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Three Shot Competition (Level 1) #Entry 2

Shot 1

“Noor I don’t know what has happened to him” Zoya said with a upset voice. Noor looked at her in confusion.

“He didn’t even look at me. He had the chance to talk with me. But he didn’t. I don’t know what’s wrong with him.” She continued.

Noor came near Zoya and sat beside her. “Appi, maybe you are mistaken. Who knows, he might have not seen you”

Zoya shakes her head. “It can’t be. Is he blind? I was standing right next to him.” She got angry a little bit.

Noor put her hand on Zoya’s hand. “Appi, don’t think much. It’s just a small incident. He’ll talk with you tomorrow surely.”

Zoya looked at her and nodded slowly as she had no other option that waiting.

She recalled what happened in morning again, while Noor left to sleep.


Zoya was rather late so she almost ran to bus stop. She saw Aditya standing there as usual. He was staring at phone. Zoya looked at him, thinking he will start the conversation as always. But no response.

Zoya hold on her emotions for a while, for she thought that he was busy with something important. She was not continuously gazing at him, but she could see him because he was just few feet away from her.

Aditya now got a call from someone. He answered it and at the same time, the bus stopped on the bus stop.

Zoya couldn’t understand what was happening. Aditya’s call didn’t seem to be ending. She left the idea of talking with him. Both got into the bus.

Zoya sat on a seat near the window. She saw Aditya also sitting near a window. Without looking at Aditya , Zoya turned her head to look out of the window as she always does.


“Maybe something important..” She said to herself and went to bed. After few seconds. She turned left side. After another few seconds she turned right side. Again and again she did this several times and finally got up.

“I can’t just stop over thinking!” She said to herself . “How can I sleep now ….” .

She thought of calling Aditya then. So , she took her phone and opened the lock , and searched his contact number. It wasn’t difficult for her to search it as they were in touch recently..

At this time , Noor also woke up seeing Zoya awake and doing something on phone.

“Appi , what are you doing on phone this much late night?”

Zoya realized it was 11 pm.

“Oh god! It’s 11!!!”

“Yes Appi what are you doing at this time ? Show me too”

Noor peeped into Zoya’s phone and saw Aditya’s contact number in it.

“Appi it’s late night . You call him tomorrow. Don’t call him now. And most importantly , STOP over thinking!”

Zoya got depressed. She put her phone aside and turned back to sleep.

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