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Udaan 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Vivaan’s heart melts seeing Saanvi

Udaan 16th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Imli saying this can’t happen, Vivaan would not be alive, he is dead. She signs his grave. Vivaan says Imli isn’t dead, she is alive, right Chakor. They get shocked. Suraj says no, she is dead. He asks Vivaan to sit well. Vivaan says don’t touch me. Suraj asks him to sit on the sofa. Vivaan recalls his bad stay. Imli checks the grave. She finds an empty coffin. She gets shocked and recalls Ranvijay’s words. She says no, Ranvijay, cheat, you didn’t do right to cheat me, you didn’t do good to leave Vivaan alive. Suraj says you don’t look fine, we will talk tomorrow, you didn’t had food till now, come on have food.

Vivaan sees the food and recalls. He throws the plate and refuses to have roti. He goes upstairs. Chakor and Tejaswini cry for him. Vivaan goes to his room

and gets restless. He says I don’t want light, darkness….. He switches off the lights and sleeps on the ground. Chakor comes and says his mental state isn’t right, he is much hurt. She cares for him. She sits recalling their childhood. She talks to Chandu ji/moon. She says everything has changed, he was much tortured, who will say he is same Vivaan, I want to make him old Vivaan again.

Suraj looks on and smiles. He goes to room and thinks of Vivaan. Chakor comes and says Vivaan has lived in darkness, if we fall in such times then… Suraj says who will push us in such times, Imli is dead, he has stayed in a dark cell for years, this would have hurt him badly, it doesn’t mean Imli did this. She says then who can do this. He says I will find out, we have to get Vivaan to normal life. He says you have to stop taking Imli’s name in front of him. She says I have seen restlessness in his eyes today. He says don’t worry, I will make him fine like before. Vivaan wakes up by a bad dream. He thinks of the lady’s words. He goes to Suraj and Chakor’s room with a knife. He thinks of killing them. Saanvi cries. He gets shocked and stops. He says baby….. He sees Saanvi in cradle and says Suraj and Chakor’s child. He plays with her and smiles. The knife falls. Chakor gets shocked and shouts Imli. Suraj wakes up and sees Vivaan.

He says you here at this time, did you want anything. Chakor says I know why he came. She steps on knife and makes it away. Chakor asks Vivaan to take Saanvi. He says I can’t handle her. She says she will be glad coming to you, take her. Vivaan takes Saanvi. He recalls Imli. He goes. Suraj says why did Vivaan come at this time, I will sleep now, you took Imli’s name again. Chakor says I m trying to forget her. Its morning, Suraj calls Kasturi and asks about Chakor. He says fine I will tell you when she comes. He asks Girja where did Chakor go. Girja says don’t know. He sends her to Saanvi. Chakor comes. She says I went for a walk. He says you don’t know to lie, tell me where did you go. Imli looks on.

Vivaan asks Imli who is he. Imli says let me go. He says I won’t let you go without seeing your face.

Update Credit to: Amena

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