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SwaSan realization os by Samaira

Returning after a long tiredful day is always irritaing and hectic… The person will only wish to go home and directly jump on bed and get involved with ur sweet dreams..
Sanskar Maheshwari a rich 32 yr hot dashing guy living in mumbai was driving from his office to reach home..
After a few minutes when he reaches his

mansion and  gets shocked seeing the door left open which he never sees..
Praying all the while for safety of his family and fighting with all his negative vibes he enters in..
And gets shocked seeing his whole house as if it was hit by an earthquake…! This was something he never sees..
Sanskar panics and tears welled up in his eyes..
“Swara… Siyali… Aman” he starts screaming..
Siyali was his princess his little daughter whom he loves like hell! She is copy of his wife in looks but nature is samee like him..
Amanhis champ who is xerox copy of him.. But has all the habbits of his wife..  Both were toddlers..
And most importantly his Jaan his Life and his Soulmate
Swara Sanskar Maheswari whom he loves more than anything in this world..
Sanskar was one of the top most businessman in mumbai and had many rivals.. He was never scared of them being single.. But since the time he got his Swara and their little bundle of joys its his biggest fear to protect them.. And keep them safe..
There is no Sanskar Maheshwari without his family..
That too he had no servants in this huge mansion as Swara hates someone else taking care of their house.. She was a perfect housewife..
As he runs through his house.. His eyes widens and legs stops seeing the scene in front of him..

Aman was standing in the fridge.. It looked like he was trying to find up something..
Sanskar comes in sense hearing his voice..
“siyali di… Im not able to find the chocolate” aman says with cranky voice..
“huh aman its there only find it before mamma wakes up.. And lets clean ourselves..” siyali says..
Just then siyali sensing someone turns around.. And Sanskar glared seeing thr condtion of her.. To which siyali just smiled sheepishly..

Seeing Aman who was in the fridge in a swift gets down..
Both siyali and aman were standing facing Sanskar quitely..
“whts this princess and champ haan? Y r u both like this” Sanskar said folding his arms acrosss his chest..
“sorry” both siyali and aman says with a pout and guilty look..
Making Sanskar smile wide..
“its ok now both princess and champ give me a kissy” Sanskar says coming back to his normal mode..
Siyali and Aman smiled wholeheartedly and ran towards Sanskar amd kissing his cheeks..
Sanskar too smiled seeing them..
“u know papa.. Today mamma didnt come out from the room only after the time u left” Siyali said…
“yess and we didnt ate anything in lunch..im hungry” aman says pointing towards his stomach..
Sanskar just then realized abt Swara..
Sanskar gets frustrated and a little irritated..
Firstly the house condition was really bad and then their kids were seen like this.. As if they were no one s responsiblity..
A little anger took over Sanskar…
“kiddos u both sit here and i will just come back in few minutes and give u food ok??” Sanskar said kissing their cheeks..
To which both silently nodded..
Sanskar ran towards the stairs and reached the room..
Only to find Swara wearing her night dress and resting om the bed with phone..
Their room was also really untidy and uncleaned..
“hello jaan!” Swara says smiling normally..
While Anger rushed over Sanskar s body..seeing her behavior.. Which he never saw before.. And never imagined too..
Sanskar tightly pulled Swara towards towards him.. and hugged her tight as he feared to lose her.. Then remembering abt kids and house he broke the hug and jerked her..
“Whats wrong with u haan Swara Maheshwari.. Wht the hell were u trying to do the door was left open.. Kida r straving house is hell mess” Sanskar said being angry
Swara just showed her confused face..
Removing Sanskar s hands from his shoulders..
“u only asks me n WHAT I DO ALL DAY? so here was ur answer” swara sais smiling a little..
Sanskar was shocked and felt guilty..

