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Unexpected love story (RagSan) by Aliya shot 2 (b)


Let’s begin….

Sanskar turns to look at the owner of the voice

Sanskar smiles widely :yuvraj mera bhai oh sorry ha.. Saala

Yuvraj smiles nodding his head:so is payasam ready? There’s 2 more people have come to taste you pyaasam.. He laughs

Sanskar:laugh laugh… I will also get the time… What’s her name tanvi.. Yes!

Yuvraj widens her eyes:how you got to know

Sanskar smiles with attitude :SANSKAR MAHESHWARI knows everything?

Yuvraj was shocked! Not because tanvi’s matter but he told his full name… Which Ragini have hidden

Behind yuvraj parish were standing shocked listening him…

Adarsh immediately comes to him :sanskar what did you say!

Sanskar himself was confused as why did he addressed himself as Maheshwari when he is Mathur.. According to him..

San:bhaaiii… Because of this pyaasam na i am talking madly

Pari smiles:it’s ok sanskar.. But did you do payasam?

Sanskar 😩😩😩:how would i supposed to do when I don’t know what ingredients are to be used…

“sanky” came a voice

It was a girl nithasha who is behind sanskar!

Sanskar gives his killer smile

Yuvraj:bhatak gaya😓

Sanskar:2 mins..

He goes

Woh Hai Rangeela
Chail Chabeela
Woh Hai Natkhat
Woh Jamunatat

Many girls are looking at him dreamily

He stands in the middle…
He winks at a girl
Pari:yeh kabhi nai sudrega

Phere Lagaye Murli Bajaye
Gopiyon Ke Sang Raas Rachaaye
Murli Bajaiyaa Raas Rachaiyaa
Shyam Salona Hai

He was giving his killer smile and folds his sleeves

Jo Hai Albela Madnainowala
Jiski Deewani Brij Ki Har Bala
Woh Kisna Hai…
Woh Kisna Hai…
Woh Kisna Hai…
Woh Kisna Hai…
Kisna Hai

He brushes his hairs… Many girls comes around him and asks for selfie
He passes with them…

Adarsh:for a moment i thought he remembered..

Yuvraj :but i dont want it to happen ever.. If anyone can be behind happiness of Ragini then it’s only Sanskar.. So i wish he never gets his memory back..

Pari:and it’s danger for both Ragini and Sanskar to be back to Kolkata…

Sanskar comes after his flooding session

Pari:badmaash.. What is all this day by day number of girls is increasing..!

Sanskar:woh tho bass aise hi…

Adarsh:now what about payasam

Pari:i have made an arrangement

Sanskar smiles:bhabhi!!! The most beautiful and lovely bhabhi ever… You could have tried modelling instead of marrying my this Sa-doo bhaiyya!

Pari laughs:oh god save me from this guy

Adar:accha i am Sa-doo

San:arey let me say the full form of sa-doo.. S stands for smart.. A stands for awesome.. D stands for dashing.. O stands for officious.. And the other o stands for obtrusive

Adarsh:what obtrusive….

Before adarsh could held him

He runs and dashes with a girl

Girl:ow can’t watch and move..
San:Excuse me miss.. Even you could have watched

Pari:arey sanskar she is uthra


Pari:not your sister.. She is in delhi for her studies

San:so.. What should i do

Uthra fuming:how rude..

She was about to go

Pari:arey sanskar she can only help you in making payasam

San:what? Arey beautiful.. Listen to me

Uthra turns fuming at him and fixes her specs straight

Sanskar giving his signature smile:not a dimple one.. Not a pimple one… You are a cute simple chashmish girl

Yuvraj:nobody can win over him in talking.. Kithna boltha hai

Adarsh:i dont know from where he gets these cheesy lines

Uthra rolls her eyes at him

Sanskar:do you know what your face tells..? Beauty with brains.. Beauty with golden heart beauty with kindness beauty with grace and beauty who knows to cook pyasam

Uthra finally :it’s payasam

Yuvraj:hasee tho phasee

San:please please teach me payasam

Uthra:so where is the kitchen

Pari:all the best sanskar.. Ragini should like it

Sanskar:i have challenged khadoos.. Don’t know today in which mood she will be…


Here a girl opens a bag…
She gets tears seeing the photo frames in it…

And she is revealed to be ragini

She takes laksh’s photograph

Ragini:why did you leave me laksh.. Why? I am so unlucky that i can’t talk to you openly.. I have to keep your things hidden!

Tear drops falls on laksh’s photo

Ragini:even now sanskar thinks that I am his wife…

She sees the family photographs….
And then Swara’s photo

Ragini:mein kya karoon swara.. I am not understanding anything….


Ragini was shocked when when she got that he misunderstood her to be his wife

Sanskar:why are you giving me that reaction?? Ya it’s obvious too.. But we can’t be tensed or you waste your tears on what we lost… But no worried we will make a new memories…

He smiled

Shekar and dida weren’t understanding what to do..

Doctor comes there

Sanskar:doctor please check my wife.. She is behaving weird…
Doctor fake smiles

Ragini looks at him as she couldn’t believe where exactly this is turning

Sanskar to dida:how i am related to you…

Dida:i.. I..

San:arey i will not eat you

Dida:Ragini’s dida

San:tho rishtey meine aap meri bhi dida hai

Doctor tells ragini to come out….

They goes out

Doctor tells ragini what the mess was created by nurse

Doctor :it would be harmful for him if he got to know the truth

Ragini doesnt understand what to do…

Here dida thinks for something determined with tears seeing swara’s photo

Here dadi:are you out of your mind? You are a widow of his brother

Ragini :dadi ma i dont..

Dadi:tell him the truth

Shek:it may risk his life maa..

Dadi:shekar now you don’t talk kiddish..

Ragini goes to her room…. As she herself was confused that how would she come or if this mess….

Here dida was in hospital as stayed with sanskar


Sanskar:didn’t Ragini came

Dida:actually she was tired so i sent her home to take rest

Sanskar :yes.. She looked pale… Waise dida i want to ask you something


Sanskar:is mine and Ragini’s arrange marriage or love marriage? Tell me our story dida!

Dida was confused…

To be continued…..

So how’s this?

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