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Three Shot Competition (Level 1) #Entry 3


SHOT – 01


2nd april, 2018, It was the dark day of life, i got to know via Dr Kirloskar that i am Cancer Patient !!!

I broke down and lied for a while on floor, my parents were shattered hearing this dark fact that very soon their daughter is going to leave them forever !!!…

I started recalling by childhood, i was a pretty simple and fun loving girl like any other naughty girl of those days. I love books, playing indoor games, interacting with people, playing with puppies and the biggest childhood memory my, my love Shivaay. His full name was Shivaay Singh Oberoi, He was the son of Tej & Jhanvi Singh Oberoi, the son of two well known reputed doctors !

Tej Uncle & Jhanvi aunty always gave me that love which i even got from my parents, they use to treat me like their daughter. It was hard for me to select that time that who loved me more my parents or uncle-aunty.

Shivaay was a very genious child. I just fell in love with him when i met him for the first time, i was just 10 years old that time and he was 13 years old. 3 years senior than me but he was an encyclopedia !..He was like carrying the fruit of knowledge with himself, whenever i asked him any question he gave me the answer !…

“Shivaay what is photosynthesis ?”..

“Do you know when sunlight is absorbed by the plants and  other organisms, the light energy converts itself into chemical one…..which is called photosynthesis !”…

That time when i asked him the question, he was sleeping near me. I felt weird even during sleep he was answering my question, he is really an out of the world kinda genius !

Anyways, many days elapsed and then i got admission in shivaay’s school. That school was like my any other dream school carrying all sorts of facilities and good teaching staff.

My class was next to his class but we never met each other only we met during recess. We use to share each other’s tiffin and gossip for a longtime, he stayed away from sports though he always had the knowledge of any game but he never allowed himself to play.

I had no problem with that as all boys are not same everyone has something special with themselves. People started making fun of us because we were mingling like husband wife haha i know its quite funny but later we clear out that we are just good friends and not husband wife.

After some years, in high school period. We became totally opposite what we were in our childhood. Shivaay became naughty and hilariously i became the nerd but only from studies dont get me wrong you guyz i was still connected with new and trendy fashion. I loved collecting hand bags.

I remember a very funny incident, Me, Shivaay and some of our close friends went for a movie as it was summer vacation holiday period. In the meanwhile, i saw a beautiful handbag which was coral in colour. I got so attracted to it that i even told everyone about the bag. Everyone said me to forget about that bag as its quite expensive ! That day i became quite sad but then shivaay saw my dull face.

And then what he actually did was unexpected !


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