know how he talks or behaves 😉

Fb ends…

Ragini cries seeing swara’s photo..

Someone keeps hand on her shoulders

It was swara

Ragini: swara…

Swara wipes her tears: today i am the most happiest person…because my sister did something which no one can do even in dreams… And i am proud of you…

Ragini smiles through tears

Swara: and now i feel you should move on with sanskar

Ragini was shocked

Swara: why i said this you wanna know? Because me and sanskar were never meant to be forever neither you or laksh

Ragini: swara tum…

Swara: let me complete Ragini…. Sanskar acted to be mad for his revenge you were the person who took care of him you know what i felt those times..i thought of sanskar was fine i would have made you married to sanskar but circumstances changed you know what further happened i feel in love with Sanskar…but by some or other reasons we were separated..by my memory lost or laksh’s disappearance..and you at first laksh cheated you and when your relation was going smooth laksh’s disappearance in all these moment one thing doesn’t changed was yours and sanskar’s relation..he was with you when laksh and kavya thing happened he was with you when laksh disappeared even if he not spoke with but he cared for you..roamed everywhere to find laksh and bring back the happiness.. Not for laksh but for you… He just did it for you.. Didn’t you heard life is a never ending drama until it’s climax and i think climax

Ragini:no swara…

Swara smiles and vanished in thin air

May be her words affected Ragini

Here uthra: atleast lock your lips for sometime..oh god where i am stuck

Sanskar smiles sheepishly:nice aroma.

Uthra:now just give a quick stir to it

Sanskar did as said by her

Pari:is it ready??

Uthra:finally..am going now

Sanskar: go who is stopping you

Uthra turns to him: haww… (She fixes her specs straight)i have never witnessed such an ungreatful person

Sanskar: why should i be grateful to you… Even after giving the instruction to the recipe you gave me taunts free..

Uthra:but still i helped you.. Huh good for nothing

Sanskar rolling her eyes: what did you say?

Uthra loudly: GOOD.FOR.NOTHING

Sanskar: you…angry bird’s step sister


Pari: guy’s please stop

Uthra:look di..i have helped him and i won’t go without a thanks from him

Sanskar: in your dreams 😎

Uthra: ohhh..actually where is Ragini?if i don’t spoil your plan then see…i would say her about helping you in making almond payasam

Sanskar widens his eyes

Sanskar: arey my cute si sister… He pinches her cheeks… You are so sweet…i just thought you like my sibling.. Don’t you know how sinking fight.. Just that I showered love in fight for you my sister

Adarsh:again she would fall in his trap

Sanskar: did you see any brother thanking his sister…

Uthra: ok..i am getting late and all the best!

Sanskar: i will not say the thankyou even now

Uthra smiles finallyyyy 😉: ok bro..bye

She goes

Sanskar takes a big sign of relief

Yuvraj: you should better try on movies

Sanskar smiles

At the time a servant:khadoos aagayi khadoos aagayi..

Everyone gets alert

Sanskar straightens himself and sets his hairs

Ragini: Pari babhi..

She smiles a bit…

Pari smiles at her and hugs her

Sanskar: i am ready with my dish almond payasam

Ragini: you did it..

He served in a bowl and gives her

Ragini tastes it.. She was expressionless

Sanskar himself: hope this chashmish didn’t played with me

Ragini smiles and forwards her hand to him

Sanskar smiles widely he shakes his hand with her

Ragini: deal is yours

Sanskar hugs her in happiness

Ragini was shocked.. She raised her hand to hug him…but puts it down….

Sanskar then leaves her goes to everyone and says about his victory


Days were passing sanskar was falling for Ragini more and more and he decided to comes his feelings

Ragini was folding the clothes…

Sanskar comes and his her from back and nuzzles her neck

Ragini angrily pushes him

Sanskar was shocked

Ragini: what are you doing??

Sanskar: i..i love you and you too love me and we arrange husband and wife

Ragini shouts: i don’t love you… And i am not your wife

Sanskar felt hurt: what?you..you are lying right

Ragini cries and storms from there!

After sometime Ragini gets what she did to Ranjeet and she regrets..

She goes back and sees Sanskar nowhere…

She goes to dhaba and looks around but sanskar was no where to be seen

To be continued…..

Where is Sanskar?????

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