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Tu Aashiqui 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Ahaan proposes Pankti

Tu Aashiqui 16th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Reyansh apologizing to Ahaan and Pankti. Ahaan says thanks for taking the responsibility, we shall leave now. Pankti says I m getting a royal feel here in London. Ahaan says London bridge is 100 years old. They have a talk. She says it means we also have similar things, like our love is still same here, but it got less as you are seeing here and there. He says what, I m just seeing you. He goes away and shouts I love you. She smiles. She says I love you two, our love will never get less. Reyansh asks what are you romancing here, we shall go to Trafalgal square. Reyansh asks them to come. Pankti and Reyansh get in the bus. A guy pushes Ahaan. Ahaan runs after the bus. Pankti asks the driver to stop the bus for Ahaan. She asks Reyansh to say something. Reyansh says its against the

rules here. Ahaan runs. Reyansh says I will find Ahaan, he will be fine. She shouts Ahaan.

Pankti waits for Ahaan. She sees the couples romancing at the place. She says Ahaan isn’t answering. Reyansh says he can come here after we leave, what shall we do, just look there, go there and close eyes, just feel Ahaan around. He makes her busy in talk. He asks her to go and try. He goes to attend a call. Pankti tries to call Ahaan. Someone reaches her with a rose. She turns and gets shocked. She sees Ahaan coming, riding a cycle. She smiles. He shows the lampost and tells its significance.

She says our love story will also become great, will we have such lamp post. He says no, maybe signals or roads, I will tell you again, didn’t get bored. He gets on knees and says I love you. He compliments her. She says just be with me, I promise, I will always keep smiling. They smile. Reyansh does shayari. He says thank God, you have come, my responsibility ends here, you had to see Pankti, I was crackng bad jokes to calm her, if you leave her, I will see you, this is lovers spot, I will go. He goes. Ahaan asks were you so tensed. She says yes. They see a meteor shower. They board a bus. He jokes and introduces her as Himalayan Gurumaa. Pankti asks him to stop it, she is not a Gurumaa. Ahaan says chant her name, she is really angry, Jai Gurumaa, Jai Pankti maa. She says stop it, I m going. Ahaan asks her to give blessings. They dance and take pics.

Anita calls Monty and asks him to pay for Poorva, as offer will end soon. He says I m ready for deal, come near club tomorrow. She says fine, I m not in a hurry, come home. Pankti comes somewhere on Ahaan’s call. A man gives her a note. She reads the bus number and boards the bus. Another man asks her to get down at next stop. She gets more hints and reaches the church. She gets inside and hears the bells. She gets tensed. Ahaan showers Balloons on her. She smiles. He runs to her. He opens arms for her. She goes behind and smiles. They hug. Ahaan proposes her. He says we have fought many battles, I was always with you, I didn’t get afraid or sorrowful when I was with you, can this go on forever, are you ready to become Dhanrajgir, will you marry me. She cries happily. The people look on. Pankti nods. She says I heard about the church where wishes come true, I got to know this is the church, my answer is yes. Reyansh comes and says no.

Pankti wears the bridal down. It catches fire. Ahaan saves her and hugs. She asks why does hurdle comes in my every happiness.

Update Credit to: Amena

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