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SwaSan true soulmates!! By Samaira 2 shots (pt-1)

Guys i have one story pending tht is luckiest girl.. I will update tommorow.. Our angel will come to an end soon.. This idea popped into my mind so writing.. Anyways i started a new stoey book called “Inseperable souls” a theme which i never wrote before go check it out please!..
Let s start:-
Story starts from Swaragini first track.. Ragini pushes Swara in the river.. And the whole family distrusts Swara including Sumi! And there s no Dida here!…
Sanskar s reality has come out.. He wad helping ragini but at the last moment he stepped out as he didnt want to ruin an innocent s soul life.. Taking a promise from Ragini tht she wont hurt Swara.. But little he did knew what ragini did with Swara!..
Sujata knew abt his son s plotting.. And due to her request only Sanskar backed out.. She is a very humble and loving woman.. And likes Swara alott..
Scene starts in baadi..
Sumi Shekhar dadi were continuosly bad mouthing Swara! Laksh ap dp were just watching the drama.. Uttara wasnt present there.. While Ragini was pretending to feel very bad for Swara.. And trying to act “Mahaan”..
Sanskar closed his fists tight not able to hear this..
But what could he do he was just glaring Ragini angrily and cursing her badly! Sujata was also really upset as she considered Swara as her daughter.. She was badmouthing Ragini in her heart as she knew tht Nagin was behind the condition of Swara!
Sanskar s pov:-
God plz forgive me.. I know i didnt do anything with Swara but still my guilt is swallowing me up as at a point i was supporting Ragini! Plz do anything with me but save Swara.. U know she didnt had any fault but still stucking in all this fuss!.
Pov ends..
Sujata s pov:-
Bhagwan plz save Swara.. Ahh im feeling to strangle this nagin s neck.. How shameless a sister can be.. Leave abt sister how can a WOMAN do this with another Woman.. Im happy Sanskar didnt do anything with Swara anf guilty too… But still he deserves a punishment for helping Ragini..
Pov ends..
SujSan were passing helpless looks to each other..
Only to be awaited for another shock..
“maa now who will marry me?? No one will marry me coz of Swara” ragini said shedding her crocodile tears..
Sumi caressed her hair lovingly.. “ragu beta LAKSH will marry u..” sumi said..
Ragini danced happily in her heart..
Sanskar and sujata looked at each other shockingly!
“Sumi ji r u gone mad or what? Ur daughter is missing and u want ragini to marry with laksh?” sujata sair angrily looking at sumi disgustingly..
Before Sumi could reply..
“why not chachi of tht shameless Swara could run away then i will marry Ragini..” Laksh said shocking everyone..
While Ragini was looking at laksh faking her innocence..
SujSan passed disgusting looks to Ragini..
“yes laksh is right.. What will people say.. And coz of tht Swara.. Ragini will not suffer” Ap said coming forward..
“yes even i agree..” dp said..
SujSan looked at each other with tears..
Soon RagLak were married..
And ragini went to mm..
Maheshwari mansion:-
AP and Pari did all the rituals.. RagLak took blessings from ap dp and ram..
When RagLak bended to touch Sujata s feet she silently moved backward..
Shocking everyone!!
“chachi what happened” laksh asked seeing her sudden action..
“u did WRONG laksh atleast u would have waited for Swara to return!” sujata said in tears..
“chachi what r u saying..” laksh said angrilu..
“laksh ji she is elder to us.. Keep quite.. And chachi wr clearly saw the video which Swara sent.. She won’t be back!” Ragini said faking.. And smirking which was not noticed by Anyone!.
“i dont know tht.. But i dony accept this..” sujata said still feeling bad for Swara!..
RagLak were angry but composing themselves.. “i dont care ragini is my wife and thousands time better than tht characterless girl..” laksh said indicating towards Swara..
Soon all dispersed to their rooms..
“don’t know where this Sanskar is.. Since laksh and tht nagin s marriage he is no were to be seen.. And this is the time i should support him I know his guilt might be killing him!” Sujata said worriedly..
Trying to call him a thousand times she got the same answer” Mobile is Switched off try again later..”
Sujata silently went in her room lying beside Ram.. And thinking of those life changing events!..
Soon darkness took over showing tht it was night..
A car was shown on the dark streets of kolkata!. Where no one is usually seen..
A guy was shown whose eyes were red puffy, hair messy looked liked he cried for a long time..
Stopping the car he sat on a rock at the lonely red..
Holding his hair in frustration “Swaraaa where r u???” The guy shouted in frustration..
Just then he took out his phone only to find soo many missed Calls from his mother.. “im sorry maa.. I will come soon u don’t worry nd sleep..” the guy said..
Who turned out to be Sanskar!..
“y God it was my fault plzz dont punish Swara.. Im finding her since 6 hrs.. And tried to found her in every hospital.. Every street of kolkata but shr is nowhere to be found.. Plz protect her” Sanskar said falling on his knees crying bitterly..
This was the punishment God gave Sanskar.. It wad not his fault mostly.. But still a lil effort of his was also responsible for whtever happened Today..but like every human he deserves a chance right?? Will God give him tht chance? Or will he always be in the guilt of not being able to find Swara?