SwaSan lived happily together and the best thing was their understanding.. Both of them understood each other well..
But since few months.. Sanskar behavior started to change..
Sanskar came back from office late night..
“hello jaan” swara wished as their routine..
Sanskar just smiled towards her and hugged her tightly..
“im very tired jaan” Sanskar said..
And anyone could say seeing jis condition..
Swara smiled proudly at him.. Her Sanskar used to work day and night for the secure future of their family..
Swara just kissed sanskar s forehead..
“i love u..” swara confessed to which Sanskar just smiled and hummed..
After few minutes he fresh n up and came down for dinner..
Swara who kept everythibg ready sat there..
SwaSan sat comfortably..
“swara jaan u know na since 15 days im coming late and it will continue for few months.. Have ur dinner Nd sleep..” Sanskae said caring for her..
“it’s ok Sanskar waise bhi i cant digest food without u..” swara said pouting…
Sanskar could no nuthing but admire his cute wife..
Just then when Sanskar took one bite..
“ahh Swara wht the hell??” Sanskar roared..
Swara flinched as Sanskar never raised his voice against her..
“sanskar wht happened” Swara asked..
“wht happened reallyy swara? The dish has no salt yuck if u give to beggars also they wont eat.. (stood up from chair) i dont get What You Do All Day? I work for u guys and u..” Sanskar shouted and moved..
Swara was numb this was not her Sanskar.. This was the first time she saw this shade of him..
” Im sorry Jaan..! “swara said with tears..
Flashback 2:-
This incident occured 3 days before only which made Swara realize tht she should makr Sanskae understand too..

Sanskar when came back from office was shocked seeing the scene infont of him..
His princess Siyali was crying as she got hurt on her elbow and some blood was flowing..
Swara was trying to calm her dowb..
While aman was also crying..
“princess what happened baccha.. How did u get hurt” Sanskar asked being concerned.. Siyali was damn close to him.. He can never tolerate even a scratch on her body..
Siyali ran towards Sanskar leaving Swara and Aman behind and hugged him..
“i fell… While playing” Siyali said in between her sobs..
Sanskar s eyes were blood shots..
Caressing and wounding up siyali s wounds..
“champ princess u both go in.. I will come in 2 minutes” Sanskar said..
To which both just nodded..
“whts wrong with u haan swara? Cant u just take care of MY PRINCESS! i know u do household chores.. I said so manyyy times let s keep servants but u.. U WANT TO BE A HOUSEWIFE right.. U only took the responsibility.. U just be in home.. And God knows wht the hell do u do whole day? I would not tolerate if this happens again with either aman or Siyali.. I will directly keep servants for tue chores if u cant handle! “Sanskar shouted and left directly..
Swara all the while was devasted.. Her whole body was numb.. And tears were rolling down uncontrollably..
” Really Sanskar.. I know and agree tht i only didnt want servants but u really think wht i do all day is nuthing.. This is too much u dont know how much i do all day.. I know ur work is no less than me.. But y r u not trying to understand me.. Haan.. It hurted me alott when u sais UR PRINCESS she is My daughter too! All the day preparing breakfast for u all.. Cooking luncy.. Washing clothes.. And dishes.. Ironing ur clothes is also not easy..(wiping her tears) i will make u realize this Sanskar.. “swara said with determination…
Flashbacks ends..
Sanskar was drowned in guilt he felt really bad.. Swara saw this and just smiled..
” im sorry Swara… Plz forgive me.. “sanskar said with tears..
Swara just sat in his laps making Sanskar s eyes widens and kissed his cheeks..
” its ok my Jaan! “swara said hugging him..
But Sanskar broke the hug making Swara confused.. And held swara s palms.. Kissing them he spoke..
” i failed to understand u Shona.. I realized how much u do for us..OUR FAMILY.. really u wives understand us… Everyone sees a man s work and understand them.. But u women work everyday atleast we men get holidays once in a week.. But for u guys not even a SINGLE DAY BREAK! Really the biggest and the most difficult occupation in this world is of a housewife only! Im sorry jaan! “Sanskar said..
Swara got emotional seeing Her Understanding Sanskar baxk!
Swara said nuthing but just placed her soft lips on his..
They both kissed each other passionately..
” i love u.. And i know Sanskar.. Just like me u too work a lott i love u”swara siad..
” i love u tooo”Sanskar replied making her heart flutter..
Just then Sanskar remembered abt kids..
“shona.. Champ and princess didnt have their lunch.. Come lets prepare i will help u..” sanskar said..
Swara smiled”no jaan.. I aldready gave them food.. Only to make u realize i cant make my children strave.. I just asked them to tell u lies… “Swara said..
Sanskar chuckled and felt proud of HIS WIFE!
” And now go clean all the mess..! I’m on a break today.. “Swara said witu attitude..
Sanskar made a puppy face…” plzz shona even im damn tired today.. “Sanskar said..
Looking at her hubby s face Swara went aww..
” ok mr Maheshwari but im not going to do alone u wikk help me”swara said..
Sanskar smiled..
Both holding each other s hands walked down..
#im really sorry i know it was hell boring and bakwas but i had this idea since a veryyy long time.. Hope u enjoyed..
And yeau guys im sorry for not beint regular.. I was suffering from fever… Damn sorry guys.. I. Will post the other stories after few hours..

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