A week flew away like wind.. It was 7 days since ragini was living in mm! Trying to gain her lakshji who still didnt forget his soo called love Swara! This wasnt love surely if it would havr been then he wouldnt havr married? It was LUST and Jealousy..
7 days since Sujata and Sanskar r dying… Sanskar didnt leave even a single effort to find Swara.. Calling the commisioners police.. And doing what not?
Sujata was just praying to find tht poor soul and keep her safe..
Ap dp and the whole gadodia family were busy pampering their very innocent daughter Ragini and cursing Swara!!!
Maheshwari mansion :-
Whole family wad having their breakfast while SujSan were just glaring Ragini and feeling to kill her!…
After winding up everything Ragini went to her room..
Placing here and there in tension.. “I was soo happu tht i removed tht Swara from my way.. But this Sanskar and tht oldie Sujata knows everything.. Its not safe.. Sujata cant do anything.. But this Sanskar.. Dont know whts happening y the fu*k is he behaving as if he LOVES swara” ragini thought..
Just then she smirks evilly in not so beautiful face!
Sanskar s room is seen with full darkness he was leaning on the window closing his eyes..
“God plz savr and protect Swara.. 7days flew like 7 seconds and i still didnt get a clue abt her.. (a tear drops from his eyes).. But no problem i will find her no matter what” Sanskar said with determination..
Just then he gets a call from commissioner his eyes shines up with hope..
Sanskar=San commisioner =com
San-yes sir
Com- mr maheshwari please come on the kolkata highway.. As we have found some clues.. Abt Swara.. And some bodies r also found
Sanskar sits with thud hearing “bodies”..
“ye..s”Sanskar said with difficulty.. Cutting the call
His mind went blank what if Swara one of them..
” no no.. God won’t let any gud peron suffer.. “Sanskar said gaining courage and ran  in his car like usain bolt!
As Sanskar sits in car ragini sees this and smirks evilly!
” hope to never see u again “Ragini said..
Sanskar was driving as quick as possible.. With many emotions in his eyes.. Hope, fear, guilt, relive, and what not!
Sanskar gets shocked as the car wad going out of control as THE BRAKES WERE FAILED!
Sanskar cried.. He was scared now..
” how the hell r the breaks failed.. What s happenning?” Sanskar shouted..
He drived upto the highway..
And dashed with the tree so tht no accidents happen..
Blood wad oozing from his forehead.. But he didnt mind.. Stopping a car he sat and reached upto the exact location the commisioner said…
” yea sir”Sanskar said..
” mr maheshwari r u alright “the commissioner asked seeing Sanskar s condition..
” yea yeah leave tht.. Plz show abt the clues.. And Swara.. “sanskar said and fear wad clearly visible om his face..
Commisioner showed the bodies and Sanskar s heart wad pounding as he had to remove the cloth from the bodies. It was like His heart would anytime come out..
Sanskar sighed a relived as Swara was nome of them..
“Sir by the grace of God.. None of these girls resemble Swara!” Sanskar said..
“tht gud… But noe it will take more finding” Commisioner said..
Sanskar s eyes again lost the charm.. He felt very disappointed..
But silently nodded..
Before he could go he felt someone hugging him from back sending shivers from his spine and making his whole body numb!!!
Sanskar wae not ablr to react anything..
#to be continued

Guys i have decided i will keep this account also…as j got requests from my friends as they are not watty.. So i will ne regular here too.. If u want to follow me ok wattpad…here is my id


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